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Chapter 10: The Two Settled Down


Rino went straight home after Kenichi left.

Her mother had something to do so she was gonna come home at night.

So she went into her room, lay down on the bed, pulled the covers over her and breathed in and out hard.

To Rino, her mother is the parent who gave birth to her, a friend to whom she can express her true feelings, and a senior figure in her life.

Putting aside the fact that she writes sensual novels, Rino loves her mother.

She feels comfortable and secure when her mother is at home.


Not today.

She doesn’t want her to be at home for at least an hour.


Because of her exchange with Kenichi, his voice has been ringing in her ears for a long time and she can’t get rid of it.

She has had many boys confess their feelings for her and she has turned them all down.

As it’s known, they’re a single mother family and her mother is a writer of sensual novels.

She was afraid of being found out, so she made a wall surrounding her for a long time, and lived.

To Rino, men are frightening.

They always look at her b*****s and body and give her lecherous looks. She is envied by the genuinely cheerful Megumi and narrowed-eye girl Minami with whom she hangs out at school, also she often receives unscrupulous glances from theother girls.

And also, if she turns down their confession, the boys that is.

They give her a very disgusting look.

Not the ecchi look, but a look given by a criminal who wants to mess up with her body.

She was scared.

But she doesn’t want to worry her mother, who she loves.

And it was Kenichi who appeared at that moment.

The boy she dumped a year ago.

But that boy…

The words he said to her were enough to numb her head, chest and stomach.


She was surprised.

He, just like her, is from a fatherless family.

And she was moved by his innocence to tell her that without any hesitation.

So she told him the secret that she hadn’t even told Megumi or Minami yet.

But he,

He didn’t treat her any differently.

He simply accepted her as if it were natural.

Which made her so moved…


It was a little awkward for them to be in the same class again after his confession.

But he’s changed.

He became more mature than the boys who approached her, and his eyes weren’t even after her body.

And the things he did further grabbed her heart.

The other day, when she almost tripped over…

He held her so she wouldn’t.

It was strange.

She wasn’t feeling disgusted at all.

Rather his smell was soothing to her heart.

She wanted to feel more of his touch.

His touch was different from the guys from the cafeteria who purposely throw themselves on her when she was on a line, and from the teachers who stumble on her to feel the touch of her b*****s as they pass each other.

Each time that happens, an unnameable feeling of disgust swirled through her, which made her wonder why all men are nothing but perverts.

On the surface, she appears smiling, but on the inside, her heart was dark.

“All men must die… They’ll are animals who thinks nothing but s*x… They should just go die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die… Any man who touches my body without permission must die! Go to h**l!”

She muttered as her eyes faded.

A deadly look.


Eventually she relaxed her cheeks and started touching her b*****s.

“If you ever got into trouble like today, let me know and I’ll help you as much as I can.”


Instead of the look that says, “I’ll help you, in exchange for your body.”, it was as if he was saying, “Don’t be egoistic, you’re just an ordinary girl to me.”, and when she looked into his eyes, her heart ached.

Why is that Why does his look and words make her feel this way

Her dusky feelings were painted over by his ‘kindness without ulterior motives’.


When she saw him walking to the supermarket without hesitation, she thought that she shouldn’t have let go of him.

Honestly, she hated all men.

Except for her late father, she used to think they were all animals.

But then again, she’ll eventually have to marry a disgusting looking guy and have his babies…

But she hated that.

She’d rather be single for the rest of her life than having s*x with a man to have children.

She had always thought so.


But not anymore.

Because as of now…

“Kenichi… Shama~…”

She was…

She was full with a desire to be ravaged by him.


A few hours later

Rino got up from the bed and stared at herself in the mirror.


She had never seen herself look like this before.

Her face was completely twisted.

Her expression was that of a mixture of pleasure and joy, and combined with her fierce magenta eyes, she looked like she was thirsty for something.

Then the doorbell rang.

Her mother must have arrived.

So Rino, after calming down, headed to the front door to greet her dear mother.

“Mom! Welcome back!”

“I’m home! Oh, Rino! You’re still in your uniform”



Ayane gave her daughter a meaningful look.

But she didn’t say anything to pry any further.


“Huh Mom, your legs are shaking, are you okay”

“Fufu, I’m fine.

I bought Rino’s favorite bento, so let’s eat it quickly.”


Rino can’t help but smile,

As she smelled her mother’s good smell which calmed her down.



This is a sensual novel.

E/N: Eh


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