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People who died once would not be afraid of gossip.

In this life, there was nothing to fear it may be death of life but what was more important was peace of mind.

After the truth was sent out, the public opinion immediately shifted.

After all, from the perspective of the unedited video what Shi Ning has done was not too much.

Moreover it was not like this was the first time they heard about these things regarding Shi Ning.

In the past, Shi Ning used to act like this, if it wasn’t for the strong public opinion brought by the water army, deliberately leading in the direction to slandering and insulting Shi Ning.

Now everyone was more interested in the person behind the post.

[…f̲u̲c̲k̲ so this video is actually fake, so the person who posted it didn’t want to seek justice for the bullied students but wanted to harm Shi Ning]

[Naturally this video could not have come from Shi Ning, these video were taken from a long time ago which means that the person who posted them has been collecting them in order to one day expose them and harm Shi Ning]

[My head feels numb with such analysis…]

[I think it’s because Shi Ning has become too popular recently so the uploader chose to put the post at these time.

It was trying to use the power of public opinion to stink up Shi Ning’s reputation.]

[This is too crazy…who is it ah Could it be one of Shi Ning group of followers, after all they were the only one who had been around when it happened]

Amidst the countless speculations, Shi Ning posted another recording.

And added another comment.

[You guess it right, the person who took the video was one of the sisters who used to follow me, but she only listened to someone’s help on taking this videos.

As for the post it has nothing to do with her.

And for the person who wants the video, it was probably the person who posted it.]

It was precisely because of this that Shi Ning went to find Gao Min today.

She sought the people who were on the scene and question them one after another.

And finally found out that the person taking the video was a girl following her named, Shen Rongrong.

Shen Rongrong said that these videos were given to Yu Chuyao a long time ago.

At that time Yu Chuayao gave a big sum of money and since then she had been secretly helping Yu Chuyao.

At that time also she thought that Yu Chuyao had good relationship with Shi Ning and thinks that she had no reason to use the video but who knew something like this happened.

The recording were all conversations between Shen Rongrong and her when she confess the truth.

At this point, it was clear who the person behind the post was.

For a moment, Shi Ning’s post was more popular than the original post.

After all, what’s more wonderful drama than two sisters fighting each other in the rich family Of course it was worth eating melon.

The comments were divided in two.

One side was accusing Yu Chuyo of back stabbing while the other one was saying that Shi Ning shifted the focus which should be about her using violence and being a bully and Yu Chuyao just revealing the truth.

Just as people on both side of the fence were bickering, another video exploded.

The person who posted the video this time was anonymous.

The content of the post was even more explosive than two sisters, splashing dirty water.

This time it was worth than just eating melons.

It has two videos and an audio.

The first video was a clip for a surveillance camera from school.

In the clip from surveillance camera, Yu Chuyao was hugging Jin Sihan and acting like a pampered princess.

And the other video was another clip from a surveillance camera in the mall.

The female protagonist of the video clip was still Yu Chuayo, only this time the man beside her has turned into another tall and handsome man.

Yu Chuyao took the man’s hand and her actions were very intimate.

And finally in the audio file was Yu Chuyao’s whiny voice.

“Of course I prefer you Brother Jin Shang.

Jin Sihan—I was playing with him, I only see him as my little brother and don’t see him that way.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll break up with him when we’re a little more stable.”

After this post was sent out, the campus forum was immediately down due to large number of clicks and number of replies.

The anonymous post was almost slaughter by Jin Sihan’s fans aka mothers and girlfriends.


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