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4 Tell the Whole World I Will Protect Her for Life

“Sigh, my dear Braydon, youve lost weight and grown taller!”

At this moment, the old lady burst into tears and touched Braydon Neals cheek. She felt sorry for the child in front of her. She was the only one who knew how much Braydon had suffered in the northern region for thirteen years.

Braydons nose felt rather sour, and his strong heart hurt a little...

For as long as Braydon was still alive, if he had any relatives, Grandma Sage would be the first one!

As long as she was alive, Braydon would respect her for life!

If anyone were to bully her because of her age, Braydon would slaughter their whole family!

Carl Mason secretly pulled Zayn Ziegler up, and the two of them started talking in a low voice. In the end, Braydon entered the car and calmly said.

“Carl, go back to the Northern Hansworth team. Zayn, you come with me!”

Braydon had come back this time to deal with some private matters.

The black car fleet started moving slowly, heading straight for the Sage family manor in the eastern area of Preston city.

The Sage family was one of the seven great families in Preston.

In the car, old lady Sage said emotionally, “Thirteen years have passed in the blink of an eye. Little Braydon, youre all grown up!”

“If it wasnt for Grandma protecting me back then, Im afraid I would already be dead!”

Braydon would always remember this act of kindness shown by her.

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Old lady Sage waved her hand. “You, child, have always been so polite when you send me letters every year. Now that were meeting in person, youre still so polite to me. Oh right, this is Heather!

“Hello, Im Heather Sage!”

Heather stretched out her fair hand gracefully. Her eyes were bright, her teeth were pearly-white, her figure was graceful, and she had the noble temperament of someone from a rich family. Her facial features were exquisite and flawless, like the perfect work of God.

“If you dont agree to our marriage, you can break off the engagement!” Braydon said right off the bat.


Heathers eyes lit up.

“Dont you dare!” Old lady Sage was furious.

The old ladys anger scared the driver so much that he started trembling.

The current leader of the Sage family was this old lady. There were nearly a hundred people in the family who were afraid of her.

Old lady Sages anger came from her concern for Braydons dignity!

If the woman took the initiative to break off the engagement, it meant that she looked down on the man. If word were to get out, what dignity would the man have left

If the Sage family dared to break off the engagement, it would be a slap in the face of the Northern King!

Did Heather know Braydons identity

If she dared to break off the engagement, within a day, someone would make the entire Sage family disappear.

No one in the world could protect the Sage family after having insulted King Braydon Neal!

Heather pleaded, “Grandma, its already the 21st century. Why are we still arranging a marriage You dont know this, but when my classmates found out, they laughed at me for days!”

“This is the betrothal that your Grandpa Neal and our Sage family have set. You two were already engaged when you were in your mothers womb. No one can change that unless I die!”

Old lady Sages face was livid as her words were the final say.

Heather wanted to cry, but no tears came out. She stomped her feet in anger.

She turned around and looked at Braydon, asking in an unfriendly tone, “Do you know Zayn Ziegler, the Warblade of Central Plains, and Carl Mason, the Tiger of Northern Hansworth”

“I know them very well!” Braydon answered.

As if he sensed that Heather still had more to ask, he smiled faintly and said, “Zayn used to be by my side and often cleaned my sword for me. I know them quite well!”

“The Northern Kings sword isnt something that just anyone can clean!” Zayn Ziegler was proud of it.

In the end, Heather was stunned and did not come back to her senses for a long time.

Zayn Ziegler, the Commander-in-Chief of Hansworth, with the title of the Warblade of Central Plains, the strongest man in nearly a million square kilometers, was just a nobody around Braydon

How terrifying was Braydon Neal!

Heathers eyes were very beautiful and had spirit in them, as if they were not contaminated by the secular world.

When she came back to her senses, the convoy had already stopped, and Braydon got off the car.

“If Zayn Ziegler is the sword-cleaning man, then what about Carl Mason” Heather asked anxiously.

No one responded.

Braydon was supporting old lady Sage and did not answer Heathers question.

“Heather doesnt know about you, so its natural that shes curious!” Old lady Sage smiled kindly.

