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Speaking of this, Xu Wenjiao was a little emotional and shouted at her.

“Do you think if I recorded the video and I would release it I’ll either keep it for myself or threaten you.

What good is it for me to release it on public and cause public anger”

Xu Wenjiao sneered.

“In my opinion it must be someone from your group who recorded it so if you make them unhappy they could release the video to screw you.”

“Believe it or not, I really didn’t let them record the video before.

I’m looking for you today to say sorry.”

“Then what, have me post on the forum that I forgive you Heh, stop dreaming, you can beat me if you want but it’s impossible to ask me to forgive you.”

She continued.

“People like you won’t understand how big the shadow of that incident is to me.”

“It’s my business to apologize and it’s your business if you will accept it or not and I don’t need you to come forward.

In short I just want to let you know that I will never let this happen again.”

After saying this, she bowed to Xu Wenjiao.

When Xu Wenjiao saw Shi Ning bowing she was extremely shocked.

In the past when she and Shi Ning puller each other’s hair, they didn’t even see her lowered her head.

But this time, she actually apologize and bowed to her.

“Don’t do this, our fight is not about this.

It’s the same with the video, why did you shoot the part where I was beaten and bullied by you In the middle before that I spat and pulled your hair but that wasn’t included.

It made me look weak like a chicken instead.”

When Xu Wenjiao finished this sentence she looked at Shi Ning.

“But if you let me have Nan Xiao I am willing to help you out.”

Shi Ning then remembered that the original owner targeted her because this Xu Wenjiao also liked Nan Xiao.

There were many people who liked Nan Xiao in their school and all of them also know that the young Miss of the Shi family like him, so they were not so obvious about it.

Only this student, Xu Wenjiao has been brave enough to go against the original owner.  And with the original owner’s temper, naturally she would not let it be.

“I really didn’t come to ask you to step in… and Nan Xiao it’s not like I can give him to you even if I want to.”

She wanted to tell her that the male lead was only for the female lead, and Nan Xiao was for Tong Lu.

It has nothing to with them.

In the world of novel, it was unlucky to get entangled with the male lead besides the female lead.

Xu Wenjiao looked up and down at her.

“I heard everyone say that you don’t like Nan Xiao anymore”


Xu Wenjiao immediately pulled her back.

“Then help me chase after Nan Xiao! As long as you help me get a date with Nan Xiao, I’ll let be bygones be bygones and I will definitely help you with the post!”

Shi Ning was taken aback by this sudden rise in her enthusiasm and wondered.

“….Didn’t you say that I used to give you a big shadow”

Xu Wenjiao said casually.

“Hey that’s all in the past, there are no permanent enemies in this world.

As long as you help me chase Nan Xiao, we are going to be sisters.”

In the end Shi Ning doesn’t relent.

If she agree to Xu Wenjiao at this time, then would she be too sorry for Tong Lu.

After chatting with Xu Wenjiao Shi Ning tried to contact Ke Jie.

She asked for Ke Jie’s number and calls her several times, but her calls doesn’t go through.

Since Shi Ning couldn’t get in touch with her no matter how much she tried, she has no choice but to put the matter of talking to her on hold.

In the classroom, Yu Chuyao watched Shi Ning’s every move with confused expression.

She thought that after this incident, Shi Ning would find a way to use her family’s reputation to delete the post and then suppress the public opinion.

After all, her family has strong influence.

Such a thing was not enough to driver her out of school.

But if she deleted the post, it would be like she was agreeing to all of those things and Shi Ning’s good reputation in the school these days would basically go down the sink.

That was all she was after.

However, Shi Ning did not take any of these countermeasures and let the post float on the homepage forum which made Yu Chuyao very puzzled.

What is she up to

After talking, Shi Ning and Xu Wenjiao went to Gao Min and took all afternoon to finished what they need to do.

When she was going back to class, she ran to Yu Chuyao.

Shi Ning could already deduced that meeting her was not a coincidence, with Yu Chuyao’s posture she was 80% waiting for her at the door of the classroom.

Shi Ning pretended not to see her as if she was walking pass her and as expected Yu Chuyao could not resist opening her mouth.

“Formerly, everyone was praising a top student for winning the school flower but in just two days this person was actually a bully who harmed others.

We can’t be too proud ah, who knows what will happen the next second, after all the higher you stand the worse you fall.”

Shi Ning stopped and turned around.

She whispered.

“This video comes from you and you also posted it, right”

Yu Chuyao’s expression change and she immediately denied.

“I can’t understand what you are saying.

You’ve don’t these vicious things yourself and now you want to pull me into the dirty water, there’s no way I’ll let you do that.

I wasn’t even present when the content of these videos took place, so how could I film them”

Shi Ning’s lips showed a sneer and did not speak again, she just walked pass Yu Chuyao and said a word before she went back in the classroom.

After saying that word, the blood on Yu Chuyao’s face drained.

That night, Shi Ning put together the original video and the unedited version of the video given to her by Nan Xiao.

She posted on the forum using her real name as ID, the title of the post was #I’m willing to apologize for what I’ve done but also want to show everyone the complete truth.

In the post, Shi Ning first made a profound self-examination of her former behavior and criticized the act of school violence.

Then after that, she posted the truth of the videos.

And at the end, she wrote a paragraph.

[I don’t know what kind of person behind this wanted to happen and why dug these things out.

You can slander me but this way of taking someone out is too disgusting.]

[As far as I know since last year, you have bribed the people around me to secretly take videos and send them to you when I do these wrong things.]

[Probably you are waiting for this moment with all your heart.]

[I am willing to accept all criticisms.

I’m sorry for these students and I’m sorry for my parents and teacher’s teachings.

It’s because I know I’m wrong that I’m more constrained in my behavior now.

I don’t want to defend the rest, in short I’ll just show you the new me.]

After posting this, Shi Ning sat in front of the computer and took a deep breath.


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