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Chen Miaoshuang was stunned.

Thats right, she could go to the palace paths to wait.

Every day, when the emperor came out of the imperial study, he would definitely pass by the imperial garden.

Chen Miaoshuang felt that it wasnt that the emperor had forgotten about her, but that he didnt have the time.

Gu Yihan was very busy every day, so how could he not come In the past two days, he had liked to watch her sword dance.

Chen Miaoshuang admitted that she was indeed opportunistic.

She spent some money to find out from the other eunuchs.

There was a reason why Noble Consort Qiao was favored by the emperor, other than the fact that she had given birth to the only princess.

It was also because the sword dance she performed back in the day was really moving.

Chen Miaoshuang knew some dance skills herself.

In addition, she had a gentle figure and knew how to play music.

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Why not imitate Noble Consort Qiao in performing a sword dance and relieving the emperors boredom

Therefore, she took the opportunity when the emperor came to the Music Bureau.

She gave the senior maid some money and performed at the very front.

As expected, the emperor seemed to be interested and came to watch her sword dance for two to three consecutive days.

Unexpectedly, the emperor did not come today.

Chen Miaoshuang didnt give up.

She was having a wonderful dream that she was only one step away from Noble Consort Qiao.

When she received His Majestys favor and became pregnant as well, she would give birth to the second princess for the emperor.

Chen Miaoshuang was confident that she would definitely be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Noble Consort Qiao.

She made up her mind to go to the imperial garden to wait first thing in the morning.

If the emperor came out of the imperial study, he would definitely be able to see her.

Chen Miaoshuang said goodbye to the senior maid in satisfaction and turned to go in and get some rest.

The Music Bureaus senior maid looked at her happy expression and secretly curled her lips.

“What does she think she is Does she really think that shes going to rise to the top Shes just short of carving her ambition on her face!”

The senior maid turned to enter the room.

She didnt see the black figure quietly passing by on the roof.

In the latter half of the night, the wind seemed to have picked up.

Gu Nuoer was woken up by the cold wind.

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She opened her misty eyes, sat up by herself, and rubbed her eyes.

Someone had opened the window in the inner hall, leaving it ajar.

The cold wind came from here.

Gu Nuoer looked at her mother, who was sleeping soundly beside her.

Uh, what if her mother fell sick from the cold wind

The child immediately felt a great sense of responsibility!

She twisted her small butt and climbed over Noble Consort Qiaos body.

The girl swayed her feet and reached for the shoes on the footrest.

As it was too dark to see, she ended up wearing Noble Consort Qiaos shoes.

The child dragged the shoes along, wanting to close the window.

Gu Nuoer had just walked to the window when she realized that she wasnt tall enough.

It was a pain to have short legs when one needed to use them!

She tried her best to stand on her tiptoes.

“Hei shoo… hei…”

At this moment, Gu Nuoers ears caught the faint sound of a long sword being unsheathed.

She was not an ordinary person.

This strange sound was especially ear-piercing to her.

Gu Nuoer subconsciously took a step back.

Almost at the same instant, a longsword pierced through the half-open window.

A person in black night clothes barged in from the window with a fierce gaze!

Gu Nuoer kept on backing off.

In a moment of carelessness, she landed on her butt.

She looked at the man in black who was holding a sword in front of her and was not afraid at all.

Instead, she fluttered her long eyelashes and asked softly, “Who are you”

The man in black said in a cruel and rough voice, “Little Princess, hand over your life!”

The sharp sword in his hand suddenly stabbed ferociously towards Gu Nuoer!

The sword looked like it was going to reach her!

In that instant, a jade ruyi blocked the sword!

Gu Nuoer turned her head and immediately clapped her small hands.

“Mother is so amazing!”

Under the moonlight and the sound of the wind, Noble Consort Qiao used a jade ruyi to block the man in blacks imposing sword.

Her eyes were filled with killing intent and coldness.


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