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It cant be left unsaid that what Shi Qian Shan felt was correct. All the misery that he currently suffered was single-handedly caused by Chu Yang. During this period, Chu Yang meticulously took care of Shi Qian Shan, checking on him once a day.

"Eldest Martial Brother, how are you Today, I have advanced beyond fifth-grade martial pupil."

"Eldest Martial Brother! Today, I had broken past the sixth grade."

"I have achieved seventh grade...!"

Every good news made Shi Qian Shan felt as if he was being pierced by a thousand arrows. He became extremely upset making his recovery very slow; to the extent that it might have even worsened.

However, the thing that Shi Qian Shan should not have done was let his hatred for Chu Yang spread to Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan as well. This hatred was so deep that it seeped to his bones! How could Chu Yang have progressed so fast It certainly must have been a favor from Meng Chao Ran. The master must have had given him some sort of special elixir to speed up cultivation! I have been with him for so many years and he didnt give it to me. Instead, he gave it to Chu Yang!

That must be it! The hatred in Shi Qian Shans heart gradually grew more severe, until it became immeasurable.

In the days that followed, even though his attitude was indifferent, Meng Chao Ran treated Shi Qian Shan with great attention and care. He did not hesitate in using his own energy to heal Shi Qian Shans meridians as well as help reduce his pain. Furthermore, he spared no effort in searching for a medicine to help Shi Qian Shan recover...

However, Shi Qian Shans hatred had clouded his judgment. He went as far as to grind his teeth in anger at the master who had given him so much at his own expense.

So... Shi Qian Shan really wanted revenge!

Outside of Shi Qian Shans room, there was a small pond, approximately the size of half a room and slightly deeper than a meter. Water flowing from the peak moves through here before continuing downward making a winding stream through the mountains.

The water in this pond was so clear, you could see the bottom. Everyday Chu Yang and the others drank from here.

Shi Qian Shan attempted to get up from his bed, stealthily took out a paper parcel from under his bed. This was the Before Dawn Soul Scattering Powder, a mixture of five highly toxic poisons, without any taste or colour. But most importantly, with no known antidote! When mixed with food, it becomes a wonderful tasting additive which acts to stimulate your appetite.

Shi Qian Shans lips were trembling with even his fingers shaking in nervousness. However, he remained steadfast in his resolve. He reached for the candle next to his bed. With his right hand, he broke off part of the candle...

His face seemed to alternate between red and white, as though his heart in conflict.

However, his hands did not stop as emptied the entire parcel of poison into a newly formed wax pellet.

Afterwards, he hid everything under the blanket.

If I am to remain like this, you people shall not live well either! Anyway, I am so heavily wounded, even if everyone here was dead, no one would suspect me!

If Purple Bamboo Garden has only me left, then the Sect Master would surely show some preferential treatment! That way I would still have a chance. Even if I can no longer lean on Meng Chao Ran, I will still be able to succeed.

Die! All of you can just go and die!

At this point, Shi Qian Shan had apparently entered a state of frenzy.

The sun slowly rose to its peak, Shi Qian Shan listened, then clenched his teeth... A small container flew straight outside from his hand.

Plop! It dropped into the pond.

Shi Qian Shan breathed a sigh of relief. He slumped in his bed. There was a look of anxiousness as well as shame in his eyes. But immediately after, he became crazed. He grounded his teeth, his hands gripped tightly onto the blanket, tearing a hole in it.

A moment later, he finally relaxed. A smile emerged on his face, revealing his pleasure and satisfaction.

The water in the pond flowed constantly if the poison was released directly, then its effect would fade. However, if it were placed in a wax container, it would release more slow, remaining in the water for a longer period of time

Based on the usual daily meal time, this moment was absolutely perfect. After about a second, there was a creaking sound. It was the sound of the two wooden buckets that Tan Tan used to carry water. Shi Qian Shan immediately went back under his blanket, closed his eyes and moaned...

After a while, the clacking sound of pots and pans were heard, followed by Tan Tans monstrous singing. Finally, the fragrant smell of food arose.

Shi Qian Shan smiled evilly.

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The three, Meng Chao Ran, Tan Tan, and Chu Yang sat around the dining table looking at aromatic food. Tan Tans glimmering eyes were fixed upon his master, but his stomach was growling. He was waiting for Meng Chao Ran to open his mouth, then he would devour the food.

