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The empress didnt give any orders, but Mu Shuzhen felt too embarrassed to not do anything.

She looked around and decided to do her usual job.

Previously, her job in the Palace Affairs Bureau was sweeping.

She went to get a broom from the corner, then planned to sweep the door and steps outside the empresss palace.

AYun coaxed the empress to sleep and said more nice words before coming out.

By then, Mu Shuzhen had already swept to the last step of the stairs.

“Hey,” AYun stood at the top and lowered her eyes coldly.

“Come over here.”

Mu Shuzhen hugged the broom and looked up.

She hesitated for a moment and looked around to confirm that AYun was calling for her.

She quietly walked up.

“Whats wrong”

AYun stretched out her hand without any reservations at all.

“Take out the jade bangle that Her Majesty gave you.”

Mu Shuzhen was very puzzled.

“This… Didnt Her Majesty give you earrings This jade bangle is for me.”

AYun sneered.

“Mu Shuzhen, you really dont understand the situation.

Youre really stupid.


“From today onwards, although the both of us will serve Her Majesty together, we wont be having an equal relationship like Wanyin and Wanxuan.

“Youre so clumsy and often mutter to yourself.

What if you scare Her Majesty Therefore, in the future, you cant enter the main hall without my permission.

“Her Majesty is good to people, so she naturally wont criticize you.

However, my requirements are high.

Since you dont serve Her Majesty much, give me the bangle.”

At this point, she even said sarcastically, “Dont think that youre still the daughter of a rich family.

Your father is still in prison.

How can you be worthy of wearing Her Majestys item”

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Mu Shuzhen was angry and aggrieved.

Even though she was weak and timid, she couldnt help but retort, “AYun, its not that Im crazy.

“I wont scare Her Majesty either.

Besides, were both here to serve, so why should I listen to you Unless you get the noble consort to come and tell me this.

“If Her Highness also wants me to stay outside the hall, Ill do as she says.

Youre not Her Highness, so you cant order me around!”

AYun didnt expect her to resist.

She was instantly furious and scolded, “Mu Shuzhen, do you think youre amazing just because youre favored by the princess Who allowed you to speak loudly to me!

“The princess is only three years old and doesnt know anything.

You only got lucky.

Do you really think that youre more distinguished now”

After saying that, AYun pounced forward and grabbed Mu Shuzhens wrist.

She wanted to forcefully pull the bangle off her wrist.

Since Mu Shuzhen was unwilling to let her do so, AYun pushed her a few times.

At this moment, a scream sounded.

Mu Shuzhen actually missed a step and fell down the steps.

At first, AYuns face turned pale from fright.

Did Mu Shuzhen fall to her death!

It was only when she saw Mu Shuzhen staggering to her feet in a sorry state that she realized that there were abrasions on her forehead and the jade bangle on her wrist had shattered.

Mu Shuzhen knelt on the ground, holding the broken jade bangle and feeling sad.

Only then did AYun reveal a disdainful expression.

“B*tch, you cant even die.”

At this moment, the empresss question came from the hall.

“AYun, Shuzhen, what was that noise just now”

AYun immediately restrained her expression and quickly entered.

“Your Majesty, dont worry.

Shuzhen missed her footing and fell down the steps.”

The empress was shocked and quickly asked with concern, “Is it serious”

AYun shook her head.

“Shes fine.

Shes just clumsy all the time.

This servant will take good care of her.”

Empress Du felt relieved.

“In the future, you two will be like sisters.

Its only right for you to take care of each other.”


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