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147 Curing The Venom

The snake was notoriously known for its venom, and the death rate of its victims was more than 70%.

Liu Shiyao felt a trace of despair.

“Blood… needs sucking…”

Liu Shiyao said in a trembling voice.

There might be serums in the lab.

If she could find them, she might have a chance.


“Alright, Ill try.”

Wang Ran had just smashed the snake, so he didnt hear it clearly.

He thought that Liu Shiyao wanted him to kiss her.

After all, he had just displayed his ability.

She probably thought that his saliva could detoxify the poison.


Wang Ran tore off the black silk from Liu Shiyaos butt and pressed her down on the table.

boxn ovel.


Liu Shiyao was stunned.

Whats going on

Ive just been bitten by a venomous snake, and you want to do me on the spot

This is too much!

Was this the case

Wang Ran didnt know what Liu Shiyao was thinking, so he quickly moved his mouth closer to her.

Wang Ran first sucked the poison out.

However, this only seemed to slightly slow down the toxicity.

The wound had already started to swell.

“Hey! You …”

“You… cant be serious right now, are you actually in the mood for sex right now!”

Liu Shiyao was lying on the table.

Her whole body was hot and weak.

She did not know if it was a fever acting up, or because Wang Ran had sucked on her wound.


Wang Ran heard a certain word.

Wang Ran was well aware that of all his bodily fluids, his saliva was the least potent.

If he really wanted to save her, he might have to go all out.

After some hesitation, Wang Ran made up his mind.

She was worth saving.

It had not been easy for him to seek out a gardener for his vegetables.

It would be a pity if she died.

Didnt this trip to J-city go to waste

Wang Ran looked around and found a small room.

He carried Liu Shiyao and walked in.

Liu Shiyao was getting more and more confused.

She couldnt figure out Wang Rans intent.

However, she soon understood…

Half an hour later, Liu Shiyao fumbled for her glasses on the ground and put them back on.

Her hair was a mess, and her stockings had long been torn off.

But fortunately, she was no longer poisoned.

“Youre too much!

“I just got bitten by an extremely venomous snake, and y-you actually!”

Liu Shiyao said as she wiped away her tears in a corner.

“What are you talking about I was saving you!

“Take a look at yourself and see if youre alright.”

Wang Ran rolled his eyes at her.

If Liu Shiyao wasnt such a highly skilled scientist, he wouldnt have saved her.

Liu Shiyao was stunned for a moment, then she examined herself.

In addition to the residual heat from the battle just now, she also felt something else.

No, snake venom doesnt feel like this…

This was…


Energy burst out!

Liu Shiyao had completely absorbed the essence of the energy and became an Awakened!


“Ive Awakened”

Liu Shiyao was dumbfounded.

She awakened, just like that

Suddenly, Liu Shiyao realized something very important!

Why were all the girls on Wang Rans Island Awakened …

Could it be…

This was too f*cking unbelievable!

“See, I was not doing it for nothing.

“Youre no longer poisoned, youre welcome.”

Wang Ran shrugged his shoulders.

Liu Shiyao gritted her teeth, unable to say anything.

Wang Ran was right.

In any case, he had saved her.

Even if the method was…

Im so angry!

“Y-y-you… Help me get a white coat.”

Liu Shiyao said as she covered her body.

Just now, her silk stockings and clothes had been torn up by Wang Ran.

Wang Ran took a white coat and blue t-shirt from the lounge and handed them to Liu Shiyao.

“Why dont you turn around”

Liu Shiyao glared at Wang Ran.

“Judging from the situation just now, I dont think theres a need for me to turn around.”

Wang Ran shrugged his shoulders.

What else had he not seen

Liu Shiyao was so angry that she wanted to tear the white coat, but on second thought, she would have no clothes to wear if she tore it.

She could only hold her breath and change in front of Wang Ran.

Wang Rans eyes lit up.

Liu Shiyao looked really good in a white coat.

“Lets go.

Lets continue looking for the reagents.

“Weve been down here for half an hour.

If we dont go up now, theyll think were doing something.”

Wang Ran urged.

“You think

“Havent we already …”

Liu Shiyao stomped her feet and walked out of the room to look for reagents.

Wang Ran followed her out.

Wang Ran sighed when he saw the flattened snake on the ground.

“It seems that the snake had not been a zombie.”

Wang Ran muttered.

If the snake had turned into a zombie, Liu Shiyao should have been infected.

She should be as obedient as Xiaoyu after he communicated with her.

From her performance just now, Liu Shiyao was still quite opinionated.

It seemed that the snake wasnt zombified.

“You dont understand!

“The zombie virus is mainly targeted at mammals, and even so, it only works on a portion of them.”

Liu Shiyao said as she packed the bag.

“I see…”

For some reason, Wang Ran subconsciously thought of Lin Momo when he heard the wordmammal.

He had been out for half a day, and he didnt know what the situation in the base was like.

Soon, Liu Shiyao had collected a few boxes of reagents.

Wang Ran asked Tang Tang to put down a rope from above and pull a few boxes of reagents up.

He then jumped up directly with Liu Shiyao in his arms.

Tang Tangs sharp senses noticed that Liu Shiyaos clothes had changed, and her stockings had disappeared.

After more than half an hour, it was easy to guess what had happened.

It looked like there was one more person to share Uncle with!

However, Uncles strength had similarly shot up, so she wasnt afraid of not having anything to eat.

Everyone, including Tang Tang, were defeated soundly, last night.

“Alright, lets move them up floor by floor.”

Wang Ran ordered.

What happened next was simple.

Wang Ran jumped up and continued to smash the wall.

Tang Tang led the group of Mutant Zombies and started to move the equipment.

Soon, everyone arrived at the second level.

Wang Ran had already made a small opening.

Above the opening, Deputy Director Qians frightened face could be seen.

He had never thought that anyone would directly smash holes through the levels!

He seemed to see a few Mutated Zombies through the hole.

“What in the world…

“Shouldnt zombies be fighting with them

“Why do they seem to be cooperating so well…”

Deputy Director Qians forehead was covered in sweat.

“Calm down… I need to stay calm…

“They probably dont know that I was not planning on letting them come up, right”

Deputy Director Qian tried his best to calm his emotions.

After all, he could not run outside, as there were zombies everywhere.

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