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Before Mu Shuzhen could finish speaking, Gu Nuoer suddenly covered her lips with her small hand.

“Oh no!”

She turned to look at Wanyin.

“I forgot to call Elder Brother Siming over for dinner!”

Wanyin smiled and said, “Before dinner, this servant asked a hidden guard to notify Young Master Ye.

There was no light in his room, and we didnt know where he went.

Perhaps he doesnt want to eat.

Princess, dont worry about him.”

Gu Nuoer said righteously, “How can that do If one doesnt eat and goes hungry, they wont be able to grow tall!”

After saying that, she strode over to look for Ye Siming.

After taking a few steps, she suddenly thought of something.

She turned around, her eyes dark and lively.

“By the way, Elder Sister Shuzhen, what did you want to say just now”

Mu Shuzhen had just made up her mind to tell the little princess, but at this moment, she didnt know what to say.

Seeing how concerned the princess was for Ye Siming, she clearly treated him as a good friend.

Would it be too cruel to the princess if she told her the truth

Mu Shuzhen was hesitant.

In the end, she took out a yellow talisman from her sleeve and handed it to Gu Nuoer.

“Princess, this servant wants to say that there are wild beasts in the mountains and its not safe.

Although its already winter and many wild beasts have gone into hibernation, accidents might still happen.

“This servant will give you this special beast repelling talisman.

Put it in your sleeve.

It can protect you.”

Wanyin took it and looked at it.

It was indeed just an ordinary talisman with cinnabar scribblings on it.


She was a little surprised.

“Miss Mu, you know how to do this”

Mu Shuzhen lowered her eyes and looked a little embarrassed.

“I know a little.”

Gu Nuoers watery eyes swept over it and she happily took it and casually placed it in her small waist pouch.


Elder Sister Shuzhen, dont worry.

Hurry up and go look for the empress.

She needs your care more than I do!”

After saying that, the child ran to look for Ye Siming.

Wanyin wanted to chase after her, but when she thought about how the princess had eaten too much that night, she had no choice but to turn around and go to the kitchen.

She planned to prepare some hawthorn soup to help with the princesss digestion.

In any case, there were hidden guards in the dark and the princess would not leave the monastery.

There should not be any danger.

“Elder Brother Siming” Gu Nuoer walked to his room but realized that there was no light inside.

Could it be that he wasnt back yet

The child pushed open the door and a creak rang out.

She stuck her head in and saw the side profile of the person sitting on the windowsill and admiring the moon.

The furnishings in the meditation room were simple and there was no screen to cover it.

Gu Nuoer clearly saw Ye Siming leaning against the windowsill with his knees bent, his slender fingertips casually hanging by his knees.

He didnt even turn around when he heard sounds.

He just looked at the crescent moon and seemed to not be in a good mood.

The cold wind from the mountains blew in through the window and onto Gu Nuoers face.

The child felt so cold that she shook her chubby face.

“Its so cold.

Elder Brother Siming, why are you sitting here in the wind!”

Ye Siming didnt answer her.

After a moment, he said sluggishly, “Its getting late.

You should go back and sleep.”

The door behind him creaked shut.

Ye Siming turned his head, a hint of surprise appearing in his cold eyes.

That was because Gu Nuoer had closed the door and was walking over while rubbing her hands.

“What are you looking at I want to look too!” Gu Nuoer stood on her tiptoes curiously and grabbed the windowsill with her small hands.

She tried her best to look up at the moonlight that Ye Siming had been watching.

Ye Siming lowered his head and looked at the little meat bun in front of him.

Her ten fingers on the windowsill were small, and her nails were fair and rosy, like small pearls.

He felt like eating the child.


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