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With the help of the guards and the monks, the fire was finally extinguished.

Fortunately, the fire started from the outer courtyard.

When it reached the scripture tower, only the basic scriptures were burned.

Most of the remaining authentic works were still preserved.

Despite this, if Gu Nuoer hadnt been prepared in advance, she and the empress would have been so helpless and terrified when they were trapped in the scripture tower!

No matter how good Empress Dus temper was, she could not withstand the influence of such a matter.

She was furious and interrogated AYun seriously.

At first, AYun refused to admit it and claimed that Mu Shuzhen had framed her.

It was not until the guards found traces of kerosene under AYuns shoes that AYun confessed dejectedly.

It turned out that the empress had praised Mu Shuzhen many times and that made her unhappy.

In addition, Mu Shuzhen did not listen to her orders, which made AYun, who had always been eager to excel, felt very unhappy.

She thus came up with a vicious plan, which was to deliberately set a big fire while the empress and the little princess were serving Buddha in the scripture tower.

When that happened, not only would she be able to frame Mu Shuzhen, but if the little princess was injured, according to the emperors temper, Mu Shuzhen would also not be able to escape death.

AYun could even receive countless rewards for saving her masters.

The empresss usual softness and magnanimity made her feel that this was an opportunity she could take.

The barrel of kerosene that Mu Shuzhen had discovered hidden in the corner had been replaced with water by Wanyin.

However, they did not expect that this was only evidence that AYun had prepared for framing Mu Shuzhen.

She also carried a small bamboo tube of kerosene with her to commit this crime.

Originally, the plan went according to AYuns plan, but she never expected that the fire would burn too quickly.

This was because of the Taishi Monasterys wooden structures.

It hadnt snowed in the past few days either, so the wood wasnt damp.

When the fire grew bigger, AYun became afraid, let alone going in to save the empress and princess.

She was very afraid of death!

If Gu Nuoer had not pulled the empress to leave by the window in advance, they would probably have gotten a huge shock this time.

When Wanyin learned of AYuns entire plan, she was so angry that her eyes turned red.

She pounced over and slapped AYun, leaving a few bloody scratch marks on her face.

“B*tch! The empress gave you food and drinks, but you actually wanted to gain the masters trust by hurting her and the princess! Why hasnt the heavens taken you away when you have such foolish and bad thoughts!”

AYun cried and fell to the ground.

She crawled over and hugged the empresss leg.

She knew that Empress Du had always been soft-hearted, so she kept crying and begging.

“Your Majesty, this servant knows my mistake.

This servant wanted to be valued by you too much, thats why this servant came up with such a damn idea.

“This servant wont dare to do it again in the future.

This servant is willing to slap myself 30 times.

Please calm down and forgive this servant this one time!”

Empress Du lowered her eyes and looked at her coldly.

“AYun, youve committed a heinous mistake.

How dare you expect me to still keep you by my side”

After saying that, she looked at the guards at the side.

“After returning to the palace, hand AYun over to the emperor and deal with her according to the palaces rules.

I have no objections.”

AYun fell to the ground and her face turned pale from fear.

If she were to fall into the hands of the emperor, she would not be granted a quick death.

She had almost hurt the little princess.

The emperor would definitely have the Punishment Bureau think of ways to torture her!

AYun cried and shouted, “Your Majesty, this servant knows my mistake! Please show mercy!”

Empress Du felt a headache when she heard this.

With a wave of her hand, two guards gagged AYun and dragged her away.

The empress looked at Wanyin.

“Wheres Nuoer”

“The princess was worried about Young Master Yes injury, so the two of them had already gotten onto the carriage first.”


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