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Translated by: Parfait


Shi Ning looked at his face and was silent for a moment.


Finally, she didn’t hold back, and spoke.

“I don’t have the face to say that.”


Nan Xiao: “”


What was this woman talking about Did she go crazy again


Shi Ning continued: “It’s obvious that I was kidnapped here because of your affairs.”


“You don’t need to apologize to me, just quickly clarify that we have nothing to do with each other, so I won’t get kidnap in the future.”




Nan Xiao’s face was completely black.


He was also very annoyed that Shi Ning had been pestering him since childhood.

But when she really made such a look that she couldn’t wait to draw a line from him, Nan Xiao found himself inexplicably anxious and angry.


He said with a sneer as if wanting to argue with her, “It doesn’t matter.

You’ve been following me every day to the point of wanting to die and live for me…”


Shi Ning: “That’s all the things in the past, people always have to look forward.”


Nan Xiao: …..


A good person should always look forward.


The younger brother behind Nan Xiao was dissatisfied, pointing at Gao Min and the others: “Sister Shi Ning, you don’t have the face to even acknowledge people.

Look at them, didn’t you bring them here”


Shi Ning: “They wanted to come.

It has nothing to do with me.”


Nan Xiao: “What kind of support club did you form”


Gao Min raised her hand weakly at this time: “Brother Xiao, our support club announced its dissolvement at 5 o’clock this afternoon.”


She clearly just saw it.

Did these guys filter people’s speeches



He just found out that this thing existed after it disbanded


Nan Xiao was too lazy to take care of these things and said directly to Chu Yingjie: “She is not my girlfriend, let her go.”


Chu Yingjie picked up a knife and placed it on Shi Ning’s neck.


“I don’t believe it.

Order them to throw all their weapons in their hands!”


Nan Xiao glanced at Chu Yingjie, his peachy eyes narrowed slightly.

“Chu Yingjie, how about your brother, why didn’t I see him Is he still lying in the hospital”


When this was mentioned, Chu Yingjie’s hair instantly exploded.


“I came today to avenge my brother!”


Nan Xiao nodded clearly.


“Seeing you are so brotherly, I will send you to the hospital later, so that you can accompany your brother.”


“S̲h̲i̲t̲! Don’t be so complacent! Think about her! Such a beautiful girl.

Can you bear in your heart to see her suffer”


While Chu Yingjie’s knife almost hit Shi Ning’s neck, Shi Ning was expressionless and did not even move.


“Wow, such a coward, using a woman to threaten me.”


Chu Yingjie: “Otherwise, can we beat you As long as you obediently be tied up, I will let her go.”


Nan Xiao still did not speak.


Chu Yingjie took the knife into Shi Ning’s neck a little bit.

It was just about to graze through her skin.


According to Nan Xiao’s disgust for Shi Ning in the original book, how could he be willing to save her He even wished for her to quickly disappear.


Shi Ning thought that she had just transmigrated and her good life had not yet begun.


Was it impossible to achieve success


“Let her go, we will listen to you.” Nan Xiao said quietly.


After saying that, the few people behind him threw away the weapons on their hands.


Chu Yingjie called his men to get a large bundle of ropes, and  the other party did not resist even when they were tied up.


“Boss, what about these women” A younger brother of Chu Yingjie pointed at Gao Min and the others.


“Of course they are tied together!”


These women were even more terrifying, okay!


After everyone was tied up, Chu Yingjie really let Shi Ning go.


Shi Ning patted the dust on her sleeves, carried her school bag, and planned to leave.


Chu Yingjie stopped her: “Are you leaving now”


Shi Ning asked, “Otherwise”


Chu Yingjie looked at her with a strange expression.

He clearly remembered that just a short time ago, this girl kicked and bit him viciously for Nan Xiao.

She was like a crazy woman.


But at this moment, she seemed calm as if she didn’t know Nan Xiao at all.


Chu Yingjie gave his men a look, they understood what it meant and gave him a stick. 


He then took the stick and hit Nan Xiao on the back.


Chu Yingjie pointed at him and said: “Did you see it”


Shi Ning nodded and said, “I saw it.”


Her calm appearance made Chu Yingjie lose his breath.


Damn, sister, could you give just a bit of reaction This person sacrificed himself for your sake.


Nan Xiao also saw Shi Ning’s indifferent expression.

He felt that before he was even beaten to death yet, he was pissed to death by her first. 


“Brother Xiao, I think Shi Ning really doesn’t like you anymore.

Did we sacrifice for nothing” Nan Xiao’s younger brother was about to cry.


Jin Sihan was gloating: “Wow, this version of Shi Ning can’t be true.

She used to fight hard against those people who scolded you, but now that someone beats you, you don’t see her frowning.”


Nan Xiao: …


This woman seems to have been saved in vain.


“So, can I go” Shi Ning asked again.


Chu Yingjie didn’t want to understand.

“You really don’t care about him”


Shi Ning looked at him and asked seriously.

“I don’t care about him If I told you not to hit him and let them go, are you willing”


Chu Yingjie thought about it and waved her away.


“She’s too cold, boss, can you stand this” Nan Xiao’s people sighed again.


They all thought that according to Shi Ning’s character, if Nan Xiao went to save her like this, she would cry, beg and make promises to Chu Yingjie’s group.

Who knew that the other party was completely indifferent She even patted her butt before leaving them tied here.


After Shi Ning left, Chu Yingjie looked at the tied person and laughed presumptuously.


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