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Cailuan could not stop crying.

“This servant doesnt know.

It has always been Qinghe who did it.Itd only make Her Majesty sleep for longer hours.

With that, this servant would have more opportunities to get close to His Majesty!

Noble Consort Qiao looked at the silent Qinghe.

There were already two bloody marks on her face from Wanxuan.

However, she refused to confess.

From the looks of it, this Qinghe must have an inside story!

Noble Consort Qiao looked at Cailuan again.

“You dont even know what drug she put in Cailuan, I just warned you this morning.

“I have many ways to make you feel worse than death.

If you still dont confess, I can only hand you over to the emperor.”

Cailuan immediately widened her eyes in fear.

The emperor was even crueler than Noble Consort Qiao!

Cailuan had heard of the Punishment Bureaus torture methods before.

She trembled just from the thought of them!

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She hurriedly knelt and kowtowed, crying and shouting, “Noble Consort, I was only indulged in vain hopes but my previous attempts to seduce His Majesty hadnt been successful.

“Therefore, I agreed to help Qinghe keep watch while she drugged Her Majesty.

Qinghe told this servant that the drug added wouldnt harm people!

“Itd only make Her Majesty sleep for longer hours.

With that, this servant would have more opportunities to get close to His Majesty!

“This servant is speaking the truth! This servant doesnt dare to hide the slightest bit from you!”

Noble Consort Qiao smiled coldly, her gaze landing on Qinghe.

“Is that so The drug in this tea is so simple”

Her voice was slightly raised and carried endless danger and enticing.

“Cailuan, oh Cailuan, should I say that youre foolish or that youre stupid

Why was Qinghe helping you like this And why was she giving Her Majesty this drug Have you asked her about it before

Cailuans body stiffened.

She kept on shivering non-stop, stumped by Noble Consort Qiaos question.

That was right, she hadnt thought of those things before! She wasnt that smart!


In the next second, Noble Consort Qiao slowly got up and walked over to Qinghe.

She held the suspicious cup of tea in her right hand.

Noble Consort Qiaos red lips curled up at this moment.

“Qinghe, come and prove to me that the drug in this tea is not poisonous!”

As Noble Consort Qiao said that, she grabbed Qinghes cheeks with her left hand.

She used force to get Qinghe to raise her head and was just about to raise the teacup to chug the tea into her mouth!

Earlier on, Qinghe had been very composed and refused to speak up.

But at this moment, she was panicking too.

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She shook her head vigorously, “This servant wont drink it! Wont drink it!”

As Qinghe struggled, the teacup in Noble Consort Qiaos hand fell to the ground.

It rolled on the ground and landed by Cailuans feet.

Qinghe had both hands on the ground, panting heavily as if she had just escaped death.

Tears kept gushing out of her eyes uncontrollably.

Seeing her in this state, what else did Noble Consort Qiao not understand

She immediately sneered.

“It seems that theres indeed something interesting in this tea.

Wanxuan, go and send an imperial physician over!”

Noble Consort Qiao turned around and sat by the bed in a gesture of protecting the empress.

She raised her eyebrows and looked down on everyone.

No one was her match!

Noble Consort Qiao curled her lips and sneered.

“Qinghe, dont be anxious.

Ill definitely peel off your human skin.

“Ill see who on earth is the person controlling you in the background!”

Qinghe suddenly trembled.

Noble Consort Qiao was indeed a vicious person.

She was scheming and reacted to things so quickly.

There was no way that Qinghe would dare to reveal the person behind this matter!

Qinghe quickly started thinking, anxious of thinking of a solution to save herself.

At this moment, Eunuch Chunshous reporting voice sounded from outside.

“His Majesty has arrived…”

Qinghes eyes lit up.

There was a way out!

Wanxuan opened the door and Gu Yihan entered.

At this moment, Qinghe hurriedly knelt and kowtowed desperately.

“Your Majesty, save me! The noble consort wants to kill the empress!

“She forced me to poison the tea.

Now, she even wants me to die to silence me!”


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