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The man in black clearly didnt expect that Noble Consort Qiao would suddenly appear while he was in the midst of assassinating the princess.

He turned his sword and attacked Noble Consort Qiao.

Unexpectedly, Noble Consort Qiao had already taken the initiative to attack.

She held the jade ruyi in her hand and stabbed it towards the black-clothed person.

Gu Nuoer giggled and crawled around on the ground, hiding under the table.

Then, she grabbed onto the table leg with her chubby hands and looked around with her big sparkling eyes.

She was actually watching the show!

Noble Consort Qiao was wearing thin innerwear and her long hair was fluttering a little.

Her figure was as agile as a swimming dragon.

Every move she made carried a cold killing intent.

The jade ruyi didnt seem like something one would play with when bored.

It looked like an invincible sword!

After a few moves, the man in black was gradually on the verge of losing.

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It was in a moment of his carelessness that Noble Consort Qiao suddenly hit him in the abdomen with the jade ruyi.

The man in black took a few steps back and pressed his back against the wall.

He felt a pain in his heart and spat out a mouthful of blood.

He looked at Noble Consort Qiao and clutched his abdomen in pain.

What fast skills.

It seemed to be the Qiao familys sword technique.

In the entire Great Qi, only the Qiao family was worth being afraid of.

The man in black saw that the situation was not right and turned around, wanting to break through the window and escape.

Unexpectedly, Noble Consort Qiao was one step ahead of him.

The jade ruyi was swung out like a cold arrow, hitting the back of the man in blacks knee.

With a crisp sound of bones breaking, the man in black knelt on the ground, holding onto his broken leg and wailing in pain.

Noble Consort Qiao looked on coldly, then turned around and carried Gu Nuoer out from under the table.

She said to the man in black, “Im afraid the person who bribed you to assassinate me didnt tell you whose daughter I am.

“Remember this clearly.

My father is Qiao Renshan.

Youre three lifetimes away if you want to assassinate the Dukes granddaughter.”

Who didnt know about the reputation of the Duke, Qiao Renshan

When he was 15 years old, he led 3,000 elite soldiers to attack a city, causing 60,000 soldiers to flee.


At the age of 18, he had already led the Qiao familys army and dominated everyone at the border.

He was known as the invincible God of War!

Qiao Renshan was now in his fifties.

Be it in the borders or the martial world, he was an iron-faced general that everyone feared.

Noble Consort Qiao was his youngest daughter.

She had been practicing martial arts since she was young and was very agile.

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However, after having Gu Nuoer, Noble Consort Qiao was afraid of hurting the child and completely put away her weapon.

The man in black lay on the ground in pain, feeling extremely regretful!

The person who made him an offer didnt say much and only said that they wanted to assassinate the only princess!

However, he had forgotten to investigate Noble Consort Qiaos background in advance.

It was just an oversight, but he had to pay for it with his life.

At this moment, Gu Nuoer, who was in Noble Consort Qiaos arms, suddenly said cutely, “Little Uncle Assassin, why dont you promise my mother one thing It can save your life!”

The man in black raised his head, but because of the intense pain, he had no choice but to curl up into a ball again.

Gu Nuoer said softly, “The bad person who asked you to assassinate me gave you a lot of money, right How much did they give My mother will give you double!”

The assassins body trembled.

He forced himself to raise his head, his originally fierce eyes carrying a hint of probing.

Gu Nuoers round face was filled with childishness.

She didnt look like she would lie.

When Noble Consort Qiao heard this, she couldnt help but close her eyes slightly and sigh.

Who did this child learn how to spend money like it was dirt

The assassin dragged his injured body and said in a hoarse voice, “There are rules in the pugilistic world.

I definitely wont reveal them to you.

Princess, give up on trying to bribe me.”

Gu Nuoer fluttered her long eyelashes and her round eyes were lively.

“We wont ask for their name.

Well pay for you to turn around and assassinate him!”



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