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Translated by: Parfait


Shi Ning followed their lead and stood not far away watching them.


There were so many opponents.

Although they could fight them, they couldn’t avoid injuries.


Shi Ning rubbed her hands hurriedly.

Taking advantage of the chaos, she stealthily moved to the center of the battlefield.


“Ning Ning, you didn’t leave” Jin Sihan noticed her.


Shi Ning tried to help him untie the rope.


After trying to untie the knot for a long time, it didn’t pull apart.


“They tied it good.

You are too weak to do it.”


Shi Ning raised her eyes: “How did Nan Xiao untie it”


“Because he is Nan Xiao.”


At this time, Shi Ning spared a glance and saw that while Shi Chen was not paying attention, a man who had fallen on the ground secretly got up, picked up a stick from the ground, and waved it towards Shi Chen.


“Be careful!”


In this instant, her brain did not have time to think.

She rushed up and pushed Shi Chen away.


Fortunately, she moved a little and only hit her shoulder.

But the man who was holding the stick was strong, so the spot where she was hit burst with pain.


Shi Ning grunted in pain.


Shi Chen hugged her and nervously asked, “Are you alright”


She shook her head.


“I told you to stay far away.

What are you doing here” He scolded.


Shi Ning looked at her wound and Ignored his cold words.


Even if he had a cold expression, he is a good brother.

How could he have come alone to save her when she called him


Shi Ning smiled slightly mischievous: “I’ll protect you.”


Shi Chen’s expression was complicated.

While protecting him, she was hit on the shoulder severely. 

He fought a lot tougher now.

After cooperating with Nan Xiao, they quickly knocked a dozen enemies down.


After the fight was over, Nan Xiao picked up a knife and cut off Jin Sihan’s rope.


“Brother Xiao Chen, you were so handsome just now! Teach me how to fight! I don’t want to just watch the fun every time.

” Jin Sihan genuinely said.


“Fighting is not for children.” Nan Xiao said.


Jin Sihan was one or two years younger than them because he started school early.

He was only fifteen now.


Shi Ning saw several bruise places on Shi Chen’s body, and even the corner of his lips was bruised.


“Let’s go home and deal with your injuries.” Shi Ning said to Shi Chen.


Shi Chen hadn’t fully adapted to her quick transformation.

He was bullied by her since childhood, so she couldn’t easily believe that Shi Ning was treating him better.


But just now…


“Are your shoulders okay”


“It’s okay.

I don’t feel any pain ah.”


As soon as she finished speaking, her brother hard-pressed on her shoulder, and she yelled in pain.


Shi Chen said coldly, “Is this what you call nothing”


Shi Ning was aggrieved.

“Compared with you, it’s nothing.

You’d better take care of yourself.”


“When did Shi Ning and Brother Shi Chen’s relationship became good” Jin Sihan moved closer to Nan Xiao.


“They are brothers and sisters.

Of course, they have a good relationship.”



Shi Ning used to bully Brother Shi Chen every day.

You didn’t see the miserable state of Brother Shi Chen.

We all suspect that Uncle Shi picked him up, otherwise, why would he be so biased to his children” Jin Sihan said.


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