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28 The General of the North

He had offended everyone with just one sentence!

However, Braydon Neals identity was that of a young man with a high position and great power. He was the War God of the northern region at the age of thirteen!

He was a young War God!

A seventeen-year-old conferred King!

With such a status, he did not need to flatter anyone, nor did he need to look at anyones face.

Everyone in the crowd looked down on Braydon.

In that case, there was no need for Braydon to leave them any face!

“Youre the idiot!” Xana Thomas shouted.

Heather Sage rolled her eyes. She had some understanding of Braydons character, so she went to comfort her best friend, Xana.

If Xana had seen how well-behaved the five commanders were in front of Braydon, she would understand that Braydon was like this.

Jack Danes said proudly, “Northern military school. The length of the course is five years. You enter the school at the age of 16. Once you graduate, you will definitely be an officer. It is known as the cradle of generals!”

If Braydons words had offended everyone present...

Then, Jacks words had undoubtedly shocked everyone present!

Becoming a school official after graduation

What kind of military school was this It was a little scary!

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Everyone looked at Braydon, wondering if it was true.

Braydon smiled. “Thats true. Every autumn, no more than a thousand students are admitted. Generally speaking, many students have already received some kind of position before graduation. Once they graduate, they will serve in the northern army!”

“The northern army has been named the most elite army in Hansworth for ten years in a row!”

Jack was very respectful, and it was obvious that he had watched many military programs.

Braydon did not deny that!

The northern army had ten legions, each with 100,000 men. They guarded the northern territory and intimidated the eight countries outside the border. They stood in front of the gates and defended against foreign enemies. They had not been defeated for ten years!

This was the northern army!

At this moment, the entire place was silent.

“You say you were in the Northern military school. Then, whats your position” Tang Yuxin asked.

This sentence piqued everyones curiosity!

Zeke Smith sneered. “Go on! Youre breaking the law if you dare to spout nonsense and fake your identity!”

Everyone in the audience was shocked.

These words were indeed true. Impersonating a field officer was a heavy punishment.

Whether Jack was telling the truth or not, Braydons answer would reveal everything.

“Im just a commoner, I dont have a rank!” Braydon snapped his fingers and smiled.

“What the f*ck. Hes just a scammer whos selling himself high. Trash!”

Someone in the crowd immediately cursed, feeling like they had been played like monkeys!

Jack was also furious. “You studied in the Northern military school. How can you not have a position!”

“I didnt think you would dare to impersonate an official. Youre just a liar. Do you think were all idiots”

Zeke seemed to have let out a breath of resentment and laughed coldly.

Heather defended Braydon and said in an unfriendly tone, “He wont lie, and he wont lie to you. Zeke, stop making things difficult for him!”

“Me Make things difficult for him Hes not worthy. Hes just a liar, Heather. Dont be fooled by him!”

Zeke was jealous.

He did not expect that Heather would still defend Braydon, the liar, at this point.

Heather was about to explode from anger!

Seeing her angry face, Braydon pinched her nose affectionately and said, “You think too highly of him, saying that hes making things difficult for me. Go to class. Ill pick you up after Im done in the afternoon!”

“What are you going to do in the afternoon” Heathers attention was instantly diverted.

“Kill one person!” Braydon snapped his fingers and smiled.

His unruffled reply had an indescribable calmness that inexplicably shocked everyone present!

“Heather, is there something wrong with his head” Xana asked.

Heather was angry and did not know how to explain it to Xana.

If Heather had not experienced what happened with Braydon in the past two days, she would not have believed it, let alone others.

“A delusional lunatic!” Zeke sneered.

After being provoked time and time again, even a man who was very patient would get angry.

Not to mention Braydon!

“You promised Aunt Laura not to fight with anyone!” Heather reminded him.

Braydon laughed in anger. How could this girl help an outsider

“Hes from the Smith family” Braydon chuckled.

“Since you know that, then stay away from Heather. Im not someone you can afford to offend!” Zeke made no attempt to hide his threat.


Braydon turned around and got into the car, leaving behind a sentence, “Tell Jordan Smith that I, Braydon Neal, will be waiting for him at 8 oclock tonight!”

“Who do you think you are to make my eldest uncle lower himself to look for you Go back and have your brain checked!” Zeke shouted coldly.

Braydon, who was sitting in the car, gave him a cold look!

With just a single look, he was as cold as a monarch, causing people to shiver. An invisible wave of pressure was emitted from his eyes, and the pressure of a War God condensed into a line.

The War Gods aura that could suppress tens of thousands of people condensed into an invisible sharp sword.


Zeke felt a chill on his left shoulder, and in the next moment, the intense pain made him scream in pain.

Everyone around them was dumbfounded!

“Argh!” Zeke screamed in pain as a fist-sized bloody hole appeared on his left shoulder.

This scene horrified everyone!

What was even more shocking was what came after!


Braydons thin lips moved slightly, “Who am I” Then, listen well. Braydon Neal of the northern territory can exterminate your whole Smith family!”

The black car gradually disappeared, leaving behind a group of people who was dumbstruck.

Everyone knew that Braydon had something to do with Zekes sudden injury!

Zeke had called Braydon a liar, a lunatic, a piece of trash, and so on. Fortunately, Gordon Lowe and the others were not there, or Zeke would have undoubtedly died!

Jack was stunned for a long time, and his face turned pale. “Cotton-clothe of the North! Its him! Its him!”

“Have you gone crazy as well” Xana was so angry as she quickly asked the others to save Zeke.

Jacks eyes revealed his excitement as he said hoarsely, “Its really him. Hes the Northern King, Braydon Neal, of the northern territory. Hes the military commander of the North!”


Everyone looked at Jack in horror and shock!

Many people did not know about the northern army, but Jack had said before that the northern army had a million elites. Was the young man in plain clothing the general

This was too shocking!

Xana could not believe it and kept her distance from Jack, afraid that the bookworm had gone crazy.

“Your Smith family is ruined!”

Jack glanced at the hedonistic son of a rich family, Zeke Smith, and adjusted his glasses. He took out his phone and quickly returned to his dormitory to make a call.


After a short while.

“Jack, whats wrong Did someone bully you” A hoarse male voice came from the phone.

“Brother, no one is bullying me. I saw the Braydon Neal you told me about before!” Jack was very excited.

“How dare you!” The hoarse male voice was furious. “You cant call the Northern King by his name!”

“I know, he just appeared in my school!” Jack lowered his voice.

The other end of the phone was silent for a long time. “The departure of the Northern King is top secret. Do you understand”

“I understand, brother. Dont worry... Hello” Jack then realized his brother had hung up the phone. He lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling. He was alone in a daze, recalling the stories his brother had told him about the myths of the northern region!

At the Neal family manor.

“I really regret promising my mother that I wouldnt simply touch people!” Braydon chuckled as he returned to the car.

The drivers eyelids twitched as he cursed in his heart.Youve already crippled Zeke Smith, and youre saying that you wont simply touch people



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