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That night, Gu Nuoer told Gu Yihan everything that she and Ye Siming had discovered at the porridge stall.

It was already night time and it was dark outside.

A stretch of white snow covered the green tiles and a bone-piercing cold wind blew.

However, the Qiushui Palace was as warm as spring.

After Gu Nuoer finished washing her hair, she sat on the red carpet and played with her fabric tiger.

Noble Consort Qiao listened to her daughters story of what had happened today while drying her hair with a small brazier.

Gu Yihan bent his knees and sat on the ground opposite Gu Nuoer, listening to everything with narrowed eyes.

Gu Nuoer snorted in her childish voice.

“Father, these people are too shameless.

They wanted to bully us just because Baby Nuo and Elder Brother Siming are young!”

Gu Yihans gaze was cold and filled with killing intent.

“Ive long felt that they should die.

If such people are kept alive, no matter how we deal with them…

“They will only think of ways to take advantage of the situation and implicate the citizens who are really poor and leading tough lives.”

Noble Consort Qiao raised her long eyelashes and glanced at the emperor.

Her red lips moved but she didnt say anything.

On the other hand, Gu Nuoer was a mischievous child.

She said softly, “Father, its not that our method isnt right, but that we didnt find the right leader!”

Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows and looked at his daughter.

“Baby Nuo has a new idea again”

Gu Nuoers hair covered her forehead, making her eyes look even more lively.

“Although Father had guards to watch over them, the people who took the porridge will still have their food snatched away.

This is because the soldiers on patrol dont have the energy to constantly keep an eye on this group of people.

“However, Father can choose someone who is usually very familiar with this group of beggars.

You can give the person some authority while he supervises and keeps an eye on them while they are distributing the porridge.

That way, this matter will be easily resolved!”

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Gu Yihan saw his daughters sparkling eyes and asked with a smile, “From your tone, you seem to have someone in mind”

Gu Nuoer twisted her small body and smiled.

“Nothing can be hidden from Father! Theres an uncle called Duan Hanping who lives in the east alley.

“Today, he saw that Baby Nuo and Elder Brother Siming are too young, so he reminded us out of goodwill.

Not only that, but we also met many times.

Father, can you…”

As the child spoke, she reached out two chubby and fair fingers to tug at Gu Yihans dragon robe.

Her sparkling eyes flickered with pleading.

How could Gu Yihan not respond to his daughters pitiful gaze

He immediately smiled brightly.

“How can Father not agree to what Baby Nuo said Its Duan Hanpings fortune to have met you.”

After saying that, he waved his hand and called for Chunshou to come in.

“Pass down my decree.

That Duan… Duan something ping from the east alley will be promoted to a patrol officer from today onwards.

He will be in charge of the winter porridge distribution.”

Eunuch Chunshou received the order and said, “Your Majesty and the princesss clothes for tomorrows trip are also ready.”

Gu Nuoer raised her curious eyes.

Gu Yihan waved his hand.

“Bring them in.”

Eunuch Chunshou clapped his hands and two palace maids entered with clothes.

It was a set of matching father and daughter outfits, one bigger and one smaller.


They were in a soft bluish green color and the material was smooth.

Gu Yihans piece was embroidered with a few tall green bamboos.

As for Gu Nuoers, it was embroidered with small bamboo shoots.

Eunuch Chunshou smiled and said, “Its already been made according to His Majestys request.

It has to be of a low profile, but the material cant be too bad either, lest it makes the princess feel uncomfortable.”

Gu Yihan took Gu Nuoers dress and touched it repeatedly.

His handsome brows furrowed.

“This kind of workmanship is still a little too rough.

Baby Nuos skin is tender and she wont be able to wear it.”

After saying that, he threw it on the ground, indicating that they should redo it.


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