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“Yes, yes, yes.

I wouldnt dare.” The hooligan quickly got up from the ground and brought over two bowls, scooping porridge into them.

He even smiled apologetically and made excuses, revealing a mouthful of rotten teeth.

“I saw that the girl was cute and wanted to tease her.”

Ye Siming and Gu Nuoer each took a bowl.

The boy coldly pulled the dagger out from the table.

His gaze was as sharp as a blade, making the hooligan feel a lingering fear.

Gu Nuoer quickly pulled Ye Siming to the corner.

The child had already stopped crying and her expression looked serious.

If not for the tears on her eyelashes, Ye Siming would have thought that it was an illusion when he saw her crying just now.

Gu Nuoer looked at the porridge that had little rice and a lot of water, then tasted it.

Her thin eyebrows immediately furrowed.

The porridge was so diluted that it felt like she was drinking a bowl of water.

It was impossible to fill ones stomach with this.

Gu Nuoer showed Ye Siming the porridge bowl and said unhappily, “If we distribute it to the commoners like this, its simply fooling the people! How can it possibly satiate their hunger”

The original intention of opening a stall to provide porridge was to let the poor satiate their hunger.

But now It was simply just for show!

Her father was busy with many things every day, so the official uncles became slack with their management!

When the child thought of how there were so many poor people who starved and suffered from the cold, a wave of anger rose in her heart.

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Her pink cheeks involuntarily puffed up.

From the side, she looked like a ball of fair and tender meat.

Ye Siming looked at her calmly.

This Gu Nuoer was really strange.

Sometimes, she was no different from a three-year-old girl in the way she spoke and did things.

However, she would inadvertently reveal a very intelligent side sometimes.

It didnt match her age at all.

At this moment, the middle-aged man caught up to them.

When he saw Gu Nuoer, he didnt forget to comfort her.

“Young girl, dont cry anymore.

These people are just so unreasonable, but everyone is clear about what the truth is.”

Gu Nuoer looked up at him and asked softly, “Uncle, whats your name”

“My surname is Duan and my name is Hanping.

I live in the east alley.

Where do you guys live Why dont I send the two of you back first”

She remembered this name in her heart and handed the porridge bowl to him.

“Theres no need, Uncle.

We can go home by ourselves.

“Uncle can take this porridge back to drink.

We have to go home now.

Thank you for speaking up for us today!”

As Gu Nuoer spoke, she asked Ye Siming to give him the porridge as well.

The child dragged Ye Siming and ran far away, ignoring Duan Hanpings call behind her.

The two of them had already run far away.

When they arrived near the teahouse, Gu Nuoer said angrily, “These people are too much.

When we get back, Ill tell Father about all of them!”

She raised her head and said to Ye Siming, “Elder Brother Siming, lets go and return this set of clothes now.”

Ye Siming didnt comment.

When the two of them arrived at the teahouse, they first took their clothes.

However, when they entered the east alley, Ye Siming suddenly frowned.

The alley was abnormally quiet.

At this moment, it was still snowing lightly.

There was only one path leading to the end of the alley, but not a single footprint had passed by.

The surrounding doors were all tightly shut.

Ye Si was naturally vigilant and his eyes narrowed slightly.

He suddenly reached out his hand and carried Gu Nuoer in his arms, walking forward while semi-clamping her with his arm.

The childs hands and feet swayed.

She looked confused.

“Elder Brother Siming, I can walk by myself.”

However, Ye Simings burning gaze stared coldly ahead.

His thin lips opened slowly and his tone sounded very lazy.

“Im afraid that youll fall again.

Its safer for me to carry you.”


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