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Chapter 04: Mother and Daughter Are So Close


“I’m sorry, Rino.

Mom was too focused on work to prepare dinner…”


“It’s fine.

Mom is… doing a lot of… hard work.”


“I’ll make you something good next time.

If there’s anything you want, just let me know.”


“Okay, got it.”


After putting her bag down in her room and changing into her loungewear, Rino spoke in front of the fancy bento she had ordered from Nanchara Eats.




“Eat a lot!”


With that, this pair of mother and daughter with magenta eyes begin to eat.


No matter how you look at it, they look like two beautiful sisters.

That’s how beautiful Ayane, aka Ganko-sensei is, but at the same time having a childlike face.


After finishing their meal, they are relaxing at the dining table drinking Japanese tea and sweets that they bought yesterday.


Normally, just watching two beautiful women, each with the face of an actress, drinking tea would be soothing, but Rino has a complicated expression on her face as she looks at her mother.


Ayane, a successful author of sensual novels, is quick to detect changes in her daughter and she moves her glossy pink lips.


“Rino, did something happen”


“N-nothing in particular!”






“You get along with your friends, don’t you”


“Uh-yeah! I’m doing fine! Hehe.”

Ayane already knows that her daughter is trying to cover it up with a fake smile.


Her daughter is always looking out for herself.


When her daughter, Rino, graduated from elementary school, her husband died and she began writing sensual novels to drown her sorrows.

She is a very beautiful woman, and if she wanted to, she could even use her beauty to get another rich man and live off her womanly pleasures.


In fact, despite having a child, countless men have already approached her, but Ayane has turned them all down and as you can see, her talent as a writer of sensual novels has blossomed and she and her daughter are enjoying a financially secure life in this tower apartment that her late husband left her.


Ayane used to be a literary girl all her life, and she is not the kind of woman who had relationships with many men.

That’s why Ayane has never known any man other than her late husband.

Therefore, her novels, which she has created with her accumulated desires, have to be enthusiastically supported by her literary talent.


Then Kenichi showed up.


As a daughter, Rino has understood her mother’s situation to some extent and has always taken care of her since she became interested in such things when she was in junior high school.


She’s a single mother and a writer of sensual novels, so at home she often appears disheveled like she just did earlier.


This is why Rino has never brought any of her friends over to her house, and when she does talk to them about it, she puts up a wall and doesn’t let them step into her world.

Especially if it’s a man.


But Rino has never once resented her mother.


Her father, the mainstay of the family, had died.

She had read in an article that poverty is a widespread problem among single-mother families these days.


But thanks to her mother’s hard work, she is able to live an unencumbered life.

Of course, she can’t live a luxurious life, but Rino respects her mother.


Please let this peace be continue.


But Rino knows.


Sometimes after peace comes a decided emptiness.

This emptiness that she never felt when her father was still alive.


Recently Rino has begun to feel so much pain in her heart that she is even forced to grab her own large b*****s.(E/N: Huh)


Seeing Rino’s dark expression on her face, Ayane opened her mouth.


“Is there a guy you like, Rino”


“Guy I like”


“Rino’s at that age after all, I’m curious.”


“No, there’s none!!”


Waving her hands in the air, Rino of herself in total denial.


Of course, it might be embarrassing for a child to talk about such things in a normal family, but for Rino, her mother is an adult she can respect and is like the closest so-called female friend she has.


So Rino did not have that kind of shyness.


She rather likes this kind of talk.


Seeing her own daughter’s reaction, Ayane patted her huge, bombastic b*****s in relief and said,


“If that’s the case, what kind of man do you think you would like”




Rino was asked again.


After closing her eyes, she folded her arms and pondered.


It’s a question she has been asked several times before and even when her father was still alive.


In that case, she only responded with something like, “Just like my father!” or “Prince Charming!”.


But she’s now…


“I’d rather have someone who could protect me…”


Rino said shyly, Ayane said in a gentle tone as she stroked her daughter’s head to calm her down.


“I’d love the same.

Someone like him…”


“Ohh… The same type of person I like Mom… I’m kind of happy about that.”



Me too.”


Rino exhaled a short breath of relief and buried her face in her mother’s chest to be spoiled.

Then, Rino slid up to Ayane’s face, and the four giant marshmallows played a concerto.


Ayane smiled and spoiled her daughter, as she loved her so much.


They both live with a lot of dilemmas, but they still love and cherish one another.


They are really good friends.


After enjoying some time together, Ayane gets up, returns to her room, and prepares to go out.


Perhaps Rino was wondering why, so she asked her mother, who was dressed in a long skirt for going out and a brightly colored knit, just as she was putting on her shoes at the front door.


“Do you have an appointment”



I just need to freshen up before I start writing.”


“Do you want me to come with you”


“It’s okay.

Rino’s got a test coming up, right”


“Yeah, right.”



Then, I’m off.”


“Be careful!”


Rino smiled and waved, before Ayane opened the front door and left the house.




[Kenichi’s Side]


“I’m off then!”


“Oh! Don’t forget the soy sauce when you come!”


“Got it!”


I said that as I put on my jersey and jogging shoes then left the house.


As I’ve said before, my dad was a big athlete so he trained me a lot when I was little.


Well, it was really hard at the time, but…


Now that I’m like this, a thin macho guy, I’m actually grateful to my dad.


It’s a precious body given to me by my parents.


Keeping it in good condition is also an act of filial piety.


So I jog every day after I eat my dinner and finish my homework.


Games, manga and anime are great after dinner, but I recommend you to move your body like me once in a while.


The quality of your life will improve dramatically.


I giggle and move my legs, wondering who the h**l I’m talking to.


I went past the park near my house,


To the front of station,


Sightseeing the greenery along the railway,


To the shopping district,


Then to the downtown,


There I saw the building where that fire incident happened.


Normally, when I see a familiar sight, I wouldn’t feel anything, but today, the day after the incident, my feelings are different from usual.


A few people suffered minor injuries.

Zero fatalities.


Of course, I’m sincerely glad there was minimal damage.



This feeling of being distracted was not brought about by that alone.


The cause of this pounding.

I doubt that we’ll ever see each other again.


She was in a fancy dress.


She might have come a long way to attend some kind of ceremony or something yesterday.


That’s what I told myself, and just as I was about to go home…




“I-it’s you… the one who helped me yesterday…”


I was wrong.


Because the beautiful woman of yesterday was standing right in front of me.




The fun is about to start.


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