“The person that Grandma likes is the person that I will protect for the rest of my life. From now on, whoever touches her, I will kill their whole family!” Braydon said calmly.

“This child!” Old lady Sage did not have the heart to reprimand him.

Braydon had never spoken empty words in his life.

No one in the world would dare touch her!

Braydons thin lips moved slightly. “Zayn, in my name, announce to the world that this girl is the one I want to protect. From now on, be it in Preston or when abroad, the Northern Kings sword will descend wherever she is the moment she gets injured!


Zayn Ziegler would rather be invisible.

Heather had just gotten out of the car and was stunned when she heard this.


The man to whom she had been betrothed since she was young... Was he really that powerful

Heathers eyes were filled with suspicion, but she was not a daft young lady.

From what she knew, when Braydon left Preston so many years ago, he had suffered a lot!

When old lady Sage returned, the entire Sage family came out to welcome her.

The Sage family was secretly excited. The person whom the old lady would go out of her way to pick up personally was surely an important guest.

He was the benefactor who could bring the Sage family back from the dead!

When Braydon appeared, the Sage family was stunned.

The old lady actually went to pick up a young man.

Everyone thought that the person whom she was picking up would be a big shot who was about the same age as the old lady.

Who would have thought that it was actually such a young man

The fifth generation of the Sage family were all young people. A young man with greasy hair and pink face stared at Braydons face as if he had seen a familiar face.


“Braydon!” He was shocked.


The crowd was stunned. Very few among them could believe that the brat who had left Preston in a sorry state back then had returned.

He must be tired of living!

An oval-faced girl affectionately came forward and said immediately, “Grandma, its just Braydon. Why would you need to welcome him All you had to do was give the order and send someone from our home!”

“Grandma, youve brought Braydon back. This is trouble!”

The man in the suit was older than everyone else.

Those words came from Harold Sage, the eldest son of the Sage familys direct line of descent. He did not care about Braydon at all and had openly said those words.

As for the Sage familys fifth generation direct descendants, all their names started with the letter H. They were all direct bloodline descendants, and their status and treatment were different. Just their daily pocket money alone was three to five times more than that of the branch family descendants.

There were more children in such a wealthy family, so there were more rules.

Harolds words were met with agreement from many of the Sage family members.

The current Sage family was different from the past. They were in urgent need of external help. Back then, when the old lady protected Braydon, she had already offended the Neal family.

It had been more than ten years since then, and everyone had forgotten about it.

Now that the old lady had brought Braydon back, it was a slap to the Neal familys face!

Therefore, this was not a wise decision, and it was not worth it to sacrifice so much for an abandoned child.


Old lady Sage leaned on her dragon-headed walking stick, and all noise ceased.

“You think that Little Braydon is a problem” She asked Harold directly.


Harold went straight to the point and said, “There was an internal conflict in the Neal family. Braydons name was removed from the genealogy, and he cant be buried in the Neal familys ancestral grave. Grandma, Im sure you know that the car accident thirteen years ago wasnt an accident. It happened because they wanted to kill Braydon. However, you protected him and offended the three leaders of the Neal family!


The old lady was expressionless.

“The best plan is to cancel the engagement, drive Braydon away, and let the Neal family deal with him!” Harold added.

His words secretly made many Sage family members nod their heads!

This was indeed the best plan!

“You bastard, the men of the Sage family are not all dead yet. Why should we be afraid of the Neal family”

The old lady was furious. Sorrow rose from her heart, and her eyes were filled with disappointment. None of the descendants of this generation were of great use. She said in a deep voice, “Little Braydon is the son-in-law of the Sage family, Heathers future husband. Hes half a member of the Sage family. As long as Im still alive, no one can bully him!”

Harold furrowed his brows and shut his mouth. He did not dare to talk back to the old lady.

Zayn Zieglers eyes were cold. He gently put his hand on the hilt of his sword. If he were to unsheathe his sword, it would be stained with blood. He was far angrier than anyone else present.

What kind of status did Braydon have How could he be humiliated here!

Zayn took a step forward and was about to unsheathe his sword. He was about to recklessly whip out his sword to teach these Sage family juniors a lesson.

“Back down!” Braydons thin lips moved slightly.



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