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Chapter 07: And the place we’re headed to…




At a Yakiniku restaurant.

“This is so good!”

“Fufu, eat lots of food!”

Me and Uchida-san were currently enjoying meat at an expensive-looking yakiniku restaurant.

A few days ago, after school, I received a message from Uchida-san asking when we could meet.

Well, I’m usually free except when I’m hanging out with Yuto, so I chose Saturdays, when my mom gets home late, and that’s how I ended up where I am now.

This is the first time I was invited here by a girl who has a free coupon to use at this restaurant… and the food here is soooo good…

Seeing me eating all the meat with satisfaction, Uchida-san put her right hand on the corner of her mouth and smiled at me.

Her face was a mixture of kindness and sexiness.

Uchida-san looks quite stylish today.

Eyeliner is drawn around her magenta eyes, her eyebrows well set, and her two large eyes reflect a clear picture of me.

She has a pure white skin and an elegant face.

When it comes to her clothes, she was wearing a knit top and a long skirt underneath, just like last time.

I could only see the top of her body as we’re seated, but the two fruits that were too big to fit in my hands, and combined with the elasticity of the knit, were flaunting their presence in all their glory.

It is probably by no means intentionally shown to me, even so, if you aren’t careful, your gaze is likely to be drawn to it.

By the way, as soon as I decided to have dinner with Uchida-san, I went to Uniqlo with my pocket money and bought casual clothes from a magazine without any hesitation and I am now using them to my heart’s content.

My face is a little older than most high school boys my age, so I don’t get suspicions from people around me.

Well, the boys are a bit of an eyesore as they are gazing at me while admiring Uchida’s beauty.

Though it’s understandable.

Because I also…

No, stop right there!

I’m having meat right now.

Focus, focus.

I told myself that as I swallowed the meat.

Smiling, I thanked her,

“Thank you!!! I love meat, so I’m glad I can eat so much of it…”

“You appreciate every little thing.”

“No! It’s nothing trivial at all! Uchida-san!”


She looks at me with satisfaction, the corners of her mouth lifted up and her neck twisting slightly.

Seriously so cute…

“You can call me Ayane.”


“And can I call you Kenichi-kun”

“Yea-sure… Ayane-san.”

“Kenichi-kun, there’s plenty of meat here, so eat more.”

“Ah, yes.

But Ayane-san, you don’t eat much.” 

She had been watching me eat since a while ago, and I was concerned that she didn’t eat much of the meat, so I asked her about it.

“Hm… I’m on a bit of a diet, so I’m holding off…”

“Dieting, why do you have to lose weight when you already look so beautiful”



Ayane-san suddenly twitched and looked at me.

Her gaze was so intense that I froze, forgetting to continue eating.

“You’re right… Maybe I should eat a lot today too.”


Her voice was glamorous, her lips were glossy, and her cheeks were slightly reddish.

If I had to use one kanji character to describe her now, it would be “glamor” (艶). 

The adult atmosphere that high school girls don’t have, stimulated my brain and nose.

There should be no deep meaning in her words.

But her expression seems to have a charm that stimulates the imagination.

She took several pieces of meat that had been browned on the net to her plate and ate them like a s**y predator.

After a while, I am full and so is she, rubbing her stomach.

After paying the bill (which is practically free with Ayane’s coupon), we walked out and started walking downtown, breathing in the cold air.

I was happy to dine with a very beautiful woman and walk side by side with her like this.

I’ve never been popular with girls since I was little.

But now, this face I’ve always been so concerned about is doing a good job of making me feel comfortable with her.

It’s true, you never know in life.

But in terms of flow, it’s time to say goodbye.

I’m not overcome with despair because there’s always next time, but I slowed down to a walking pace since I’d like our time together to be longer.

I’ve been fooling Ayane into thinking I’m an adult, but I’m a high school student.

It’s not a good idea to wander around the city at night any more.

As I was thinking this, Ayane, who was walking in front of me, turned around  and asked with a smile.

“Can I get you a little drink”



A bar near downtown.


Thank you for coming out with me.

The bar I usually go to is nice, but I’ve wanted to go here for a long time.

With Kenichi-kun, it’s no problem, so that’s great.”

“It’s fine…”

“By the way, do you not drink alcohol, Kenichi-kun”

I was asked that question, and after thinking for a while, I answered.

For a high school student to drink alcohol is a bit…

“Well, I’m trying not to drink alcohol for a while, for my health.”

I said, and Ayane-san exhaled and gulped down her own wine.

Then she loosened her cheeks a little and said.

“It’s a fine body you saved me with after all.

You have to take good care of it.”

Strangely, listening to Ayane’s voice is very calming.

So I even said things I didn’t want to.

“Y-yeah… my father was a firefighter, so he used to tell me that.

To keep our body healthy so that we could always be ready to help people… Well, my dad ended up dying by saving people.”

“Ara… I didn’t know… such a thing happened.”

Ayane-san widened her beautiful eyes and half-opened her mouth when she heard what I said.

“Don’t worry about it! It’s been years! Hahaha!”

I tried to fool her by saying that, but as she was seated beside me and she suddenly grabbed my hand and brought it to her own bombed out chest.

“!! Ayane-san!”

My right hand completely sank between the two extremely soft marshmallows.



“Weren’t you scared”


“Kenichi-kun’s father died by saving people, didn’t he”


“You weren’t afraid when you saved me”


Ayane-san’s serious gaze deepened as she further restrained my already out of sight hand.

Even though she had been drinking, her eyes were sharp, as if to say that she would not let me go.

I told Ayane how I honestly felt.

“Of course, I was scared, but looking at you now, I’m really glad I helped you, Ayane-san…”

Yeah… a little embarrassing.

No, much more embarrassing.

The way I just spoke, it was awkward, so I hope she doesn’t sense I’m lying.

And as I was worried about that.


She suddenly twitched and looked surprised, Iike she were running on electricity.

Thanks to that, people around us looked at me like crazy.

The office workers in suits were especially staring at me so hard.

Since, well, my hand, it is still in Ayane-san’s chest.

Seriously, I’m about to fly off the handle, so if you could let me go now, that would be great.

So I looked at her and spoke to her.

“Um… Ayane-san, are you alright”

“Uh, yeah.

I’m fine.”

“Good to know.”



Now you’re getting twitchy again.

Are you sure you’re okay

She was drinking quite a lot of wine earlier, guess she must be drunk.

If that’s the case, it would be better to send her home.

Ayane-san is a beautiful girl, so I’m worried about her being alone, so it would be better for me to go with her to the front of the house.

I decided that, and took a few deep breaths..

“Kenichi-kun, do you have a girlfriend”

She asked me a bigger question than I expected, and I replied…

“No, I don’t have any! None!”

S**t, this way of speaking shows the person is a virgin.

For the record, I’m taking the stance of being an adult, but this reaction might be a bit of a turn off for her.

I should have at least given her some leeway and said something like, “There’s no one, as of now.”

I was careless.

Well, shucks.

I’m a high school student…


“Ara, is that so Well, then I guess we’re in the clear.”

“Clear, what”




So we came here…


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