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Gu Nuoer went straight for it!

She immediately got off the empresss arms and walked toward a nearby table.

However, because she wasnt tall enough, she couldnt climb up the chair even after trying twice.

When AYun saw this, she quickly walked over and wanted to carry Gu Nuoer up with both hands to place her onto the chair.

Unexpectedly, the child turned around and called out softly, “Elder Sister Shuzhen, quickly come and carry me onto the chair!”

Mu Shuzhen seemed to be thinking about something and was staring at the bangle in her hand in a daze.

When her name was suddenly called, she quickly looked up.

“Oh, oh, this servant will be right there!”

AYun retracted her hand awkwardly and retreated to the empresss side.

Gu Nuoer stood on the chair and took off her small shoes.

Her chubby feet that were wearing white socks looked like two small balls.

She stepped onto the chair while Mu Shuzhen brought over a brush and paper for her.

The child then started to write quickly.

Noble Consort Qiao looked at her with a smile.

“Nuoer, you have to write it more clearly.

Your eldest brother hasnt seen you before.”


Gu Nuoer held the brush in her small hand and looked like she was in deep thought.

Hmmm, it seemed that she had to do something to let her eldest brother know that Baby Nuo was the one who had written to him.

When the empress saw Gu Nuoer muttering to herself, she smiled dotingly.

When the eunuch in charge saw that both the empress and the noble consort were in a good mood, he cupped his hands and smiled apologetically.

“Is Your Majesty and Your Highness satisfied”

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Noble Consort Qiao knew what he was thinking to see him like this.

She nodded and raised her phoenix eyes.

“Eunuch Zhang, youre reliable, so I naturally wont treat you badly.

Wanyin, reward.”

“Yes,” Wanyin took out a small bag of silver from her sleeve and handed it to the eunuch in charge.

The eunuch beamed with joy and said a few auspicious words before taking his leave.

Not long later, Noble Consort Qiao and Empress Du were talking.

However, they suddenly heard Mu Shuzhen cry out in surprise, “Princess, what are you doing!”

The two ladies looked up and were both shocked for a moment.

Gu Nuoers originally fair and tender face had three whiskers drawn on her left and right cheeks!

The tip of her nose was also smeared black with ink.

Noble Consort Qiao quickly stood up.

“Baby Nuo, why did you draw yourself into a kitten”

Gu Nuoer was not in a hurry to answer.

She held the letter in her small hand and pressed her face against it.


When she raised her head again, her long nose and kitty face was imprinted on it.

She waved the paper proudly.

“Mothers, look, Eldest Brother will definitely know that its Baby Nuo now!”

Gu Nuoer was the first to use her pretty face to leave a stamp on the paper.

Noble Consort Qiao felt helpless and wiped the ink off Gu Nuoers face with a wet handkerchief.

However, the child didnt think much of it.

Instead, she chuckled with her white teeth showing, looking extremely cute.

Empress Du kept on smiling.

Even her complexion of one who was still recovering from her illness turned red from her joy.

“Nuoer, Nuoer, youre really our treasure.

Your brother will definitely recognize you now.

He only has this sister and youre so smart and cute.”

Gu Nuoer placed her hands on her waist and said proudly, “Hehe, Eldest Brother will definitely remember to bring food for Baby Nuo now.”

After she finished writing the letter, Wanxuan and Wanyin helped her seal the red envelope and send it to the relay station.

After Gu Nuoer washed her face, it returned to its original fair and tender appearance.

After the two princesses finished speaking, Noble Consort Qiao carried Gu Nuoer and left.

The empress had been talking for a while and was already a little tired.

Mu Shuzhen was just about to step forward to help Empress Du when AYun beat her to it.

“Your Majesty, this servant will help you back to get some rest.”

The empress nodded and was helped back to the inner hall by AYun.


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