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The young girl in front of him turned around, he then held her shoulders and said word for word.

“This is the last time I’ll explain it to you, so listen.”

“The person I like is not Tong Lu, and I am good to her because her family is kind to my family and it has nothing to do with liking.”

Tong Lu was indeed very good, he grew up in a noble family, accustomed to see the field of fame and fortune but also seen all kinds of people who wear their masks for the sake of sex.

She was different, she comes from the country side which was free from corruption.

She also has clean temperament, pure heart and she does not bother to get along with him.

But he never had feelings for Tong Lu, the kind of feeling of wanting her all for himself.

The kind of strong feelings, worrying about his status on her heart, that strong emotion in his eyes that Shi Ning have had given him.

If there was no Shi Ning he might have looked at another women more than once.

But now, he only has her in his eyes so how could he hold the shadow of others.

“This one right here is not for her either, it’s for you.”

Shi Ning’s eyes widen in surprise.

Nan Xiao then continued.

“Did you see the Christmas tree There are a total of sixteen gifts hanging on it, since you always wanted me to spend Christmas with you but I always ignored you.

Today, I simply want to make it up for it all at once.”

Shi Ning looked at the Christmas tree over and after a moment of silence, she said.

“You’re not going to say that you like me next.”

“….have you ever asked someone that”

He originally wanted to confess, but now he couldn’t say it at all.

He could see that even if he said it today, Shi Ning wouldn’t give any positive answer.

“We grew up together so how can you like me Also when I was child and chased you every day, you don’t even look at me.

Several months ago, you even rejected me.

Have you forgotten”

Nan Xiao was unable to held his face high, and just wrinkled his brows as he said.

“Did we not agree not to mention the past events”

“I just want to tell you that the person you like is not me, don’t be confused by some illusion.”

She understood that after she stopped chasing him, he must have a sense of loss and disparity.

This feeling may make him feel like he like her, this thing was very normal thing.

“You can go look at books on psychology, it is written there what you are feeling right now.”

Because the body has all the memories of the original owner, and the part about him was particularly deep.

Shi Ning could remember all the events in the past, especially when he refused her and ignored her indifferently.

Even if Nan Xiao was treating her better and better now, she could only see it as friendship and she don’t believe that he has feelings for her.

The hand that held her shoulder was slightly stiff, and the deep black eyes looked straight at her.

Her eyes were clean and pure, there was no hint of sentiment in them.

“Have you ever liked any other guy besides me”

He asked.

Shi Ning thought about it.

Why you always think about puppy love when you are studying

She has no time thinking about puppy love at all, even Nan Xiao—it was the original owner who liked him not her.


She replied.

Nan Xiao let go of her hand, his stiff and gloomy face that was densely covered with black clouds finally relaxed.

“Okay then whatever you say.”

Anyway, there’s still time and she’s still young, so as long as she doesn’t fall in love with someone else, he could wait.

The gifts were so many that Shi Ning couldn’t carry them all, finally Nan Xiao called for a car to help her carry them home.

“What about this room”

“Tear it down, it’s after Christmas anyway.

It’s a rehearsal room so someone else will use it later.”

Shi Ning: “…..”

This young master is really splurging like gold.

At this moment, she deeply feels that she was indeed in the Mary Sue plot.

After school, Shi Ning stayed in class as usual and continued to solve and review problems for a while.

Nan Xiao was planning to go home, but when he saw Lin Suno was also in the classroom, he simply didn’t leave the room either.

“Brother Xiao, let’s continue today at the internet café.”

One of their male students came over to invite him at the internet café after school.

But Nan Xiao said directly.

“Not today.”

“Why ah, our class will compete with the next class in a few days.”

Nan Xiao took a math book out of the drawer, and said.


Several of the boys looked horrified after they heard him.

After the male students were sent away by Nan Xiao, Shi Ning said.

“Are you really staying here to study”

“Of course, it’s almost the end of semester so I have to study hard.”

Shi Ning looked at him suspiciously, but she didn’t say anything and just continued to work on her paper.

When Jin Sihan saw Nan Xiao was staying, he also followed suit.


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