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Eunuch Chunshou felt troubled to see that the emperor was dissatisfied.

There were less than 12 hours left before the emperor was planning to bring the princess to the rich merchants house.

Even if they were to rush out a piece at the last minute, they probably wouldnt be able to make one to his liking either!

However, Gu Yihan had always been one to stand by his words and Eunuch Chunshou did not dare to refute the emperors opinion either.

At this moment, Gu Nuoer crawled over to where the bluish green dress was on the ground.

She picked it up and touched it, her eyes sparkling.

“Father, this dress is so smooth! Ill wear it!”

Gu Yihan frowned slightly.

“The workmanship is rough.

Im afraid that youll feel uncomfortable wearing it.”

Gu Nuoer subconsciously said softly, “I wont.

Baby Nuo has even worn worse clothes!”

Noble Consort Qiao hadnt said anything earlier, but now she raised her eyebrows and asked, “When”

The child was stunned.

Oh no~

It was better not to let her mother and father know about her having worn rough clothes today.

Facing everyones puzzled gazes, she pretended to be soft and said, “Isnt it the layer of swaddling clothes that Father wrapped around Baby Nuo when I was just born”

Hearing this, Gu Yihan was the first to laugh.

“You knew what clothes you were wearing when you were born”

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Gu Nuoer stood up and shook her small butt.

“In short, Father, dont think that these clothes arent good.

The books say that the uncles and aunts who raise silkworms have it tough.

You have to cherish these materials!”

Gu Yihan smiled and looked at his daughter.

In the end, he compromised and waved his hand.

“Forget it.

Since Baby Nuo doesnt mind, this one will do.”

Eunuch Chunshou cupped his hands and said yes, heaving a sigh of relief in his heart.

Early the next morning.

As a famous wealthy businessman, Ji Yongwang was very ostentatious upon coming to the capital.

Apart from the local squires and nobles, there were also some officials invited.

However, the strange thing was that this morning, these officials had various reasons for not being able to come.

Some people said that their mother was sick, or they had a stomachache.

There was even someone who had flown out from the horse carriage on their way here when the carriage ran through a rock.

Merchant Ji secretly felt unhappy when heard this.

When he was in the south previously, even the county governor gave him some face.


He wanted to make connections after arriving in the capital, but these officials were putting on airs.

Were they looking down on him

Thinking of this, Ji Yongwang slammed the table.

“How infuriating.”

When the butler saw this, he reported, “Its not that all the officials arent coming.

At the very least, Censor Zhang has sent a letter saying that hell come.

Hell probably be arriving soon.”

“Oh Censor Zhang”

Ji Yongwang didnt know him, but he knew that the Censorate was in charge of impeaching officials.

There was no harm in befriending him.

The butler nodded, looking a little troubled.

“Its just that this Censor Zhangs post said that he and his daughter both shown symptoms of illness and they have rashes breaking out on their faces

“Its not convenient for them to see anyone, so the two of them will be wearing veils on this trip to the residence.

Otherwise, theyll probably scare the other important guests.”

Ji Yongwang frowned.

“Theres actually such a thing How unlucky.”


He also didnt like people with rashes entering the residence, but Censor Zhang was a fourth-grade official after all.

It was already not bad that he was willing to give face and come, unlike the other officials who refused with all sorts of excuses.

Ji Yongwang waved his hand and said, “Forget it.

As long as he can come, who cares if he has a face filled with blisters or something”

At this moment, an ordinary-looking carriage stopped in front of the Ji Manor.

The coachmans eyes were sharp, unlike ordinary coachmen.

However, he lowered his head slightly and turned to lift the curtain.

“Master, weve arrived.”


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