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The anonymous post was almost slaughter by Jin Sihan’s fans aka mothers and girlfriends.

[F̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ great, my younger brother Jin Sihan who is the most lovable brother in our school was wearing green]

[Holy s̲h̲i̲t̲ aaahhhhh, a rant from a sophomore! That’s Jin Sihan ahhhhh! Yu Chuyao if you don’t cherish him please give him to me!]

[…What’s even scarier is that she also hitched a ride with Jin Sihan’s brother.

A good dog show indeed.]

[This woman in the end, how deep is her scheming ability It’s not only how thorough she planned to destroy her sister’s reputation but she also let her boyfriend wear green hat! It’s an eye opener!]

[Wuwuwu, I felt Xiao Sihan’s heartache, elder sister is still waiting for you to grow up so how could you fall in love!! And he even found a woman such a hypocritical woman, there will be psychological shadow!]

Shi Ning looked at the post and froze.

She never expected that this matter would be blown out at this stormy time.

She highly doubt it was Yu Chuyao who spilled the beans here— with that thinking, there was only…

Shi Ning called Jin Sihan.

Before she could asked the question she head Jin Sihan howling on the other end of the line.

“Ohhhh Ningning my scars were once again uncovered in public! Now the whole school knows that I wore a green hat.

I can’t face anyone! So why don’t I just bring mask to school from tomorrow onwards.”

After Shi Ning listened to his howling, she asked him with a frown.

“So you didn’t make this post”

On the other side of the phone, Jin Sihan said agitatedly as if he had heard something unbelievable.

“How could I have sent it, a family’s dirty laundry should not be disclosed! This kind of thing is simply a shame for men!”

“But who would have the audio except you.

It couldn’t post by Jin Shang himself.”

“You guessed it right, it’s really my brother.

Who else but him who is so perverted, he must be trying to humiliate me.”

“By the way, recently Yu Chuyao pestered him, I guess he got tired with her pestering so he used some means to warn her.”

Shi Ning was still skeptical.

“Really Didn’t you say that family shame should not be disclosed This is not half good for your brother either…”

“A pervert like my brother, who knows what he’s thinking.”

Shi Ning also think that this make sense, Jin Shang was a kind of person no normal people could understand.

She could only swallow back into her stomach the words she wanted to say, and comforted him instead.

Shi Ning and Jin Sihan chatted for almost an hour.

Shi Ning was so sleepy and did not care what the forum said and just crawled into the bed to sleep.

School violence was all too common in today’s society and it was even more so in aristocratic schools like Yangchuan where there was already default ranking among classmates.

Not to mention, after Shi Ning releases the unedited versions of the videos, the accusations against her was not that serious.

So people would naturally not be so interested in this kind of news.

On the contrary, Yu Chuyao’s case was worth the melon1 that could sparked a hot debate.

After all Shi Ning used to have that overbearing image but Yu Chuyao was different.

She has always shown people a gentle and kind image.

But with this post, it revealed not one but many things.

It simply let the people fall through the glasses to refresh their three views in life.

The heat of the post does not even need to buy a water army to flame the news.

With the group of people who do not know to sleep, surrounded the forum and discuss these things in the middle of the night.

After post broke out, Yu Chuyao went crazy.

She frantically dialed Jin Sihan’s phone number, but the other party was always on a busy line.

Until she finally got through.

Jin Sihan picked up the phone and answered with a lazy tone.


Compared to Yu Chuyao’s urgent tone.

“Sihan, did you read the post I don’t know who sent it, but it’s definitely not me.

This was our business after all.”

“And if it’s brought to public for discussion we both can’t pull our faces off.

How about you help me find a way to get this post deleted”

“Have you ever wondered who made this post”

His tone made Yu Chuyao’s back turn cold.

“It can’t be that you posted it yourself…..”

Jin Sihan chuckled, and was not shy nor embarrassed from admitting it.

“Yes, it’s me.”

Yu Chuyao stood up from her chair, and veins at the back of her hand holding the phone were obviously bulging.

“Why! Why are you doing this!!”

“I warned you, if you touch Ningning again don’t blame me for not thinking of our past friendship—but you did that anyway.”

“Shi Ning Shi Ning again, it’s always Shi Ning! You only have Shi Ning in your eyes! Have you ever considered my feelings! You doing this, what face do I have to walk in the school in the future!!”

Jin Sihan dropped his eyes and played with his fingernails as he spoke softly into the phone.

“Since you don’t have a face, you should simply get lost.”

Shi Ning got up the next day and went to school with her bag.

All the way to school, there were students who were looking at her.

She could understand why people were looking at her, after all the things on the forum also made quite a big deal.

But contrary to what she imagine, this people were looking at her with sympathetic look instead of scorn and contempt.

Sympathize with me for what

Sympathize with for being stabbed in the back by my fake sister

Though it was not her per se who was stabbed in back but Shi Ning.

The original owner who she did not know which world she had gone to.

Back then, when they had a good relationship Yu Chuyao had already begun to plot against her.

Now she has finally uncovered Yu Chuyao’s true colors step by step, this could be considered her revenge for the original owner.

After walking to the classroom, Shi Ning looked at the content of the post once again.

Right then she finally understood why she walked on the road without the contempt and mockery she was supposed to get.


melon1– killing time


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