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When they left the palace, the carriage stopped again.

The imperial guards voice sounded from outside.

“General Bai Yi, we have to do a routine inspection.

Sorry for offending you.”

Gu Nuoers small body stiffened and she quickly shrank under the blanket.

This was the first time General Bai Yi had helped to lie for someone else.

He sat up straight unnaturally and pretended to be calm.


The imperial guard lifted the curtain and looked inside.

General Bai Yi was lying on his side in the carriage, resting his head on his hand and his eyes closed and resting.

There was still a small piece of the blanket on his lap.

Other than the generals posture being a little strange, the imperial guard didnt notice anything wrong.

Therefore, he lowered the curtain and let the carriage pass.

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Only after the carriage left the palace, did Gu Nuoer come out from behind General Bai Yi.

“Phew~ Baby Nuo almost went crazy from the stuffiness!”

Gu Nuoer sat beside General Bai Yi.

She reached out her small hand and patted Bai Yis stomach.

“Thank you, Uncle Bai Yi!”

Looking at the excitement in the princesss eyes, Bai Yi sighed.

“Princess, you sneaked out secretly, right”

The joy on Gu Nuoers chubby face froze.

She scratched her face with her fair finger.

“Is it that obvious”

Bai Yi said, “You suddenly want to go to my residence to play.

His Majesty didnt give such instructions before.

Moreover, if the princess didnt run away secretly, why would you be afraid of the imperial guards

“Your Highness, I can bring you out and have taken the risk too, but you have to at least confess to me why youre doing this, right”

Gu Nuoer lowered her head, her long eyelashes drooping, revealing the loneliness on her small face.

“Its because Mother asked Nanny Hu to come and teach Baby Nuo etiquette.”

Bai Yi roughly understood.

“So the princess doesnt like Nanny Hu”

Gu Nuoer crossed her arms in front of her chest, saying a little awkwardly, “After Nanny Hu came, she controlled the number of pastries Baby Nuo eats.

“There were a few times when I ate until I had a small stomach.

Nanny Hu even said that Baby Nuos small watermelon has ripened! Hmph, Nanny Hu, is really bad!”

Bai Yi was caught between laughter and tears.

He shook his head and smiled.

“Alright, then Ill have to trouble Princess to come to my humble abode today.

Ill send someone to inform His Majesty later so that Her Highness and His Majesty wont be anxious.”

Gu Nuoer nodded, her round eyes filled with curiosity.

“Uncle Bai Yi, does humble abode1 means that your house is very cold”

She wrapped the blanket around her tightly.

“Baby Nuo will have to wrap myself up with the small blanket tightly then!”

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General Bai Yi smiled and looked at the little princess, thinking that she was really naive and cute.

After arriving at the Bai Manor, Bai Yi carried Gu Nuoer down the carriage.

The child wrapped herself up with the blanket and walked with her short legs.

The blanket was too long and was dragged along the ground.

The Bai Manors butler was stunned when he saw this.

Where did the general get such a beautiful child from!

Bai Yi instructed, “Go and tell Madam that Princess Yaoguang has arrived at the manor.

Get her to come and receive the princess.”

The butler was shocked!

It turned out to be the princess.

He quickly turned around to inform the first madam.

Gu Nuoer draped a small blanket over her shoulders and followed Bai Yi in.

She immediately saw a peony flower in the courtyard.

The flower bud was very big, but it had yet to bloom.

Its color was dazzling.

This was the only one growing in the flower pot.

Gu Nuoer felt curious and ran near the peony bud to take a look.

Bai Yi walked up to her and said with a smile, “This was planted by my wife, but it hasnt bloomed yet.

However, to be able to cultivate a peony in winter, its worth admiring even if its just a single flower bud.”

Gu Nuoer couldnt help but touch the bud.

Immediately after, something that even Bai Yi didnt expect happened…

The peony flower bloomed.


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