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9 The Terrifying Martial Artists

Not only was May Sage afraid, but Chris Sage and the rest of the younger generation were also afraid.

On the side, Braydon Neal stepped forward and took Heather Sages hand, his cold and soft hand wrapping around hers.

Heather, who had never had such intimate contact with the opposite sex in her life, stomped her feet in embarrassment. “Let go!”

“I remember when we were young, you were so tall. You followed behind me and often called me Brother Braydon!” Braydon chuckled.

Heathers face turned red, and she felt embarrassed.

Braydon took her away and said, “Just teach them a lesson. Dont hurt the Sage family. I owe them two lives!”

“Roger that!” Carl Mason cupped his hands.

In the next moment, the four commanders revealed their true colors after Braydon had left.

In this world, the only person who could make the four great commanders bow was King Braydon!

In the eyes of outsiders, who would dare to provoke the ferocious Tiger of Northern Hansworth, Carl Mason

Today, in the Sage family, not only were they provoked, but they were also forced to do so.

Did they really think that Carl Mason was made of mud


Carls black cape fluttered behind him, revealing the dark red scabbard on his belt.

When he held the wooden hilt of the knife, a terrifying murderous aura emerged from his body. Harold Sage and the others found it difficult to breathe as if they were being stared at by a fierce beast, and their legs could not help but tremble.

“The four of us can regard everything that has happened today as a farce. However, I want you to remember!

“He cant be humiliated. Ill kill whoever dares to humiliate him!”

Carl held the saber in his left hand and unsheathed it.


There was a bright blade light that was blinding. There was a fake mini mountain behind him that was eight meters tall, with a gurgling stream of water. The bright blade light then flashed past.

As he sheathed his saber, Carl retracted his murderous aura.

The fake mountain was split into two!

The eight-meter-tall fake mountain was cut in half.

Could a human being really have such terrifying combat strength

Harold was so scared that his heart stopped beating. Then, he panted heavily, and his eyes were filled with horror. Even though he had seen it with his own eyes, it still felt like he was in a dream!

Now, he was sure that he had really provoked a terrifying person!

Spirit Sword Gordon Lowe smiled. “I said that I can seal Preston for ten years. Its not a joke!

“Regardless of whether you believe me or not, the Sage family must know that the day the woman dares to break off the engagement is the day I, Gordon Lowe, will slaughter your entire Sage family!”

Gordon then made his move.

Carl and Zayn Zieglers eyes turned serious when he unsheathed the three-foot long sword.

“Old Lowes sword is even more terrifying now!” Bryan Goldman sighed.


The three-foot-long blade stood in the world and would cut down all enemies in the world!

This was Gordon Lowes sword. The sword light shot up into the sky. After the sword light had disappeared, the long sword returned to its sheath and Gordon disappeared.

The fake mountain instantly split into seventy-two pieces of the same size. Each of them was as tall as a person, and they fell neatly on the ground.

Just from this sword, the terror of Spirit Sword Gordon Lowe could be seen!

The corner of Carls mouth twitched as he cursed at him deep down. This insane persons strength had improved so quickly.

“Are you humans or ghosts” Chris Sage asked, trembling.

“Some people in this world are different from ordinary people, and the duty of the special operations team is to intimidate these people!” Steve Xavier responded coldly.

Bryan Goldman and Zayn Ziegler turned around and left.

They had come today just to see Braydon.

If it was not for Braydons protection of the Sage family, whether it was Zayn, Carl, or Gordon, all three of them would definitely dare to slaughter everyone in this place.

Obviously, Bryan and the others were all martial artists!

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Martial artists were a special group!

There was no comparison between them and boxing grandmasters or boxing champions in society.

Just by looking at the murderous aura on Carl and the others, one could tell that they were definitely military martial artists who had experienced brutal killings.

In the Sage familys estate, there was a villa on the east side. The courtyard was filled with orchids, and the faint fragrance of the orchids wafted over.

“Let go of me, you damn hooligan!” Heathers eyes were unkind.

Braydon smiled lightly, not caring about these random titles.

“Little Braydon, youll be living here from now on,” Old lady Sage said gently.

“Grandma, this is my house!” Heather was anxious. How could she let Braydon stay here

Since old lady Sage had already decided on this, Heather had no right to resist unless she were to live outside.

“Grandma, I have to go back to the Neal family today!” Braydon smiled bitterly.

“Little Braydon, its been thirteen years.” The old lady sighed.


But Braydon replied, “Although it has been thirteen years, I cant forget that rainy night my mother went down on her knees and begged them to let me go. The merciless look in those peoples eyes, and the roaring truck that ran over my mother, with blood that flowed ten meters far... I will never forget that!”

In a very calm tone, Braydon told her what he had experienced on the rainy night before he left the capital!

That night, the seven-year-old Braydon had a taste of despair!

That night, he and his mother, Laura Quinn, were chased to the ends of the earth.

How could Braydon let go of the blood feud

Heathers eyes were filled with worry. “Dont do anything rash. The Neal family is no longer the Neal family of the past!”

“Heather is right. The Neal family has been growing year after year. Many years ago, they were already at the top of the seven great families. The Larson family has been competing with them for many years, but they still cant shake the Neal familys position.”

Old lady Sage reminded him.

“Little Heather, the Neals may no longer be the Neals of the past. But I, Braydon, am no longer the Neal of the past either!” Braydon put his hands behind his back and said proudly.

He, Braydon, was not the seven-year-old child he was thirteen years ago in the rain!

The man who had returned today was the War God of the North, King Braydon!


As night fell, Braydon walked like a tiger. His seven-foot-tall body stood between heaven and earth, exuding a sharp aura. Grass bent at his waist, and peonies lost their color.

Braydon had said that he would kill three people when he returned to the capital!

The first person was Gerald Neal!

Old lady Sage looked at Braydons back and shouted, “Little Braydon, your mother is not dead!”

Braydon stood there for a long time without looking back.

No one knew better than Braydon that on that rainy night, he had witnessed the truck roll over Laura Quinn, honking wildly and driving away arrogantly.

“Shes a professor in the Faculty of Arts at Preston University. Youll know when you get there!” The old lady sighed.

As soon as she had finished speaking, Braydon disappeared.

“Grandma, why didnt you tell me right at the beginning” Heather was puzzled.

“Dont you know about your Aunt Lauras health I protected little Braydon in that accident and sent Laura to the hospital overnight. She was saved after one night of emergency treatment, but the trauma made her so miserable that she wished she could die!”

The old lady entered the house with her walking stick and said, “Youve seen it for yourself today. With Braydons personality, along with the people behind him, the four of the five great commanders who are all loyal to him, things will go out of hand!

“If Braydon sees Laura and goes crazy, let me tell you this, no one in the world can stop him, the Northern King. With just one order, millions of elites at the northern border will dare to point their swords at Preston!

“His prestige in the northern territory is beyond your imagination!”

“He himself is a legend. As long as he gives the order, the four commanders alone will dare to massacre Preston!”


The old ladys words really frightened Heather.



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