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Gu Nuoer waved her small hands.

“Little older sisters, youre welcome.

My father is a wise ruler, so he wont let you guys suffer forever.

Hurry up and go back!”

The officials would naturally make arrangements for them.

They would have a place to stay.

They would no longer be homeless, living on the streets, and being bullied by others.

The emperors carriage slowly drove away.

When they were far away, they could still see the girls kneeling on the ground and looking in the direction they had left with tears in their eyes.

When Gu Nuoer could no longer see them, she retracted her head back into the car.

She lay flat and touched her stomach, sighing.

“Father, although Baby Nuo is hungry now, I feel so satisfied from having done a good deed!”

Gu Yihan laughed heartily.

“Kid, are you reminding Father that youre hungry”

He lifted the curtain to take a look and immediately said, “Coincidentally, this place is close to Bai Yis residence.

Lets go to his house.”

When Gu Nuoer heard that she could freeload a meal, her eyes lit up.

Not long after, the carriage arrived at the entrance of General Bai Yis residence.

The servant at the door stuck his head out and looked at the seemingly ordinary and unfamiliar carriage in confusion.

He felt puzzled.

He hadnt heard the general say that there were going to be guests today!

Gu Yihan carried Gu Nuoer out of the carriage and the servants eyes lit up.

The father and daughter were really too eye-catching.

Not only did they have an oppressive noble aura around them, but their slightly similar eyes were also filled with charm.


Gu Yihan walked to the door and looked up at the signboard.

Suddenly, he smiled casually.

“This Bai Yi is really thrifty.

He even used the signboard that I gave him back then.

Its been… seven to eight years, I think”

Gu Nuoer clapped her hands and cheered.

“Father is so awesome! Your handwriting looks so good!”

At this moment, the servant was overwhelmed with confusion.

However, when he approached closer, his expression suddenly changed.

This was because although he had never seen the emperor before, he was present the last time the little princess came!

The servant immediately bowed.

“Your Highness, I apologize for not coming out to welcome you…”

Gu Nuoer waved her small hand and smiled sweetly.

“Its alright! Go and tell Uncle Bai that I brought my father to his house to freeload a meal!”

The servant was stunned for a moment.

If the princess called this dignified man her father, didnt that mean…

He was shocked and exclaimed, “Your Majesty! This lowly person kowtows to you!”

Gu Yihan said with a shadow of a smile, “You may forgo the formalities.

Go and call Bai Yi out.

On a whim, I took a detour and came to his house.

Ask him to prepare two simple dishes.

Dont let Baby Nuo go hungry.”

The servant agreed and hurriedly went to pass on the message.

Not long later, General Bai Yi and his wife came rushing over.

Behind them was Ye Siming, who was taking long and leisurely strides, looking very calm.

“Your Majesty! Why didnt you send someone to inform me before you come so that your subject can go out to welcome you”

Gu Yihan held Gu Nuoers hand and followed him in.

He smiled and said, “Ive always liked to catch people off guard.

Its not like you dont know that.”

General Bai Yi was speechless.

Little Nuoer turned to look at Auntie Bai and blinked mischievously.

She then looked at Ye Siming and smiled sweetly, revealing her white teeth.

Ye Siming lowered his cold eyes and stared at the little milk bun.

Her face was pink and rosy, and he didnt know why she was always smiling all the time.

Gu Nuoer then blew a flying kiss to Ye Siming with her free hand.

Ye Siming frowned angrily, feeling like he had been teased.

He turned his head away from Gu Nuoer.

Little did he know that his ears had already turned pink.


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