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Sheng Tingchun saw that Gu Nuoers small hand had stopped moving and she even threw out the half-eaten pastry away.

She snickered to herself.

‘You think I cant deal with you What are you so proud of!

Ji Zi introduced the game to Gu Nuoer.

“Young Miss Zhang, you might not have played this before.”

She took a bunch of arrows from the maidservant and handed them to Gu Nuoer.

After that, he flashed a fawning smile at the young woman, who stared at him for a moment before releasing his ear.

After regaining his freedom, the young man rubbed his ear and cursed at Wind Lord, who was inside the mirror.

He was clenching his teeth as if he had shifted all the blame to Wind Lord for the pain he had suffered.

A moment later, he put on a smile and let out a breath before saying, “Its said that Dao changes everything, be it for better or for worse.

Everything in this world is inconstant, including Humans.”

After he finished speaking, he took a step forward and directly entered the mirror.

As a ripple spread across its surface, the young man disappeared from the room.

The next moment, he appeared in the hall and stood in front of Wind Lord.

The young man was handsome and his smile appeared harmless.

Wind Lord was flabbergasted because from his perspective, the young man appeared too abruptly, as though he just walked out of the Void with no signs prior to that.

Wind Lord narrowed his eyes and stared at the young man warily, given that even with his cultivation, he still wasnt able to gauge how powerful this young man was.

Other than the fact that he himself was in a terrible state currently, it also went to show that the young man before him was truly extraordinary.

shoot those three people, idiot!”


Gu Nuoer tilted her head, her eyes sparkling.

“Didnt you say that I can just shoot the one I dont like Elder Sister Tingchun, I dont like you!”

With that, she loosened her grip and the blunt arrow flew out.


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