However, when Meng Chao Ran looked at the food, he frowned. The food today did not seem like normal. The smell was much stronger, almost... excessively fragrant.

There was something strange!

He felt that something was astray.

Meng Chao Ran in deep thought picked up his chopsticks, only to put them down again. He tilted his head and looked over at Chu Yang. It seemed that Chu Yang was also staring at the food on the table and thinking about something.

Meng Chao Ran was surprised. The reason he found the food strange was due to his decades of experience in Jiang Hu in addition to his meticulous personality and heightened senses borne from countless dangerous encounters. If it were normal people, then they would not have noticed any anomalies in the fragrant smell of the food. It was even more likely that they would want to eat it.

But how could Chu Yang realize this He was only 16 years old. Moreover, he had never been outside of the sect. How could he have such keen perception

"Tan Tan, did you make this food" Chu Yang calmly smiled and asked.

"Thats right, lets eat everyone. It smells so good... I cant wait any longer." Tan Tan begged pitifully.

Chu Yang seemed to have figured out something as he looked at the rippling water in the small pond outside. With a flick of his wrist, there appeared a small black jade pin in his hand. He poked it into a soup dish on the table.

It immediately changed to a frightful purple-blue color. Tan Tans expression changed immediately, almost screaming out loud. It was if he already knew Tan Tans reaction without even looking at him. Chu Yang quickly covered Tan Tans mouth with his hand as his gaze did not leave the food on the table. He said in a serious voice, "Tan Tan is not capable of poisoning us. The problem is in the pond water!"

Meng Chao Ran was shocked, because he also thought the same thing. Tan Tan was the cook yet he was not the culprit. After all, he took care of Tan Tan since he was little. Tan Tan never had any exposure to poisons. How could he have done it

Meng Chao Ran took a deep breath. Suddenly, there was anger in his face as he turned his head and looked straight at Shi Qian Shans room.

"Let me go!" Chu Yang said quietly.

"You What do you plan to do" Meng Chao Rans countenance was unsightly.

"Basically, I plan to satisfy him," Chu Yang said casually.

Meng Chao Rans eyes narrowed. With a slight laugh, he said, "In that case, you should go then."

After a pause, he continued, "Dont say too much. Let him have a chance to explain himself. Its possible he isnt aware of the extent of his actions."

His voice was very soft, yet within it, there was bitterness and fatigue. No matter the reasons behind his actions, Shi Qian Shan was still his disciple for the past 7-8 years! Chu Yang volunteered to handle this matter because he understood Meng Chao Rans dilemma.

Meng Chao Ran was indefinitely furious. Conversely, Chu Yang understood the way he thought and felt very happy.

Chu Yang nodded as he carried the tray of food that was previously prepared for Shi Qian Shan. When he arrived in front of Shi Qian Shans room, he smiled slightly and said, "Eldest Martial Brother, its time to eat!"

"Doesnt Tan Tan always bring my food Why is it you today" Shi Qian Shan asked, looking suspiciously at Chu Yang.

"That Tan Tan is so tired today, he couldnt even get up." Chu Yang smiled warmly and said. "We are all brothers; Tan Tan or me, what difference does it make You have helped us so much with such deep love and care. I thought I should at least do something to repay you."

Shi Qian Shan answered in agreement, "Actually my appetite isnt very good today, I dont feel like eating yet. Just leave it right there."

What a joke! He clearly knew there was poison in the food. It was his own doing! How would he dare eat it

Outside, Meng Chao Ran was concentrating all his energy to hear everything that was being said inside of the room. When he heard Shi Qian Shan saying that, he could not help but snort. He still could not understand the fact that his disciple of 7-8 years now wanted to kill him. Even though everything was already clear, he still told Chu Yang to give Shi Qian Shan a chance to explain himself. As though somehow hoping that it wasnt the work of his disciple.

However, after hearing the words of Shi Qian Shan, he had lost all hope.

With a big grin, Chu Yang asked, "How could you not eat The body is iron and rice is steel. Plus you are wounded, you need nutrition to recover quickly. Eldest Martial Brother, you must eat at least a little bit! If you finish the whole thing, I am sure you would feel better."

Shi Qian Shan frowned and said in a disgusted tone, "I already told you, I wont eat! Just get out!"

"Why not... is there poison in there" Chu Yang asked sincerely, "Eldest Martial Brother, we have been brothers for many years. Why would you believe that I would poison you Hurry up and eat!"



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