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Chapter 11: The Gal and the Beautiful Bartender



Several days later.


I’ve just realized one thing.


The sexual urges of a high school student who has just discovered a new pleasure is really dangerous.

[TLN- Horni Detected]


And that Ayane-san’s love is very heavy.


We’ve hooked up quite often over the last few days, as we’ve both sought each other out.


Our relationship started with a lie.


I wonder if this is how adults are supposed to live.


Well, in that sense, I guess I’m a grown-up now, too.


I try not to let Mom and Yuto find out, I don’t know when they will.


I don’t mind the thrill of it, in fact, it makes me active as it feels so good.


Since then, Uchida and I have started talking to some extent in class, and the awkwardness between us of the past has disappeared.


“See you tomorrow!”


“Ou! Yuto, be careful on your way home.”


I left school with Yuto for the first time in a while and headed home.


I don’t have a meeting with Ayane-san today, so I’ll just go straight home and do some muscle training.


You know, it’s very important for me to work out.


Which I learned firsthand after getting involved with Ayane-san.


As I was walking along,


I saw a very flashy-looking blond man was pulling the sleeve of a gal in a school uniform.


“Get off me! You’re seriously annoying me!”


“Oh-ho-ho, JK-chan! Wanna play with me~ I’ll teach you something good~”


“Don’t you dare touch me, you jerk!”


“What did you just say”


“Ugly b*****d, you should know better!”


“You stupid betch!”


No, I don’t think you have to offend him that much.


Well, it’s not unreasonable for that girl.


The gal, wearing the same school uniform as me, is Yuna Hiragi.

She’s in the same year as me, and when she first entered the school, she got a tremendous amount of confessions from the older students, but…


But as you can see, because of her fiery personality, the boys who have been subjected to her verbal abuse are now mentally worn out and don’t want to get too close to her.


This girl is the complete opposite of Uchida.


As she is rumored to be a Papa-katsu and to be having illicit relationships with college students, businessmen, and married men, and frankly speaking, she is not my type of person.


I don’t care if the rumors are true or not, it’s just her personality.


To be honest, her appearance is as good as Uchida’s, but I don’t really want to be yelled at.


So I pretended to be unknown, and tried to get through, but…


“Don’t underestimate me! Just because you’re so cute doesn’t mean you can get carried away!”




Fed up with rage, the jerk shoved Hiragi up against the wall!


This is a residential area!


It’s a place where not many people pass by, so the people around them purposely take the long way around to avoid getting involved with the two of them.


“Hey, I’m going to play a prank on a girl who has a bad taste in her mouth… woo hoo hoo.”


“I’ll report you to the police… And you look like “that” anyway, you are not popular with girls, aren’t you Not only are you unattractive, you’re a criminal as well, you’ve really screwed up your life! ahaha”


“Yeah, I know.

But first I’m going to mess you up and it’ll be you who’s life is gonna get screwed up!”


“!! What are you… crazy Do you know what you’re talking about”


“Haha… it’s all your fault, betch.”


And the jerk, with his eyes full of lust, held Hiragi’s shoulders with his right hand and tried to grab her ample b*****s with his left hand.


It was then that…


Hiragi’s bright blue eyes watered as she found me, who had been hiding and staring at them so far.


Damn… if she looks at me like that.


And even though Hiragi provoked him, what that man is trying to do is clearly a crime.

If there were policemen there, he would be caught red-handed already and sent to jail.


And also I made a promise to my father, and also with Ayane-san, so I was pretty calm at the moment.


“What the f**k are you doing You b*stard!”




Seeing me screaming, the frivolous man was surprised and turned around..


Then I took my phone out of my pocket, held it out, and said in a high voice.


“I recorded all of that! Now get away from Hiragi right now or I’m seriously gonna file a case against you.”


“What the”


“Now get away from Hiragi and leave.

Otherwise, you know what I mean”


“Shet… shet-shet-shet-shet!!!! Argghh!!!!”


The man shouted and ran off as fast as he could.


Of course, I didn’t record it.


I didn’t have the resources to do so.




I lied again just like how I tricked Ayane-san into thinking I’m 21..


I don’t have anything against lying.


Well, if it’s a bad lie, it’s a different story, but it doesn’t hurt to lie to a potential offender.


With the jerk gone, Hiragi sat down on the ground as she was.

Thanks to this, her panties were completely exposed, but it would be better not to point this out.


“Are you okay”


I asked her, and Hiragi, who was looking away, started babbling.


“I didn’t need your help.

I was fine.

Mind your own business.”


Hey, you…


That’s your attitude towards the person who just saved you


Her face was so beautiful, which made me even more angry.




Sure the old me would have been heartbroken.


As I couldn’t believe I was being told bad things by the people I helped.


My dad, who was a firefighter, was also distressed for a time when the people he rescued ragged on him.




I was fine.




I have Ayane-san with me.


“Oh, yeah.

I’m sorry.

Then, I’m off.”


I said plainly and left her without looking at her.


“Huh Wait Hey….”


I think I heard something behind me, but I ignore it and go on my way.




[Ayane’s hside]




A certain bar.



A beautiful woman walks into a bar that is crammed full of expensive looking drinks on display.

The male customers around her widened their eyes and looked at her, Ayane-san, as if licking her body.






A beautiful blonde bartender lady coughed loudly and frowned deliberately.

The male customers then scowled and took their eyes off Ayane and started chugging down their drinks.


After taking a glance at the male customers, Ayane sat down at the counter and smiled at the pretty bartender lady.


“It’s been a long time.”


And when Ayane-san said that, that blonde bartender lady also loosened her cheeks and opened her mouth.


“Did something good happen”



Kind of.”


And Ayane, the brunette one, smiled sexily.


Seeing the look on her face the bartender lady with blue eyes lifted the corners of her mouth and promptly started making cocktails.


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