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Nan Xiao took Shi Ning to a hotel to change her clothes.

Shi Ning looked at the entrance of the hotel, and was just standing not moving her feet.

“This… is not good, right”

Wasn’t it too shameful for them to go in like this What if they were seen, it would be a big misunderstanding.

“Or do you want to go home like this Your mother will never believe that you just came to my house to give me refresher.

If you want we could go to my house, it’s okay to go to my house since the old man and the others are not at home right now and there is only me and the butler at home.”

Shi Ning was still hesitating, in between her hesitation she had already sneezed several times in a row.

Nan Xiao couldn’t let her be and just pushed her towards the hotel entrance.

“Let’s do it here, and it’s also closer.

Go and change your clothes before you go home.”

Shi Ning was weak, so she could not argue with him and was just pushed into the hotel room.

While she was taking a shower, Nan Xiao went to the hotel attendant to ask her to sell a set of clothes for Shi Ning.

When Shi Ning came out after showering and put on her bathrobe, she thought that Nan Xiao would be in the room but found that he had gone out at some point.

Shi Ning called him.

“Where are you”



A knock sounded outside the door and on the phone at the same time.

Shi Ning asked him.

“Why are you standing outside”

“Are you not afraid of being misunderstood by other If I don’t enter your room, there will be no misunderstanding.”

Shi Ning was moved after hearing this, and didn’t expect Nan Xiao to be considerate and careful.

“Or do you want me to come in, then I’m coming in.”

“Don’t, just stay outside the door.”

Though she said that she was only wrapped with a bathrobe, and she was still embarrassed to have others see her.

So the two talked on the phone through the door.

“Why let Tong Lu call me”

“What if you won’t listen to me, then I will be shut overnight in that room.

My family will be looking for me and I don’t want them to worry.

It will be another storm.”

Nan Xiao chuckled.

“Then you’re not afraid of me worrying”

His words came out naturally, so natural that neither of them knew what to say next after the words were spoken.

Nan Xiao gave a force cough, and change the topic.

“And you knew she was going to lock you up in a classroom and not to harm you you weren’t afraid she’d ask you out somewhere unoccupied and stab you

“The location is just an abandon school, there may be no one inside but around is a residential area and stores.

The whole street is monitored, those who wants to break the law will need to choose a better place.”

“You always think of plans for everything, but why don’t you also think that sometimes you just can’t do it by yourself.”

“Of course, I suffer cough cough cough cough suffer.”

Shi Ning had another coughing fit.


Nan Xiao scolded.

At this time the waiter happened to bring her clothes, Nan Xiao received the clothes and knock on the door.

It didn’t take long for the door to open, he handed the clothes inside.

“Hurry up and change your clothes, I will take you home after.”

The two of them came out of the hotel, Nan Xiao then called a taxi.

When the driver asked where they were going, Nan Xiao remembered something and said.

“Your phone is still with Yu Chuyao, do you want to go and find her”

Shi Ning slumped in the back seat, dispirited.

“There’s nothing in my phone, she can’t have anything over me and it’s an old phone.

My dad recently bought me two new ones, I just happened to change it.”

“You’re just going to let her off the hook”

She could understand Ke Jie, but Yu Chuyao—

“Of course not, this time my father arrange for her to transfer school and drive her out of the Shi’s home.

After returning, I will tell dad to cut off her card and just give her basic living expenses, enough for her to eat every month.

I don’t have enough energy to find her today.”

Money isn’t everything but without money you are nothing.

Yu Chuyao who was used to spending money, this would be her biggest torture.

Shi Ning’s voice was getting smaller and smaller, the whole person was exhausted to the point that she fall asleep directly in the back seat.

Nan Xiao looked at her sleeping face, remembering her sorry state earlier making him feel extremely distressed.

He sat a little closer towards her and gently moved her head on his shoulder.

After this night, Shi Ning fell ill.

Not only did she catch a cold, but she also had a fever all night which only went down a bit the next day.

By the time Shi Ning’s sanity was clear, it was already noon.

When she open her eyes, she saw a familiar handsome face beside her bed.

“Is my fever too high, why am I hallucinating seeing my brother….”

Shi Chen saw that she was awake, he touched her forehead with his hand.

“Luckily the fever is gone, are you feeling better”

“Brother, aren’t you in the capital Why are you back”

“I came back after the competition, what’s wrong with you Before leaving, brother told you to take good care of yourself.

But turned out as soon I came back you got sick.”

“If you’re like this, how can brother feel at ease to go out in the future”

Shi Chen touched her head and frowned worryingly.


Shi Ning called out to him, she don’t know why but during these days of turmoil she did not shed a single tear.

However the moment she saw her brother, her tears flowed out instantly.

Shi Chen panicked, he squatted down and looked at her.

“I don’t mean to blame you, I’m just too anxious to see you sick.

Don’t cry, brother will never talk like that to you again.”

“No, I didn’t cry because of that, it’s just that people tend to shed tears when they’re sick and I haven’t seen my brother for a long time…”

Shi Ning said.

“Fool, that means you miss your brother.”

Shi Chen’s fingers brushed her eyelids, helping her dry her tears and said with a faint smile.


Shi Ning said while nodding her head.

She really missed her brother.

The difference between the finals and the league matches was that the final match have unified venue and the results would be release on the third day after the match.

Then medals and certificates would be awarded on the spot.

That’s why Shi Chen and the others didn’t stayed in the capital for too long.

Shi Chen unsurprisingly won the national competition.

Although this result was expected by all, Shi Ning still felt happy for her brother from the bottom of her heart.

Shi Chen added.

“This time not only me, but the most surprising one is Suno.

He was only freshman in high school but he was able to get in this high level competition and also won.

He’s really scary.”

“But this child is also really hard working, we arrived at the capital early and on those two days he had been reviewing overnight until the competition.

I was worried that he would die suddenly in the examination room.”

“…I afraid Suno was a study machine in his previous life, and this cause him to die.”

Shi Ning commented.

“But I think it’s strange, as long as I remember Suno doesn’t have much desire to win or lose so how come he has suddenly had the desire to win the competition.

That strong desire to win and not lose—I haven’t seen it in a long time.”

Shi Chen analyzes.

Shi Ning then immediately remembered what he had promised to Lin Suno, so she immediately send a text message to Lin Suno.

[Suno, I heard from my brother that you got good sore, congratulations ^^]

Not long after, Lin Suno replied.

[I want to see you.]

A very short five words, but Shi Ning needed half a minute to read it.

After a while she replied back.

[Yeah, let’s go watch a movie, I thought of what I could watch already after you left because I know you would be able to do it~]

[Then shall we go out today]

Tomorrow would be Monday, so if they don’t come out now, they’ll have to wait for another week.

Although Lin Suno didn’t say much, she could sense that he was looking forward on watching this movie from before the competition so naturally she couldn’t push the date further.

[Okay let’s do it today.]


Author has something to say: I write this plot because I don’t want to understate what the original did.

The original owner did things that were not really serious but falls into school violence though she herself did not have a bad heart.

But it still causes harm to others, so never hurt someone with what you think is not serious.

That’s probably what I want to portray.

What the heroine did, I think is the most benevolent after all things are not really done by her.

She cannot feel much sorry inside, and could only use her body to make actual behavior of compensation.

This chapter is Nan Xiao, next chapter is Lin Suno.


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