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Gu Zitang was stunned.

He hadnt expected that his younger sister would ask this question.

Since young, he was taught that the way of the trade was to buy low from one and then sell high at another.

This was what business was.

When had he ever cared if the people involved in the process would end up poorer

Business was a fight between merchants.

There was no smoke or blood, but it could bring one endless wealth or poverty.

Gu Zitang was stunned for a moment before replying with a smile, “Baby Nuo, if all the merchants in the world have the same thoughts as you…

“Then no one would earn money.

Kindness cant fill your hunger.

Do you understand that, my precious sister”


Gu Nuoer scratched the tip of her nose, feeling very confused.

Her emotions sank in her big glistening eyes as if she was trying very hard to think.

Gu Zitang laughed it off.

Coincidentally, the waiter served the dishes.

He picked up his chopsticks and picked up a piece of fragrant braised pork for Gu Nuoer.

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“Even if its not Brother, there will be others in this world who will earn their money.

This is called life.

Alright, Baby Nuo, quickly eat.

You must be hungry.”

Gu Nuoer pushed the silver aside.

When she saw the shiny and fragrant braised pork in the bowl, she swallowed her saliva.

She still could not hold her chopsticks well.

She grabbed the spoon with her little hand and took a bite.

When she looked up again, her pink lips were glistening, and her watery eyes looked satisfied from having eaten delicious food.

The childs cheeks were stuffed with food and her eyes squinted into crescents.

She said in a blurry voice, “Second Blother1, the food here is very delicious!”

Gu Zitang smiled dotingly.

Looking at Gu Nuoer eating heartily, he guessed that she had already forgotten her pity for the poor.

After all, his sister was still a child and he didnt think that she would take this matter to heart.

After the siblings were done with their meal, Gu Zitang then carried Gu Nuoer to head to another street.

He held Gu Nuoers hand and entered a shop for making clothes.

He had planned on buying a few rolls of fabric that were fashionable and nice.

Although there were all sorts of rare and precious fabrics in the place, sometimes, the designs available outside werent bad either.


He was going to bring everything good to his sister.

However, when Gu Zitang and Gu Nuoer just arrived at the fabric shop, they were stopped by the shop assistant.

The shop assistant bowed and smiled apologetically, “Master, Little Young Miss, Im really sorry.

We have two important customers visiting our shop today.

“They are in the midst of picking out fabric designs and dont like outsiders entering.

Could you do us the favor and patronize our small shop another day Wed be really thankful.”

Gu Zitang immediately frowned, his peach blossom eyes filled with dissatisfaction.

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“What kind of important people are they to be so domineering They are the only ones who can pick fabric and others arent allowed to see”

Gu Nuoer tilted her small head, her big eyes blinking on her fair and chubby face.

She asked the shop assistant, “Little Uncle, cant I go in and pick a hair accessory”

The shop assistant looked at the fair and delicate baby, her big eyes were filled with a clear glass-like light.

The shop assistant felt that his heart had melted.

However, the two young misses in the fabric shop were well-known for being bad-tempered!

The shop assistant lowered his voice and persuaded, “Master, I dont wish to do this either.

But I really cant afford to offend those two young misses.

“Why not Ill pay for your bill to take a rest at the teahouse next door, and you guys can come again in a while”

If it wasnt because Gu Nuoer looked really adorable and innocent, the shop assistant would definitely pay for the expenses from his own pocket.


However, Gu Zitang was born into a noble family.

When had he not had things going according to his wishes

He immediately sneered.

“Cant afford to offend them To think that there are actually people who are more amazing than me in the capital.”


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