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Chapter 19: An Invitation to the Dungeon

All of a sudden Hiragi came between me and Uchida and said something I couldn’t quite grasp.

I wonder how long it has been.

My mind still hasn’t caught up with the current situation, but Uchida seems to be different.

Suddenly her eyes faded and she glared at Hiragi.

W-what’s with this change

It looks familiar somehow…

I was about to think about it more deeply, but I was interrupted by Uchida’s voice.

“As I recall, you’re Hiragi Yuna, right”

“That’s right.

Rino Uchida…”

“Ara, you know my name.”

“Of course.

Who in this school doesn’t know who you are”

“Isn’t that the same for you, Hiiragi-san”

The two crossed their arms and turned their sharp eyes on each other.

There was something uncanny about their expressions that made me think that they might be crackling with electricity.

It’s still morning though.

And this is on school grounds.So there are quite a few boys and girls walking to the entrance to get to class.

Naturally, we became the center of attention, even if we didn’t wish for it.

“Uchida, I have something to say to Kudo, so could you go away”

“Hmm~ Hiragi-san, I was talking to Kudo-kun first, you know”

“Ha You just talked to Kudo one-sidedly.

What are you going to do with his contact info”


No d-don’t…

Why are they fighting each other…

I don’t get it at all.

And as I’m puzzled, suddenly another person came.

“Both of you calm down.”

That’s right.

Hashimoto, who is usually wary of me, came to mediate between these two.

This guy looks down at me for a moment.

It’s as if he’s saying, “Don’t get me started on the guys who don’t know how to treat a woman.”

But he quickly changes his expression and smiles gently at them.

“Rino-chan, Yuna-chan, why don’t you come with me Maybe it’s because of Kudo-kun, right”

And Hashimoto, in a natural way, touched them both on the shoulder and gently pushed them.


“Huh You, don’t touch my body without permission, okay You’re disgusting.

Really creepy.”


Hiragi stared at Hashimoto as if he was looking at a piece of filth and pushed his hand away.

And Uchida glared at him with a yandere face for a moment before sticking with me.

Puzzled, Hashimoto widened his eyes.

Oh man…

It’s a big nuisance.

I just wanted a normal school life, so why am I getting involved in all this

If you want to fight, do it somewhere else.

Also, Hashimoto, I don’t remember bothering you at all.

If you have any complaints about me, tell me directly.

A lot of thoughts go through my head, but I cough to cover them up and start walking.


“Kudo! Where are you going”

“I’m going to class.

Don’t follow me.”

“Wait a minute!” x2

They shouted and followed behind me.

Why are they following me

I turn around and sigh deeply.

And Hashimoto,

That look of yours…

He stood there clenching his fists.


They ended up sticking to me and argued the whole time.

I tried to stop them, but they didn’t seem like they were going to listen to me at all, so by the time we got to the front of my class, Hiragi already exposed her anger.

Uchida acted as if provoking Hiragi, but Hiragi pulled back, biting her teeth.

You see, entering a completely different class would really stand out, wouldn’t it

So I went to class and before I knew it, it was already after school.

“Kenichi! Let’s go together today! Dad’s work has finally settled down.”

“Ou! That’s great! I’ll definitely go with you! Absolutely!”

“Huh What’s wrong all of a sudden”

“Yuto, I’ve missed you.”

“That’s disgusting.

You can tell that to my sister.”

“Let’s go home then.”


So, I left the classroom with Yuto.

On the way there, Kirishima and Uchida were staring at me so much, but I just went on through.

And when it came to Hiragi, who was waiting in the corridor, she was glaring at Yuto for some reason.

I’m sorry, Yuto.

Using you as a barrier.

I’ll buy you expensive sushi later, just protect me a little for today.

We hadn’t left school side by side in a long time.



“I don’t know.

I felt it when I helped my dad with his work.”


Yuto’s father runs a Japanese sweets shop.

So during the busy season, he’s so busy that he really wants a helping hand.

“I think a simple person who works hard would have a better life than someone like Hashimoto.”

“Huh What do you mean”

“Look, lately he’s been showing a lot of hostility towards you, Kenichi, who’s trying his best to become a firefighter by doing muscle training and all sorts of other things.”

“Ah… that’s right.”

“It started after you’ve been able to talk to Uchida-san casually, right”


As expected, Yuto is an understanding guy.

“I think Uchida-san and Kenichi are well balanced~”

“What are you talking about Uchida is the most pure and beautiful girl in school.”

“Haha, yes, but… But looks aren’t everything.”

“If the outside is the qualifier and the inside is the real thing, then if you lose in the qualifier, you won’t even make it to the starting line for the real thing.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Is that so”


I could not sense any lies or negative emotions in the eyes of Yusho when he said so.

I then headed home after I left him.

I don’t have a date with the ladies today.

Because after such an intense night yesterday, the three of us needed a break.

I walked away, ecstatic again, and my phone rang.

The person who sent it to me was…


‘I was wondering if you could come over to my place on Saturday and help me carry my computer.

I can’t do it myself… I’ll treat you with dinner.’


Ahh, Ayane-san, don’t do that.

You know we already  did it yesterday.

Inviting me to your house…

But I’ll still go…

At the same time

“Kudo-kun, are you not coming to the cafe”

Of course.

“I’ll come.”


Kenichi is about to enter the dungeon.

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