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Some officials had objections and did not support the young Ye Siming to go to school with the little princess.

A large part of the reason was that the state school was where the young ladies and young masters from prestigious families in the Great Qi attended school.

Unlike the private schools, studying at the state school was a representation of ones identity and status.

The children who could study here varied from three to twelve years old.

Other than being introduced to studies in name, there was a greater purpose of getting to know other people from prestigious families.


It was so that the children could have their own connections and have a circle amongst those in the upper circle right from the very start.

As for the officials who opposed having Ye Siming entering the school, many of them had children studying there.

They had all witnessed the young Ye Simings astonishing explosive powers and attacking abilities.

If he were to be allowed to go to the state school, wouldnt it be placing dangers right by their side

However, General Bai Yi gave his guarantee.

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“Siming is already eight years old and its a good time for him to start studying.

Otherwise, it might end up being too late.”

After the emperor, Gu Yihan, gave it some serious thought.

He felt that it was true that Ye Siming was a good candidate for the princesss guard.

As long as Bai Yi could nurture him well, there wasnt a need to be worried that hed kill.

Gu Yihan even instructed General Bai Yi, “It actually didnt matter to hurt others.

The most important thing is to protect our Nuonuo well.”

Everyone broke out into a sweat, wanting to object.

However, they could only keep quiet before the tyrant emperors ferociousness.

Gu Yihan made the call on this matter and everyone lost any room to say anything further.

It was thus decided for Princess Yaoguang Gu Nuoer and the young Ye Siming to start school in February when spring came.

10 October, afternoon.

In the inner room of Noble Consort Qiaos Qiushui Palace, there was a lingering fragrance and draping thick curtains.

On the wide yellow rosewood bed with beautiful engravings, a fair and chubby child was sleeping.

Gu Nuoer seemed to have eaten something delicious in her dreams and her little mouth was moving very slightly.

Her pink lips were wet by the glistening saliva and became even more crystalline, like two small peach blossom petals.

The childs fair and chubby claws were clenched into milky fists.

Her black soft hair stuck to her snow-white skin, making her look quiet and obedient.


A crisp “pa” sound rang out from outside.

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Next was Noble Consort Qiaos soft voice.

Gu Nuoer usually would never wake up if she didnt get enough sleep.

But this time around, she slowly opened her misty eyes.

Her two black eyes were like a pair of big grapes.

As her long lashes fluttered, her sleepiness was driven away and her eyes shone with an intelligent glow.

Gu Nuoer put out her fair and chubby arms, stretching herself.

She then sat up on the bed like a standing white bun.

The ground heating system made the room very warm and her cheeks were flushed.

She got off the bed and slowly walked toward the front hall.

She planned on searching for the source where the voices were coming from.

She had just walked to the screen in the corner when she heard her mother lecturing someone.

Noble Consort Qiaos eyes were big and she was very beautiful.

She sat upright in her chair and looked down at the palace maid kneeling on the ground with a sharp gaze.

Gu Nuoer gently held onto the screen and looked out with her big eyes.

The palace maid kneeling on the ground was the Empresss personal maidservant, Cailuan.

At this moment, she was covering her face and half-kneeling on the ground, crying.

Noble Consort Qiao was wearing a red rubellite ring on her fair hand.


She stroked her hair on her temples and said in a heartless tone, “Cailuan, the Empress saved you from the Laundry Bureau because she saw that you were pitiful and bullied.

The Empress gave you a place to stay and even taught you to read and write.

It has only been three years since Her Majesty has gotten sick, but you already cant wait to climb into His Majestys bed”


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