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And the result—this scene made the girls gathered outside the classroom as they were peering by the classroom window.

“Wow, why are the three young masters of f4 not going home today and stayed in the classroom to study instead”

“They’re so handsome, aren’t they Such a beautiful scene.”

“It’s rare that both Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan actually started to study after school.

This if the first time I’ve seen this!”

Lin Suno this time frowned and got up from his seat.

Seeing him walk outside with his backpack, Shi Ning asked.

“Suno, are going home early today”

Lin Suno was still frowning as he looked outside.

“It’s too noisy and inefficient, might as well go home and read.”

Shi Ning nodded in agreement.

“I have the same idea, let’s go together.”

She then stood up.

Nan Xiao also followed and immediately stood up.

“Then I will go with you.”

Shi Ning pointed the book on his desk.

“This is the page you just opened, and it was already more than an hour pass but you are still on the same page.

You have to read a few pages before you go.”

After saying that she walked out of the classroom with Lin Suno.

After she left, Jin Sihan walked over to Nan Xiao’s seat.

“Brother should we continue to study”

“Study my ass.”

Nan Xiao threw the math book on the table with one hand.

“Go, let’s go to the internet café and play some games.”

Shi Ning and Lin Suno walked together outside the school gate, Lin Suno usually talk very rarely and Shi Ning also do not talk much.

The two were basically silent and did not chat as they walked side by side.

After they have walked for a while, Lin Suno talked suddenly.

“Ningning, Nan Xiao pulled you out at noon today, what did you do”

“It’s nothing, he just gave me something.”

Speaking of these she smiled a little helplessly.

“As a result, since I couldn’t carry all 16 gifts he called someone to carry them home for me.”

Lin Suno stopped walking.

“I have gift for you too.”

Shi Ning scratched her hair.

“You both are giving me presents while I only wrote a card for you, comparing to what I give, mine is a little too shabby.”

She said and felt embarrassed.

Lin Suno smiled slightly.

“It’s okay, you’re a girl and should be pampered.”

Shi Ning then saw him take out a golden medal from the pocket of his school uniform jacket.

Shi Ning has seen it, Shi Chen also has one.

She even jokingly said at that time.

“The national and provincial competition is really different, the provincial competition only provide certificate for winners while the national competition, in addition to certificate they actually has a gold-plated medal too.”

“This is for you.”

He placed the medal on her palm.

Because he looked like he was hesitating when he was giving it to Shi Ning, and held it in his hand for too long, the medal on her hands still has the warmth of his palm.

Shi Ning never expected the gift would actually be this, she hurriedly pushed it back.

“This won’t do, this means too much to you too, it’s better for you to keep it for yourself.”

Lin Suno put it back on her hand again.

“It’s because of your encouragement that I got it, so here you go.”

The two of them were pushing back and forth several times.

Shi Ning knew his temperament, he was determined person to the point of particularly stubborn.

“Okay then, I’ll keep it for you now.

In the future if you need to used it then come back to me to get it.”


Lin Suno smiled with satisfaction.


In the evening, Shi Chen went to find Shi Ning.

“Just now the housekeeper of the old mansion called and said that my mother took Yu Chuyao back to the old mansion.”

Shi Ning’s hand stopped writing her homework.

Although she knew that Cao Shu would not let go of this pawn so easily and so quickly, but she did not expect her to move so quickly.

“Brother how do you know that”

When Cao Shu and Yu Chuyao went back to the old mansion this time, they went to use their emotional card to the old lay and let Yu Chuyao return to the Shi family again.

When Yu Chuyao was asked to move out of the old mansion, her father did not explain the reason to the old lady in detail for the sake of the old lady’s health.

He just said that Yu Chuyao was not good-natured and had done something wrong, so he wanted to take her outside to train her.

The old lady didn’t say anything more and let Shi Pingzhan make his own arrangements but she made sure that he wouldn’t treat Yu Chuyao badly.

These two people went back on purpose, they should know her brother was protecting her now and it was impossible to have Yu Chuyao plead for mercy again so this news should not be told by Cao Shu to Shi Chen.

“I heard about what she did to you when I came back, my mother attaches great importance to her apprentice.

I was afraid my mother will help her, so I asked the housekeeper to keep an eye on it for me, if Yu Chuyao comes back she will call me.”

As Shi Ning was listening she gave Shi Chen a thumbs up.

In terms of profoundness in mind, she was indeed sometime no match for her brother.

Shi Chen sneered.

“How dare her to design to frame you, I have not got even with her yet and now she came knocking on the door.”

Shi Ning looked at her brother’s dangerous look and thought to herself that she didn’t told her brother about the reason why she had a cold and fever.

Shi Chen only knew about Yu Chuyao posts on their school forum but not about provoking Ke Jie to throw cold water on her and lock her up in the classroom in the middle of winter.

If this matter was also know by her brother, Yu Chuyao would not end up by simply moving out of the Shi family.

She was not trying to cover up Yu Chuyao, she just don’t want her brother to worry about her also her brother was about to take his entrance exams, she does not want him to be distracted by unnecessary things.

“I’ll go find the old man, with him around my mom shouldn’t be able to do anything.”

Shi Chen said was about to go find Shi Pingzhan.

But Shi Ning stopped him.

“No, brother there is no need to bother dad with this matter.”

Shi Chen frowned.

“We alone may not be able to convince grandma, after all, grandma always listened to my mother.”

“You believe me, this matter we two are enough.”

It just so happens that she also had a score to settle with Yu Chuyao.


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