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25 Silas Queen

Braydon Neal had never been troubled by money all these years.

The northern regions King Braydon was young and in a high position. He held a lot of power, so what was money to him

“Braydon, thats not a small amount!” Louis Neal was shocked.

“Old Neal, how can you make things so difficult for your own son!” Laura Quinn came in her pajamas.

Heather Sage pushed the wheelchair and said with a lack of confidence, “Ill give Grandma a call and ask the Sage family to help Uncle Louis!”

“No!” Laura stopped her, and Louis was even more against it.

Heather was not married to the family yet, so how could they let her ask the Sage family for help

If this matter were to spread out, how would the couple face them Outsiders might misunderstand this matter and think that the couple was lying to their silly daughter-in-law.

Braydon picked up Louis phone on the table and pondered.

Lauras heart ached. “Braydon, dont worry about this. Let your father think of a way!”

Louis also wanted to open his mouth, not wanting to make things difficult for his son.

However, Braydon was not in a difficult position. He had forgotten the number of that person.

Following that, a string of overseas calls was made.

“Hello, the president is already resting. If you need to see him, please make an appointment at 9 a.m. tomorrow!” A clear voice came from the phone.

“Wake him up!” Braydons calm words could not hide his domineering tone.

The secretary on the other end of the line immediately said in an unfriendly tone, “Sir, Ive made myself clear just now. The president is already resting.”

“Tell him that cotton-clothe from the northern region is looking for him. Call me back in one minute!” Braydon then hung up the phone.

Laura did not know whether to laugh or cry at how straightforward he was. “Braydon, how can you ask for help like this!”

“Such bad temper. Where did you get that from!” Heather rolled her eyes.

“Whos on the other end of the line” Louis asked.

“Hes a nobody. Three years ago, his plane crashed in the north and almost hit the camp. I destroyed his private plane and saved his family!”

Braydon was in charge of the northern territory, and he only killed the enemy, not save the people.

However, the plane that had crashed had landed in the camp. Once it exploded, it would definitely cause casualties to the northern army, and that was why Braydon would take action.

Two minutes later.

Heather made a face and teased, “Youre so bad-tempered! Youre asking him for help, but you dont talk properly. Hes ignoring you now!”

“Little girl!” Braydon did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Toward his family, Braydon did not have the majesty of the War God of the North. Instead, he was like a little brother next door, easygoing and indifferent.

Seeing that it was getting late, Braydon went out and asked the kitchen to prepare some supper.

Just as he stepped out of the door, his phone rang.

Louis looked at the overseas number and was stunned.

“Hes really calling back” Heather was a little surprised.

“Braydons personality is cold and arrogant. Im afraid the person will say something to reject him!” Laura smiled helplessly. All these years, she had learned the ways of the world.

Louis sighed. “The money we need isnt a small amount. You cant blame them if they dont want to help!”

At this moment, on a holiday island overseas, the sky was getting bright.

The villa on the island was equipped with the best security system, which cost no less than 50 million dollars, and hundreds of security guards patrolled it 24 hours a day.

A young female secretary came into the bedroom. She was then covered in incense. She quietly took off her high heels and walked barefoot on the carpet without a sound.

“President, someones calling you.”

The sleeping white man, who was about 50 years old, frowned.

A frown was a sign of hidden anger.

The female secretarys face turned pale, and she was about to leave.

“Who is it” the man asked with his eyes closed.

“He didnt say his name!” The female secretary was a little nervous.

The atmosphere in the bedroom suddenly became extremely oppressive!

“Get lost!” The man was infuriated.

The female secretary went out in a panic. As if she remembered something, she hurriedly said, “He said that he was some cotton-clothe from the northern region.”


The man suddenly opened his eyes like an angry lion. He stood up naked, which scared the female secretary.

“President, please!”

“What did he say Tell me without missing a single word!”

The mans eyes were fixed on the female secretary, and he looked very majestic.

The female secretary hurriedly replied, “I said that you were resting. If theres anything he needs, he should make an appointment at 9 oclock tomorrow. But he said that you have to call him back in one minute.”

The man did not have time to reprimand the female secretary. He put on his pajamas and ran to the study barefooted. At this moment, five minutes had passed.

His face was covered in cold sweat. He calmed down and made a video call.



The call was then connected.

There were three people in the video, as if they were a family of three. It was a heartwarming scene.

The man was stunned. There was no Braydon!

Louis looked at the person in the video. His pupils shrank, and he did not feel good.

“Hes... Silas Queen!” Heather exclaimed.

There were not many people in the world who did not know this man!

He became the worlds richest man at the age of thirty-nine, and his personal wealth had never fallen from the top three in the world for more than ten years.

He was a business legend!

Louis was also confused.

The nobody that his son was talking about was actually this great person

This was a nobody


Laura could not even speak.

“May I know who you are” the blonde man, Silas Queen, asked politely.

“My son, Braydon Neal, called you just now. Hes gone to prepare supper. If Mr. Queen is busy, Ill ask him to call you later!”

Louis was a little nervous and was stuttering.

Silas instantly understood.

No wonder he felt that the woman in the wheelchair in the video looked similar to the Northern King. It turned out that they were his parents!

“No, no, Im on vacation today. I have plenty of free time!” Silas laughed.

Louis was immediately overjoyed and did not dare to push him away.

How could he have known that Silas was even more surprised than him!

Just as they were chatting happily, Braydon came into the room with a plate of fruits and some food. He smiled and said, “Youre having a good time chatting.”

“Braydon, Mr. Queen is looking for you!” Louis quickly handed over the phone.

When Silas saw Braydon, he suddenly became excited. He knew what kind of person he was!

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He was also a warrior himself, so he naturally knew how terrifying Braydon was.

He was extremely wealthy and had unparalleled business talent, but when it came to cultivation, his talent was not just a little bit lacking! His warlord-level strength was obtained through money!

In the eyes of ordinary people, a warrior-level was also considered a powerhouse.

However, in front of a War God

As lowly as an ant!

It was his honor to meet Braydon today!

Three lifetimes of good fortune!



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