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He said rather straightforwardly, “If there are any, bring over all their coltsfoot flowers.

Ill buy them all.

“Ill buy all there is.

Buying more at one go will save me some trouble..”

How could the stall owner have expected such a good thing!

He immediately smiled and said, “Alright! Master, wait for me.

I have a brother whos also selling these flowers nearby!”

After the stall owner finished speaking, he quickly ran not far away and muttered something to another stall owner.

Gu Nuoer tilted her head and fluttered her long eyelashes, looking at everything with her round eyes.

Not long later, the stall owner led his brother over with a bag of coltsfoot flowers.

As expected, Gu Zitang paid quickly and bought all of the flowers.

In the end, he had spent a hundred taels, but he still frowned and said, “Its still too little.

Why dont you help me run an errand to the end of the street

“If there are also people selling coltsfoot flowers there and the price isnt over 40 taels per 500 grams, Ill buy them all.”

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The stall owner beamed with joy.

“Sure, sure! The two of us will run an errand now and help you ask around.”

With that, they turned around and ran toward the end of the street.

Gu Zitang smiled and turned around.

An attendant stepped forward.

The attendant was wearing ordinary clothes.

He picked up the two large bags of coltsfoot flowers that Gu Zitang had just bought and changed to wrap them up in a different cloth.

Thereafter, the attendant carried the two big bags of flowers and quickly ran to the end of the street.

His figure was so fast that it was as if he knew Qinggong.

Gu Zitang carried Gu Nuoer to the second floor of the teahouse at the side.

He asked for a private room and sat down leisurely to drink tea.

Gu Nuoer leaned on the table, her eyes filled with confusion.

“Second Brother, when are we going to let the small money grow big money!”

Gu Zitang patted his sisters adorable little head and said, “Dont be anxious.

Itll be done very soon.”

In less than the time taken for an incense to burn…

The attendant who left with the coltsfoot flowers earlier came back to Gu Zitang.

Moreover, he handed over two big and heavy bags of silver.

Gu Zitang opened the bags and counted.

There were about four hundred taels.

The attendant bowed and reported, “Those two brothers believed Your Highnesss words and called out to purchase a large number of coltsfoot flowers at a high price.

“When your subordinate went over with the flowers, they didnt have any doubt and bought the flowers for 25 taels per 500 grams.

“At that time, the vendors at the end of the street had heard that a big guest had come to the street and wanted to buy this flower at all costs.

“Therefore, for some of the coltsfoot flowers, your subordinate sold them at 35 taels per 500 grams.”

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Gu Nuoer opened her eyes wide as if she understood things now.

“They paid a high price to buy back what Second Brother bought from them at a low price!”

Gu Zitang gently pinched his sisters chubby cheeks.

He smiled brightly and said, “Smart.

Thats how it is.

Ill raise the price first and create demand.

Then, Ill use the excuse of wanting to buy urgently to help with the situation.


“Those who arent wary will fall into the trap I set.

Thats why, sister, you must remember that if one is anxious, theyll definitely lose money.

“If it isnt because we dont have much time today, I can buy coltsfoot flowers for the entire day.

When I come tomorrow, the price will be hiked up to 100 taels per 500 grams.”

Gu Zitang pushed all 400 taels in front of Gu Nuoer.

“But thats fine.

The profits are quite good today too.

Id said that Im bringing you to play.

“So we dont have to waste time.

Baby Nuo, this money today is all yours.

Well return to the palace after weve spent them all.”

Gu Nuoer looked at the silver in front of her and didnt show any joy on her small face.

Instead, she furrowed her adorable brows, her chubby face looking a little worried.

“Second Brother, my mother said that there are many poor people in the world.

Will the poor people end up with no money for food if we earn away their money”



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