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7 A Tigers Roar at the Sage Family

At the same time, the streets of Dragon City were filled with people who looked ordinary but were not.

Each of them was wearing a windbreaker, but they had a sword at their waists!

These swords could cut iron like mud, and it was more difficult to make one than to make hundreds of rifles. Each sword had a mark on it.

In the Sage familys courtyard.

“Braydon Neal, are you done” Harold Sage was slightly annoyed.

“What” Braydon glanced over.

“To be honest, actors like you only cost 200 dollars a day. I can go to the roadside and hire hundreds of them at once!” Chris Sage said grumpily.

“Braydon, just how stingy are you You cant even hire a few more people to help you brag. At least by hiring more, you can make yourself look good. How are these four enough”

Chris, who was a rich playboy, was acting in such a way that suggested that he had seen through Braydons little tricks.

The Sage family descendants present naturally did not believe Gordon Lowes words.

He even said that he would seal Preston for ten years, but now it seemed that it was completely fake.

Old lady Sage almost fainted from anger. In her eyes, the Sage familys descendants were an utter disgrace today.

Chris and the rest of the rich playboys in the family really did not understand how terrifying the people present were.

Bryan Goldman smiled playfully. “I didnt expect that I, Bryan Goldman, the Marquis of Western Hansworth, would become an actor worth 200 dollars a day in the blink of an eye. How interesting!”

Zayn Ziegler and the others did not say anything.

It would be a joke if they were to argue with Chris and the rest of the rich playboys with their status.

In the next moment, Chris was holding a new iPhone in his hand. It was even in the color of nouveau riche gold, which matched his foppish personality perfectly.

“Huh Whats going on Why is there no signal”

Chris looked at the screen of his mobile phone. The signals of both cards were lost.

“My phone has also lost signal!” Harold Sage exclaimed.

“Mine too!”

“Could it be that theres a problem”


The group of young people were discussing in low voices. No one believed that this had anything to do with Braydon.

Back then, Braydon had left the capital in a sorry state, like a stray dog. No one would value him even though he had returned to Dragon City.

No one would have thought that Braydon had the capability to block the wireless signal in Dragon City.

Harold looked at Braydon instinctively and said, “Braydon, did you do this”

“I dont think youre familiar with the A1 order. The full name of this order is the A1 warning order, and it must be personally issued and confirmed by the local commander!

“Once its been confirmed, all seventy-two areas will be sealed!” Braydon said with a faint smile.

The entire place was silent!

Harold was stunned.

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Chris was also in disbelief.

They vaguely remembered that just now, Braydon said that he did not want things to get out of hand, so it was enough to just seal one area.

They had never heard of any division having a commander!

What was even more bizarre was that the commanders authority was so terrifying!

Therefore, Braydons status was obviously higher than the four people present.

Carl Mason and the other three were really obedient in front of Braydon.

Then, what was Braydons identity

They all called him the Northern King, which made Harolds scalp numb. The eldest grandson of the Sage family finally came back to his senses.

He realized that he had really offended a terrifying big shot today!

After having left the capital for thirteen years, Braydon, who had returned once again, knew that the Neal family could not tolerate him, yet he still came back. He definitely had the confidence!

Braydon, who had returned, had grown into a shocking figure that they dared not imagine!

Harold closed his thin lips tightly. He knew that with his grandmother here, Braydon would not make things difficult for them. At most, he would teach them a lesson.

Harold chose to protect himself. Since Chris and the others wanted to make a fool out of themselves, he would fulfill their wish!

Harold was not the only one who noticed that something was wrong!

After all, it had only been a few minutes since the A1 order was issued, and all cell phone signals had already been cut off.

This kind of power was not something that the seven great families could achieve.

Domineering yet restrained, but not lacking in tyrannical tactics!

A young man in black clothes exuding great physical strength, with his eyes filled with killing intent, arrived at the Sage familys gate.

However, Steve Xavier could not enter!

Lets not forget that Carl Mason had brought a thousand members of the Northern Hansworth main team to greet Braydon.

“The Dragon Guards are here on official duty! Unrelated personnel, retreat!” Steve barked loudly.


A thousand black-robed men were blocking the entrance.


Steve took a closer look and saw that the people in front were wearing the same clothes as them, but the sword on their chests made him gasp.

This was the symbol of the Northern Kings sword!

It did not matter if it was Southern, Northern, or even central Hansworth, only the elite members of the main team could wear it, and only one would be dispatched at any given time.

However, there were a thousand people in the Sage family manor today!

A thousand elites were gathered here at the Sage family manor; it was a display of great power, like a tigers roar in a show of dominance, making Steves scalp tingle.

He asked in surprise, “They have the Northern Kings sword symbol on their chests. Theyre family. Dont move. Im Steve Xavier, the team leader!”

“Main team!” Someone revealed their identity.

Steve was stunned and said in disbelief, “You guys crossed the border to come here”

They had indeed crossed the border!

“Let them in. Theres no need to block the door!” Carls voice came from behind.

“Yes, Sir!” The thousand men sheathed their swords and opened up a path.


Steves heart was heavy. He led everyone into the Sage family manor and found a large number of people gathered there.

However, not far from the Sage familys neighborhood, there was a local police station. There was an uncle called Leon Zimmerman.

Leon Zimmerman had long noticed that something was wrong. When he saw a large number of men in black gathering, he thought that it was a social group fight and quickly reported it to the branch office.

After the photo was sent to the branch, Leon mustered his courage and called the boss of Prestons new district branch.

“Chief Jason,” he said in a low voice, “theres a vicious gang fight here. There are thousands of people involved. Im requesting backup!”

“Leon, listen to me. Dont mess around. Report to me immediately. Dont get close to those people, you understand”

In the office of Prestons new district branch, Jason Williams, a middle-aged man with a square face, suppressed his anger and spoke gently.

His sideburns were graying from work, and he looked like he was in his fifties despite not even being in his forties.

“This is my territory. I have to take responsibility!” Leon had made up his mind.

“I f*cking told you to report to me immediately. Cant you hear me

“Come over immediately. Dont get close to them. I repeat, dont get close to them, you understand”

Jason Williams had a fiery temper and was worried about the son of his old comrade, so he repeatedly warned him.

Jasons sudden outburst had indeed frightened Leon. He quickly turned around and headed back to the branch office.

Jason hung up the phone and looked at the pictures that Leon had sent over. The pictures were secretly taken. There were more than a hundred people dressed in black, especially with the sword on their chests.

It made him mumble, “The Northern Kings sword. Hes back!”



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