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Chapter 12: Conversation Between Two Beautiful Ladies



Soon, the beautiful bartender lady poured liquor in a glass, put a lemon on top, and served it to Ayane.


“Thank you.”


She thanked her, and the bartender lady opened her mouth with a sultry look.


“So, what’s the good thing, you haven’t come here in a while, is it a man”


“I wonder.”


“What’s with the roundabout way of putting it”




What an ambiguous attitude.


Ayane sipped her cocktail in silence and sighed deeply.


Seeing her like that, the bartender lady tried to probe her for comfort.


“You have a daughter, don’t you”


Ayane-san nodded when the bartender lady asked her.


“Then isn’t it okay Your husband’s gone.”


“Yes, but…”




Ayane wriggled her body.


The male patrons sitting behind her again gave her dirty looks because she was attractive, but the bartender lady warned them with a glare.


This is the only bar Ayane goes to.


She just wants to drink alone, but the men approach her with evil feelings when she goes to some, which disgusts her, but here, this beautiful bartender lady drives all such people away, so she can relax without worrying about her surroundings.


So she shares her thoughts with this bartender lady about her being a writer of sensual fiction and that her husband had died of an illness (She didn’t tell her her name or any other personal information though).


In other words, since these two have no vested interest in each other, they can be considered friends in a sense.

Although it is a shallow relationship.


That’s why Ayane decided to say it.


“There’s been someone I’ve taken a liking to lately.”




“But he’s a college student…”


“What Seriously”


For a moment, the bartender lady widened her eyes and stopped polishing the glass.

But she didn’t give Ayane-san a disapproving look, rather a curious one, and after gently placing the glass on the shelf, she leaned forward and spoke.


“How did it happen”


“… saved me from the fire.”


“Eh A fire Did your house burn down”


“No, it’s not that.”


Ayane briefly summarized the incident and told the bartender lady about it.


“That’s great! That guy! You love him, right”


“Uh, yeah…”


The beautiful bartender lady complimented her with loose cheeks.


Essentially, many people would resist the idea of a widow with a high school daughter having a relationship with a man who is quite a bit younger than her.


But this bartender, Natsuko Hiragi, is different.


“Good luck with that.

You look like you’re in your mid-twenties anyways.”


“Same goes for you, Natsuko-san.”


“Well, that’s why the male customers are so annoying.

If I don’t give them a hard time, they come back like flies and I really want to kill them with insecticide.

It’s fine if you just want to listen to what I have to say.”


“It proves that Natsuko-san is attractive after all.”




Natsuko looked away, unconcerned.

But eventually, she made a serious face and started talking to Ayane.


“Men are just creatures who think only of cheating and s*x.

The older they get, the worse they become.

That’s why I think it’s a good idea to get a young man and support him.

It’s socially acceptable for middle-aged men to marry young women, so why not the other way around And you’re so beautiful that you could fool even a college kid.”


And Ayane, who was told by Natsuko, nodded and mumbled.


“I don’t care if it’s the other way around… That’s a good way to put it though.



Natsuko listened with a bitter smile to Ayane’s bewitching expression.


“You don’t want to give it up, do you”


“I don’t know.”


The face of Ayane, whose cheeks are slightly reddish, stands out for its beauty in combination with the dim lighting unique to the bar.


Add the smell of pheromones in the air.


Natsuko notices as soon as she smells her.


This is,


She said it’s the smell a woman gives off when she is completely dominated and loved by a man.


“You’re pretty daring for your looks, aren’t you”


Ayane only laughed at Natsuko, who giggled and probed.




The magenta-colored eyes were sharpened like a snake hunting its prey, and Natsuko’s stomach began to heat up as she gazed at her.


“I want a young man too.”


Natsuko muttered her desire loud enough for only Ayane to hear.


Then Ayane caught her blue eyes and moved her glossy lips.


“You can do it too, Natsuko-san.

After all, you’re so beautiful.”



I think I should try it, too.”


And they look at each other and laugh.


“Haah… those two are really pretty after all.”


“She’s young and graceful and… totally different from today’s girls, but that’s what’s so great about her.”


“They both must be in their twenties, right”


“But you’d better stay away from her.

That bartender lady is really scary.”


And the men, who couldn’t possibly know what Ayane and Natsuko were talking about, just looked at them from a distance.


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