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Shi Ning flipped the book in her hand as she answered.

“Suno ah, after he came back from the competition we both went together.”

“What! You and Suno Just the two of you”

Jin Sihan’s face was shocked and his mouth turned into an O-shape.

Nan Xiao who has been sleeping on the table after the class was now wide awake with a solemn and serious face as he asked again.

“Just you and Lin Suno who both went to see the movie”

Shi Ning’s thoughts were finally interrupted by these two.

Are they some kind of echo Can’t a question be asked by one person Does one person had to repeat it in my left and right ear

“Yeah, my voice shouldn’t be too small right You too have heard and yet you still ask me why.”


Nan Xiao asked, ignoring Shi Ning’s comment.

“On Christmas Eve.”

“Crap, you two are spending Christmas Eve together! Then why don’t you spend Christmas with me! Ning you’re too biased!!!”

Jin Sihan blew up in accusation.

“The reason I went was because Suno won the finals of the mathematics competition.

If you guys also take a national competition let’s go and watch any movie, you can even plan about holiday.

I’m all for it.”

After saying that she nudged Jin Sihan.

“Get out of the way, I have to copy something on the blackboard you’re in the way.

It’s not so good to be too tall.”

He’s only 15 years old but he was almost one meter eight high, did this boy eat some growth hormone

Jin Sihan felt that he had been aggrieved like never before on the day of Christmas.

Lin Suno was on his sit still working on the problem when suddenly he felt that this vision was much darker, and the light around him was blocked.

He looked up and it was Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan.

“What are you doing”

Nan Xiao’s hand was on his shoulder.

“Looking for you to talk.”

Jin Sihan’s hand rested on his other shoulder.

“Let’s have a man to man talk.”

Lin Suno: “…”

His shoulder were about to be crushed by these two douchebags.

They went to the same place where Nan Xiao dragged Jin Sihan to spill his heart.

He was afraid that they would fight so he came up to have a talk and was ready to persuade them not to start a fight.

So today was his turn, and with Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan’s posture they look like they were ready to harass him.

The two boys were straightforward, neither of them was fond to beat around the bush, the two stared at Lin Suno with scrutiny eyes.

Nan Xiao spoke first.

“On Christmas Eve, you asked Shi Ning out to watch a movie”

Lin Suno nodded.

The two men’s face sank at the same time.

Jin Sihan couldn’t help but say.

“Suno you’re not fair, brother Xiao and I had a confrontation here.

And we both said we like Ningning but failed to come to an agreement.”

“You seems to have no desire to date, but what is this now It’s hard to believe you also like Shi Ning!”

He said this with same anger as if he had suffered a betrayal.

Nan Xiao patted Jin Sihan’s shoulder and did not know whether it was to comfort him or himself.

“Calm down, things may not be what we think they are.

Who else would this kid know besides a few of us He probably just suddenly wanted to watch movie so he asked Shi Ning.”

Jin Sihan nodded.

“Brother Xiao you have a point, but for this kind of thing in the future I suggest you look for us.”

Lin Suno looked at the two men for a long time, and a faint smile finally emerged on his expressionless face.

It was light and faint, similar to a mocking smile.

“Why should I look for you two”

He doesn’t like them.

Nan Xiao’s face went cold.

He asked in a serious face.

“What do you mean”

“I like girls, I like her.”

After hearing him say this Nan Xiao’s fierce temper rushed to his head and just like how he sized Jin Sihan’s collar, he sized Lin Suno’s.

“Say it again, who do you like”

This time, he didn’t back down again and looked straight into Nan Xiao’s gaze.

“Shi—Ning, I like Shi—Ning.”

“Shi Ning, I like Shi Ning.”


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