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Her palm was soft as she gently caressed Ye Simings forehead and the top of his head.

It brought him a strange feeling.

Ye Siming suddenly took a step back and gritted his teeth.

“Why are you always touching my head”

Gu Nuoer hugged the big pillow and blinked innocently.

“I dont know.

I just subconsciously feel that Elder Brother Siming will like this very much!

“Moreover, every time Baby Nuo does something amazing, Mother will pat my head and say that Im good!”

Like Good

Ye Simings heart was beating very fast, but he didnt know why.

He simply turned his head and said coldly, “Youve already finished eating.

Arent you leaving”

Gu Nuoer had no intention of leaving.

It was still early!

She lay back on the bed and yawned.

“Oh, wait a little longer.

I still want to stay with Elder Brother Siming for a while longer.”

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As she spoke, she hugged the blanket and rolled around, finding the most comfortable sleeping position.

Her big eyes were a little misty and she looked sleepy.

Her long eyelashes would close one moment and slowly open the next to see if Ye Siming was still in the room.

She reached out her small hand and placed it on the edge of the bed.

“Elder Brother Siming, coax me to sleep.”

Ye Siming wiped his sword and said without looking up, “I dont know how to.”

“Oh, then come over and have a chat with Baby Nuo~”

Only then did Ye Siming look up at her.

He saw that the child seemed to be extremely sleepy and her chubby hand was still waving around.

He couldnt take it anymore and walked over to sit on the footrest.

“Hurry up and sleep,” Ye Siming urged.

Gu Nuoer curled up under the blanket and looked at Ye Simings side profile.

Under his cold and handsome brows, his starry eyes were filled with coldness.

He also had thin lips under his upright nose.

She said sincerely, “Elder Brother Siming, youre really beautiful!”

Ye Siming wiped his sword indifferently.

The child suddenly asked softly, “Do you miss your family”

The boys hand suddenly stopped.


“I dont have a home.”

Gu Nuoers voice was sleepy and soft.

“You do.

Theres Uncle Bai Yi.

Theres also me! Im also Elder Brother Simings family~”

Ye Siming didnt say anything, but he suddenly felt a small hand on his arm.

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Gu Nuoer said obediently, “Elder Brother Siming must have been very unhappy in the past.

Ill protect you in the future~”

Ye Siming was stunned.

He looked to the side, but the child was already so sleepy that her eyes were half-closed.

Before he could reply, she had already fallen asleep.

Ye Siming put the clean sword back into its sheath and looked at Gu Nuoers clean and fair face, his thin lips curled into a cold smile.

When he fought his way out of the Asura Realm, when he stepped on a million skeletons, when his sword sent blood everywhere, when he was supported by evil beings to become a king…

No one had the ability to protect him.

He was not a pitiful boy who was bullied by others.

He was the evil Asura itself.

Ye Simings gaze landed on the sleeping Gu Nuoer.

He saw that she was sleeping so soundly that her face was red and her body was emitting a milky fragrance.

He couldnt help but smile disdainfully.

This little milk bun Could protect him

The rain was coming down quietly outside.

The pitter-patter sounds stirred up a soft and light fog.

It was more like Ye Simings courtyard was isolated from the secular world.

It was so quiet that only the sound of rain could be heard.

It had been a long time since Ye Siming had such a peaceful life.

Little Nuoer was sleeping peacefully on the bed.

Little did she know that the boy was sitting on the footrest with a heavy gaze, his knees bent and he was hugging his sword.

Even he did not know that this scene seemed like a form of protection.

At this moment, Gu Nuoer and Ye Siming still didnt know…

The gears of fate were spinning.

They were about to become the brightest and most precious encounter in each others lives.


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