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Gu Yihan was focused on looking at the decorations in Bai Yis residence and did not notice that his daughter was exuding cuteness again.

He stood in front of an old tree and patted the trunk.

“This tree was planted by the late emperor back then.”

Bai Yi nodded.

“After this subjects father passed away, the residence basically remained the same as it was.”

Gu Yihan sneered.

“Theres no need for you to say that.

I can tell that compared to the rich merchant we saw earlier, your general manor which has gone through two generations actually looks so shabby.”

After saying that, he pointed at the artificial mountain over there.

“This has been around for so many years.

You didnt change it even though its covered in moss.”

Bai Yi scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

“Your Majesty, you know that Im a rough person and dont care about these things.

Moreover, the things that my father left behind are the best.”

Gu Yihan nodded.

“Although the house is simple, its clean and refreshing.

Its all thanks to your wife.”

Auntie Bai smiled at the side.

Gu Nuoer looked up and asked in a childish voice, “Father, Uncle Bai is so good.

Can you give him a big manor”

Gu Yihan looked at his daughter and smiled dotingly.

“Why not”

He turned around and asked Bai Yi, “What kind would you like A three-tiered courtyard house How about adding a lake for it Baby Nuo seems to like your residence.

If she comes, she will be able to enjoy the scenery too.”

At this point, Gu Yihan pondered and said, “With a lake, we can bring in a pleasure boat.

That way, Baby Nuo will be able to hold her own banquets when she grows up.”

When Bai Yi heard this, he exchanged a glance with his wife and hurriedly waved his hands.

“Your Majesty! This subject thanks you for your kindness, but you know this subjects personality.

I like to live in such a simple place.

Thats how a home should be!

“If you bestow this subject with a big manor, this subject wont be able to live in peace.

With a big manor, this subject would still have to be wary of people infiltrating.

Please withdraw your decision!”


When Gu Yihan heard this, he nodded thoughtfully.

“Youre right.

That wealthy businessman, Ji Yongwang, had such a huge manor.

“He had so many guards too, but what use were they They were still easily ambushed by my hidden guards.

Even if the manor is big, its useless if the person is immoral.”

Bai Yi broke out in cold sweat.

‘Your Majesty, do you not know that your hidden guards were all carefully selected experts that are one in a hundred

‘How would ordinary families be able to detect their infiltration

He casually continued the conversation.

“Oh, this subject has also heard of Ji Yongwang.

I heard that hes a person who knows how to do business and is very rich.”

Gu Yihan chuckled.

“He does indeed have quite a lot of money.

If you go over and take a look now, you can even see the soldiers from the government office moving out large chests filled with silver.”

Bai Yi was speechless.

His Majesty had brought his precious princess to confiscate someones properties!

Gu Nuoers eyes were watery and her eyelashes fluttered.

Her small face looked innocent and happy.

Seeing this, Bai Yi could not help but be deeply worried about the emperors way of educating the princess!

At this moment, Madam Bai laughed dryly and said, “Your Majesty, take your time to chat.

This subject will go and prepare food now.”

Gu Yihan nodded.

“Thank you for your trouble.

Please hurry up.

Baby Nuo was just saying that shes hungry.”


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Bai Yi invited the emperor to have tea in the pavilion.

Gu Nuoer couldnt stand it anymore and ran over to grab the corner of Ye Simings clothes.

“Elder Brother Siming, bring me there to look at the flowers.”

Ye Siming felt impatient, but his physical reaction was very honest.

He brought Gu Nuoer with him and turned to walk in the direction she pointed to.

Gu Yihans smiling gaze stopped on his daughter for a moment.

Seeing that Ye Siming was indeed just bringing her to admire the flowers, he retracted his gaze.

Little did he know that Gu Nuoer had stood on her tiptoes and whispered, “Elder Brother Siming, Ive avenged you today!”


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