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Chapter 03: The thing she is writing about is…



I was reminiscing as I looked at Uchida-san’s back as she diligently took her class.

“Listen to me! Kenichi! To get a beautiful woman, you’ve got to hit on her with your passion! Because that’s how I was able to marry your mom too!”


“If you’ve understood, you’ve got to train! Come here! When you get to high school, you’re gonna have a beautiful girlfriend.

That’s what we’re training for!”

“Eh wai-wait! Dad!”

Come to think of it, dad and mom have been dating since high school.

Old man used to tell me about various things

Like, —how to make a high school debut And my mom too said,

“Ken-chan, you’re in high school now, you should get a girlfriend or two!”


“Don’t worry about me! Find your happiness, Kenichi! That’s what makes me happy!”


When I first saw Uchida-san, she really was my very ideal type.

Of course, her eye-catching good looks were part of what made me fall in love with her.

She’s soft-spoken, kind, and mature to all.

Above all,

Her enchanting figure…

So fragile.

It inspired me so much that I wanted to protect her.


I was rejected as a matter of course.

Oh well, it’s a waste of time to think about what’s done now, nothing good will come by digging up black history.

Let’s just hope she will not have that sad or frail look anymore after she meets the man of her dreams.

Welp I’m probably not the man of her dreams, at least.

And as I was listening to the class with a slight smirk on my face, Uchida-san in the seat in front of me suddenly turned around and our eyes met.


I looked away quickly.

Again with that frail expression.

Well, I’m thin and macho, but my face looks a bit old and I don’t talk much, so I’m sure I’m not Uchida-san’s type.

That’s what I tell myself and I concentrate on my studies.

Have to do muscle training again today, just like my dad taught me.


A room in a certain tower apartment

The woman who was saved by Kenichi, was in her room, tapping on her laptop.

“Haah… haah… this… at this rate…”

She lets out a seductive exhale, heat rising from her upturned face, and her reddish magenta eyes are gradually losing their luster.

“Elyse-sama! Please! On my back!”

‘There is no ulterior motive in the eyes of Alex, the young knight who protects her, and his brown eyes are as clear as they can be.

The Duchesse de Elyse, who had injured her leg, entrusted her body to him.

Elyse, who had been lonely since her husband’s death, saw his warm, serious face and imagined all kinds of unsaid things…’

“I can’t believe I can write this fast…”

The woman’s fingers are busy as she says this.

Let’s look at the contents again.

‘Knight Alex gutsyly holds Duchess Elyse’s thighs to prevent her from falling.

Because his hand was too muscular, Elyse’s lower body convulsed.

To which Alex quickly sensed that change.’

“Elyse-sama, is something wrong”

“No! It’s nothing.

Just get me to the villa quickly.

Obey my orders!”


“W-what is it”

“I think Elyse-sama’s lower body is very hot, if I may ask, are you thinking of something that can’t be said”


[Alex, who just a moment ago had an innocent look on his face, is now gloating.]


She stopped abruptly, twitching her bottom half as well.

Then she looked at the dress hanging on the dresser.

Every time she sees this dress, her mood gets lifted.

That dress had red blood marks on the bottom…

It was from the man who had saved her yesterday.

Just remembering him, she felt a stirring of dusky emotions that had been dormant for years.

She was in plain clothes, and after a long sigh, she brought her right hand to her bombastic marshmallow.(E/N: Nice.)

She thought of him as her hands sank.

At first glance, he seemed to be an ordinary man.

But he was a young man who was quite physically fit and the type of man you can count on.

And when he was carrying her on his back, she felt his broad back, wide arms, and strong fingers.

He grabbed her thighs with those fingers, the thighs which she had never let anyone touch except for her late husband, without hesitation.

And then he left without saying a word for himself.

It’s just too sad and unbearable to think about it…


I’ll make sure you’re safe!”


Words that pierced her heart with accuracy.

She put this gushing emotion into writing again.

She has a bookshelf full of books around her, and most of them,

Were the novels of her fantasies.

There were also trophies and certificates and things like that on the top of the study.

[The 40th Dengeki ME Bunko Novel Contest, Sensual Novel Category, Gold Prize Winner – Ganko Sensei]

[The 35th Kadokaze Bunko Sensual Novel Contest Grand Prize Winner in the Women’s Category – Ganko Sensei]


Surrounded by countless trophies and certificates honoring her achievements, Ganko Sensei.

She was at the mercy of her shame that she couldn’t even say “Thank you” to the man who saved her, and this hot and sordid feeling brought by the wonderful action he showed her…

Which is why she was turning these emotions into a novel.

After a few hours of writing and doing various things, she heard a noise coming from the front door.

Of course, she knew who it was, and she huffed back to herself from her immersion in the world of writing and managed to calm her still excited stomach and headed for the door.

“Welcome back, Rino”

“Mom… I’m home.”

Rino Uchida.

The beautiful girl who refused Kenichi’s confession.

Was in shock as she looked at her mother’s face.

She was confused because she smelled the pheromones of her own mother, which were so strong.

Though Rino knew it well.

That her mother, Ayane Uchida, was working.

But today was different.

As her mother…

Way more than ever…

Was exuding with adult charm.


It’s gonna be more and more interesting.

TLN- So stay tuned.


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