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Gu Nuoer clenched her small pink fists.

Boohoo, dont let Nanny Hu come…

She pretended to be weak and lay in Wanyins arms.

“Then Elder Sister Wanyin, Elder Sister Wanxuan, you guys go and call for help.

Baby Nuo will lie here and wait for you, alright”

Wanyin saw that she was really obedient.

She was clearly not feeling well, but she still forced herself to stay more spirited.

Her heart was aching to death!

Wanyin placed Gu Nuoer back under the blanket and tucked her in.

“Princess, wait for us.

Well be back soon.”

Gu Nuoer nodded obediently and closed her eyes, still frowning.

Wanxuan was anxious.

“Hurry up, Ill go tell Her Highness first.

Hurry up and invite Nanny Hu over.

Then, call another imperial physician over.”

The two of them turned around and ran out.

Before Wanyin left, she even instructed a second-grade palace maid called Simeng to keep watch outside.

If the princess had any orders, she should quickly go in and serve her.

Silence returned to the hall.

Gu Nuoer, who was on the bed, quietly opened her eyes a tiny bit

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Her two older sisters had left.

This was a good opportunity!

The eyes of Gu Nuoer, who was still “weak” just now, suddenly became bright and in high spirits.

She quietly got off the bed, then tiptoed and pulled down her clothes.

As she wasnt tall enough, she even tried her best to jump a little.

The commotion almost had Simeng, who was outside, come in.

Si Meng asked from outside, “Princess, did you call for this servant”

Gu Nuoer pinched her small nose and made a weak-sounding voice, “No, Elder Sister Simeng, Baby Nuo is going to sleep.”

Si Meng replied and didnt come in.

The child quickly put on her clothes while panicking.

In the end, Gu Nuoer pushed a stool over and climbed up by herself.

She wanted to escape through the window.

However, she suddenly paused.

Her round face was filled with hesitation.

If she left just like that, Wanyin, Wanxuan, and Simeng would definitely be scolded.

Her mother and father might even think that she had gone missing!

Gu Nuoer slid down the stool again and pushed it to the table.

She stepped on it, pulled over the paper and brush, and drew randomly.

After a while, Gu Nuoers got a dot of ink on her nose tip.

She placed her hands on her hips and looked at her results in satisfaction.

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On the paper, Gu Nuoer had written the crooked words “dont want”.

She didnt know how to write the words “Nanny”, so she drew a fierce head instead.

The strokes were simple, but they made the childs meaning clear.

‘Dont want, Nanny Hu!

After doing all this, Gu Nuoer knew that she couldnt waste any more time.

Otherwise, she would definitely be caught by her mother!

She pushed the stool back to the window and stepped on it.

She let out a “hei shoo” and flipped her chubby body over the window.

Fortunately, there was a soft patch of grass behind the window.

Gu Nuoer landed softly and ran closely along the wall.

Along the way, as she was short and agile, she avoided the attention of the patrolling imperial guards.

In fact, she was almost seen by Consort Yi!

However, Consort Yi, who was sitting in the sedan lifted by four people, suddenly held her hair up.

“No, I still feel that the yellow jade flower accessory that Im wearing today doesnt match me.

“Lets go, lets go back and change to that hair accessory with sapphire and tourmaline.

Its more dignified and elegant.”

When Consort Yis sedan left, Gu Nuoer happened to be at the corner in front.

She leaned against the wall and sucked in her stomach.


Shee was almost caught by Mother Yi.

After a thrilling experience, the child unknowingly ran to the third checkpoint near the imperial city gate.

After passing three checkpoints, she would be able to leave the palace.

However, the checkpoints were all heavily guarded and she wouldnt be able to escape.

Suddenly, the child saw a few officials carriages parked nearby.

Without thinking, she ran over with her small feet and quietly climbed onto one of the carriages while the coachman was sleeping.


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