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At this moment, Ye Siming returned.

His hair was stained with snow as he walked on the silver-white road.

His disposition was as heavy as a treasured sword that was about to be unsheathed.

“Take it.” A hot and nice-smelling sweet potato was put in front of Gu Nuoer.

Gu Nuoers eyes lit up and she held onto the sweet potato with her small hands.

“Elder Brother Siming, you went to buy food for me”

Her fingers were frozen and at the instant she touched the sweet potato, the warmth comfortably flowed to her limbs.

The child could not wait and tore open the thin skin with her fingertips, but she wasnt careful and accidentally scalded herself.

“Huhu~” She didnt cry or make a fuss and hurriedly blew at her fingers herself.

Ye Siming looked down and immediately frowned.

“Youre so stupid”

He snatched the sweet potato and swiftly tore off the thin skin.

Looking at the soft red flesh that was revealed, Gu Nuoer swallowed her saliva and kicked her small feet around.

“Elder Brother Siming, I want to eat.”

Ye Siming fed her a bite.

The fragrance of the sweet potato immediately spread in her mouth, and the sweet but not greasy taste spread throughout her mouth.

The child narrowed her eyes happily and asked in a muffled voice, “How did Elder Brother Siming know that there are sweet potatoes for sale”

Ye Siming slowly peeled off all the outer skin and replied casually, “I smelled it.”

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Gu Nuoer tried her best to sniff, but she could only smell the fragrance of the sweet potato in front of her.

Ye Siming wrapped the entire sweet potato with the parchment paper and placed it back in Gu Nuoers hands.

The child took a few bites and then took the initiative to stand on her tiptoes to put it next to Ye Simings mouth.

“Elder Brother Siming, you eat too!”

Ye Siming looked down at her and said, “No.”

However, Gu Nuoer was extremely enthusiastic.

She kept bouncing her small body and insisted on raising the sweet potato to Ye Simings mouth.

At this moment, she slipped and almost fell into the snow.

Fortunately, Ye Siming was quick and scooped her into his arms.

He gritted his teeth.

“Youre jumping around even when youre eating.

Ill ignore you if you fall again…”

Unexpectedly, just as Ye Siming finished speaking, he felt someone taking the opportunity to stuff a mouthful of sweet potato into his mouth.

“…” Ye Siming pursed his thin lips slightly, appreciating the delicate fragrance.

Gu Nuoer smiled sweetly and proudly in his arms.

“Does it taste good”

After Ye Siming finished tasting it, he snorted coldly.

“Not bad.”

He couldnt win against Gu Nuoer.

Even though he said that he wasnt going to eat it, the enthusiastic child stuffed a few more bites into his mouth.

Ye Siming swallowed the sweet potato with a black face.

The child in his arms ate with satisfaction.

Gu Nuoer seemed to be born to be his nemesis.

The man in the line in front turned around and watched as the “siblings” shared the sweet potato.

He could not help but feel sorry for them.

Sigh, both of them were born to be so good-looking.

It was a pity that they were born into such a poor family.

After a very long time, it was finally Gu Nuoer and Ye Simings turn.

The person who brought the porridge was a rascal with a mole on his lips.

He saw that Ye Siming was still young.

The girl in his arms didnt look like she had weaned yet!

The hooligan immediately sneered.

“Yo, young children, why arent the adults at home free to come Why did they let you guys come over despite the snow”

Ye Simings eyes were cold.

He was still carrying Gu Nuoer and didnt make a move easily.

However, the child leaned in his arms and said softly, “Get us porridge~”

The hooligan reached out his hand.

“Wheres your bowl”

Gu Nuoer paused and pointed to the stacked bowls on the table.

“Arent you using those”

Unexpectedly, the hooligan said casually, “These are for the adults and elders.

If you two children take them, what if you break the bowl or dont return them”


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