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Chapter 05: Passionate Feelings Give Birth to Lies


I’d be lying if I said I had no ulterior motives at all.

That’s why I ran away.

I was afraid to have the attitude of examining and rehashing the fact that I had saved the life of this too beautiful woman and trying to demand something in return.

If it were a young child or a boy like Yuto, I would have been able to be friends without feeling guilty about it.

With these mixed feelings, I opened my mouth.

“W-what a coincidence!”

“I knew it!”

With that, the beautiful woman in front of me ran up to me and grabbed my right hand with both of her hands, her magenta eyes then turned watery.

“Thank you so much… for everything.”


Her honest expression rendered me speechless the moment I saw it.

Her porcelain-absorbed white skin and well-defined eyes.

And the aura that made her seem receptive told me that she was older than me.

I’d say she’s about 25 years old.

She’s lived longer than I have, so she’s more experienced.

But I got the impression that something was missing from her.

Though her look itself is too perfect to be impeccable.

She seems to be similar to the way I felt when I saw Uchida in my class…

Still holding my hand tightly, she apologetically and abruptly moves away from me.

“I’m so sorry! I was just so overwhelmed…”

“No need to apologize… It’s fine.”

Of course, there was no way that her too soft hands could hurt my lanky ones.

All that’s left on it is the sweat of her hands.

She kept her head down and her body shaking a little as I moved my fingers and looked ahead.

It made her even bigger b*****s droop down, pressed against her knit.

This is… too much for one’s eyes to take.

“It’s really fine! So please raise your head!”

Hearing my plea, she lifted her head and looked at me.

“Um, if you don’t mind, could you tell me your name”

I replied as she asked me that.

“I’m Kenichi Kudo.

And you…”

“My name is Ayane Uchida.”




Must be different, since there are quite a few people in the world with the surname Uchida.

There are about four people at my school who use the last name Uchida.

I care too much just because I confessed to Uchida.

“Ahh, it’s nothing!”

“Is that so”


“Um, Kudo-san, if you don’t mind, would you like some tea”


I needed to buy some soy sauce, but, well, a little bit won’t be a problem.

So we went to a nearby cafe and sat down after ordering.

Uchida-san said she would pay for it, but I knew it wasn’t right, so I paid mine separately.

I’ve come this far so I can’t just run away again like I did yesterday.

Dad, I’m sorry.

“Um, are you feeling alright”

I started a safe topic.

And Uchida-san’s face turned slightly red as she answered.

“I’m fine, thanks to you.”

“Well, good to hear!”

There was something s**y about the way she spoke.

As I was thinking, she asked,

“What about you, how is your arm”

“Oh, it’s just a minor injury.

Nothing serious!”

“That’s wrong.

You were bleeding yesterday… let me have a look.”


She stood up, leaned over and pointed to my right arm.

So I laughed “ahaha” and rolled up my sleeves.

Seeing my arm wrapped in bandages, she made a sad expression and said.

“As I thought… Let me pay for the hospital bill.

And the gratuity.”

“It’s fine! I treated myself properly so it won’t leave a scar and it will heal in about a week.

I don’t care about gratuity or anything like that at all!”

“But… you’re the one who saved me.”

“As long as Uchida-san is safe, that’s all that matters.”


I don’t know why, but when she heard the words I casually spat out, she suddenly turned her upper body over and sat down in her seat.

She was fidgeting, I was worried that I had said something wrong, and so I thought about our earlier exchange in my head, but I couldn’t think of anything like that.

I’ve never talked to a girl my own age, or even a beautiful older woman like her, so I don’t understand Uchida-san’s reaction.

If you break a bone or get seriously injured, it’s a different case, but, well, just a minor burn, hospital bills, and gratuity money will be too much…

If Uchida-san is concerned about such things, then this encounter today had some significance.

I mean, this is enough.

That’s what I thought.

I was about to say my goodbyes.

“Kudo-kun, you can’t.

I still want to repay you.”


The sound of her voice, as if she was sucking my brains out, had me reeling.

It’s as if she knows how I feel when I can’t move.

At the same time, Uchida-san quickly inserted the brown envelope into my jersey pocket.

It was only for a moment, but the expression on Uchida-san’s face was uncanny.

But for that adult charm.

I was…

I was just thrilled…

It was a rare experience for a high school student to be completely overwhelmed by an older woman in her mid-twenties or so.

But strangely, I didn’t hate it.


It’s uplifting.

I’ve never felt this emotion before.

Sitting down, Uchida-san smiled and moved her glossy lips.

“How old are you, Kudo-kun”

“Oh, me…”

She asked me how old I was.

I look like my dad, a little older than the average male high school student.

After all, when I go jogging, I’m at the level where people who solicit strange religions ask me, “You’re a college student, aren’t you”

Normally I’d answer honestly that I’m 16 or a sophomore in high school.


I’m kind of a demon today.

“I’m 21.”

“Oh, you’re so young… Fufu.”

I did something I shouldn’t have done the first time I lied about my age.

I felt like if I told her I was in high school, she probably wouldn’t take me seriously.

At the same time, my father’s words came back to me.

“Listen! Kenichi! To get a beautiful woman, you’ve got to hit on her with passion! Because that’s how I was able to marry your mom!”


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