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Chapter 01: It just happened


Incidents can happen anytime, anywhere.

Just as he happened to lose his father, who was a firefighter on a rescue mission to save people from a burning building.

He saved every single one of them but unfortunately at the cost of his very own life.

Now, Kenichi Kudo, his father’s only son, was watching a similar scene as a part of a high-rise building was engulfed in flames.

After school, he left the house to go for a jog after finishing his homework, and stumbled upon an accident.

The firefighters hadn’t shown up yet, so it probably wasn’t that long after the fire started.

“Somebody help! There’s someone inside!”

A woman pointed to a corner of a burning building and shouted.

The people gathered in front of the building, young and old, men and women, but just stood there in a daze and looked at this horrific scene.

If so, then…

If Kenichi had been born in a normal household, he would’ve probably just called 119 and asked them to come quickly.

But he was… his father’s proud son.

He remembered what his father always used to say.

“Listen, Kenichi! All people are precious without exception.

So, if there is someone who needs help, you should help that person.

But remember this, you must never become arrogant because of the fact that you helped them.

Do you understand Now let’s train our muscles to build up the strength to help others!”

That’s right.

Just as his father was for him, Kenichi was also proud of his father.

He was really a good man.

He loved him as he loved his mother.

They made a happy family together.

And to carry on his legacy, he decided to stay true to his father’s belief.

While thinking so, and after taking a glance at the moon, looking at his father, who was now in heaven, he closed his eyes.

~Just watch me.


He opened his eyes and ran into the building, which was on fire.

People around him were surprised to see him, but no one stopped him.

He rushed upstairs, and soon reached the place which was on fire.

It was a restaurant, the ceiling had collapsed and the entrance was blocked.

If there were people in there, their chances of survival were very slim.

He thought so, but his fine macho, well-built body and his eyes were burning hotter than the fire in front of him.

When he confessed his love to a girl he liked and was rejected, he wanted to give up on his entire life, but at times like this, he is a high school boy who does not know how to give up.

“I’m gonna make it home alive to my mom…”

So he said,

And rammed the blocked door!

As the door broke down, he saw the scene inside.

There stood a beautiful woman in a dress.

She looked despair-stricken, but as soon as she saw Kenichi, her eyes filled up with tears like someone who had found hope.

She had long black hair, a pair of fine eyes, eyes that were more magenta than red, more beautiful than any gemstone.

The woman in front of him is so beautiful that if you aren’t careful, you will most likely fall in love with her.

And most importantly…

There was a mature atmosphere emanating from the two huge, all-encompassing soft meats that seem to be so huge as to be bombastic.

It seems she was in her mid-twenties just from the looks of it.

Anyway, she was classy and beautiful enough to confuse Kenichi, who came to her rescue.

But Kenichi shook his head to get rid of his evil thoughts and spoke to her.

“I’m here to help.

Come this way quickly.”

The hand that was held out to her, on that hand and arm, she could see the wound that was made earlier when he rammed open the door, blood was coming out of it

She believed she could save herself if she went to him, but apparently her body didn’t move the way she wanted it to.

Kenichi tilted his head at her, thinking her reaction to not moving slightly was odd.

“I… am so strained I can’t move my body…”

She said.

The fire inside the restaurant was getting closer to them every second.

If they stood like this for much longer, there was a chance that the walls would collapse again and they would both be completely trapped.

So Kenichi immediately sprang into action.

He came up to her and bent down to give her a piggyback ride.

“Come! I’ll make sure you’re safe!”


She was overwhelmed by Kenichi’s seriousness.

A face that simply conveys a strong will to protect others.

Clear eyes that show no ulterior motives.

She’d never seen him, not even a man like him before.

Then her stomach reacted.

[TLN- Here this sentence has the same meaning as feeling hungry]

She blushed and nodded, surrendering her entire body to Kenichi.

She put her arms around his neck, her huge b*****s and stomach snuggled against his broad back.

And Kenichi’s arm, still dripping with fresh blood, was holding her thighs, and his strong hands were firmly gripping her buttocks.

“You’d better hold me tight.”

“!! Yes… please.”

Saying that, Kenichi started running at a tremendous speed.

There are only three thoughts in Kenichi’s mind at this moment.

To save this person.

To keep his promise to his father.

To return home to his Mom safely.

With this intense feeling in his heart, Kenichi pulled her tightly to his back and dashed forward.

As they descended the stairs to the entrance, Kenichi set her down slowly.

“Can you walk”

When asked, she patted her chest in relief as she heard people’s voices coming from near the entrance of the building, and moved her beautiful white legs which was stretching out from her dress.

“Uhh, it works…”

“Thank God!”


She giggles and fidgets with her lower body when she sees his profile, wiping the sweat from his hands and smiling.

The benefactor who saved her life.

He was a bit juvenile, but the actions he just displayed were more admirable, braver, and so much cooler than any man could have been.

So she had to thank him.

That’s what she thought, and she tried to open her mouth, but…

“Well, take care now!”


“Please go home safely! Goodbye!”

“Wait-wait! A minute!”

He smiled gently at her, then turned on his heel and started running.

He moved away from her without a moment’s hesitation.

She was taken aback by his grace.


Eventually, she pulled her mouth into a tight line and caught his back with her beautiful magenta eyes.


She exhaled colorfully and looked wistful.

As he was gone.


Hello, everyone!

It’s new work!

I’ll be presenting my fantasies soon, so stay tuned!


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