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The two of them took the car together and headed towards the old mansion.

When the car stopped at the compound, Shi Ning and Shi Chen got out of the car together and Uncle Ming, the housekeeper came over to greet them personally.

Shi Chen asked.

“Uncle Ming, how is the situation inside now”


Cao and Miss Yu are meeting the old lady, at this moment Miss Yu is still waiting in the living room.


Cao went up to see the old lady first.”

Shi Chen nodded.

“Got it, Uncle Ming.

You go in first, we’ll let you know if we need to get in.

My sister and I will go in later.”

After waiting for the housekeeper to go in, Shi Chen looked at Shi Ning.

“Ningning are you sure we’re really enough”

“Enough, as long you’re here brother.

It’s totally enough.”

“Putting aside the affection of accompanying grandmother, if we tell her the truth grandmother will protect you from the cold hearted Yu Chuyao, but my mother…”

Because of the divorce between Cao Shu and Shi Pingzhan, the old woman has always felt sorry for her goddaughter so she always listen to her request to make it up for her.

Not to mention the old lady, as a son, Shi Chen was disobedient to his mother.

With Cao Shu shielding Yu Chuyao, this matter was really difficult to handle.

Shi Ning stood tiptoe and whisper into his ear.

“Brother, this is what you will do later…”

In the Shi family’s old mansion, Yu Chuyao saw Cao Shu went to see the old lady as she waited alone in the living room and sat uncomfortably as she kept on drinking water to relieve the tension.

At this time the door of front door opened and she saw Shi Chen walked in with a cold face.

Yu Chuyao’s heart sank, and she almost couldn’t hold steadily the cup in her hand as it almost fall on the ground.

Shi Chen walked in and sat directly on the sofa, he raised his eyes and looked at Yu Chuyao who was sitting on the sofa next to him.

His cold face frowned more tightly.

“Why are you here too”

As soon as Yu Chuyao saw him, she was at loss for words and only after a moment was she able to meekly say.

“I accompanied Aunt Shu to visit grandma.”


Shi Chen responded and then didn’t pay any more attention to her.

That’s it

Yu Chuyao was surprise, she thought Shi Chen would find trouble to her after all she laid hands on Shi Ning when he was not around.

But she didn’t expect that Shi Chen didn’t intend to care about her at all.

And it didn’t look like he was in a bad mood because of her either.

At this moment, Shi Ning also walked in.

She was talking grumpily walking in.

“Why can’t grandma eat those things The cinnamon cake in that store is grandma’s favorite and usually you can’t even get it in line.

It’s a rare day when there aren’t many people there but you won’t let me buy it! Now, we’re all empty-handed when we visit grandma.”

“Grandma is sick and can’t eat such sweet things, yet you still want to buy her cinnamon cake do you want to kill her There must be a limit to your capriciousness, the old lady’s body can’t stand such torment.”

“It’s okay to eat a little! Making grandma happier can make her get better! And how can you speak like that, what do you mean want kill grandma Shi Chen don’t speak so harhsly.”

The more Shi Ning said this, the angrier she became.

Her tone was full of dissatisfaction with Shi Chen.

After she scolded Shi Chen, she turned her head and saw Yu Chuyao.

The two people meet again, with how the matter ended the last they met it was impossible to get along normally and if Shi Chen wasn’t around Yu Chuyao would tear Shi Ning’s face to end.

But in front of Shi Chen… she really does not know how to treat Shi Ning.

“You snake hearted woman, you still dare to appear in front of me How dare you sit in my house”

The moment Shi Ning saw Yu Chuyao the suppressed anger seemed to be unable to calm down any longer.

She walked towards Yu Chuyao’s with big steps and without saying a word she directly slapped her.

“You think I don’t know that you did all those things I haven’t even looked for you to settle the score and now you’re looking for it directly”

The force of the slap was not light at all, the crisp sound sounded in the spacious living room still echoes.

Yu Chuyao’s face immediately tilted to the side, it took her a while before she was able to return to her senses.

Shi Ning wanted to slap her again when Shi Chen spoke up to stop her.

“That’s enough, why can’t you go out and resolve it Do you really have to make trouble here Don’t you know that grandma needs peace and quiet when she’s sick”

Shi Ning turned her head and looked at Shi Chen angrily.

“Are you still my brother or not She did this to me, you won’t help me but you want to help her instead”

Shi Chen said coldly.

“I just don’t want to disturb grandma.”

“I think you are just like that mother of yours, thinking of defending her.

Let me tell you, there is no way.

I am the daughter of the Shi family, this is just a b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ picked up from outside.”

While saying this, she had the condescending eyes coldly looking at Yu Chuyao.

The expression of arrogance was so extreme.

Shi Chen tightened his face and stood up from the sofa, looking at Shi Ning with a disappointed face.

“Say what you want to say, but don’t drag my mother.

During this time, I though you have become good I didn’t expect that you are still the same as before when you lose your temper.”

“You also know that you are the daughter of the Shi family, but look at your words and actions.

How can you look like you came from a noble family.”

After he finished saying this, it seemed that he didn’t want to argue with Shi Ning anymore as he went straight upstairs to his own room in the old mansion.

Shi Ning also seems to have hold a belly of anger, without saying anything she directly sit down.

Yu Chuyao came back to her senses and didn’t understand what the two sibling were up to.

She touched her swollen face and thought to herself that it was good Shi Ning had hit her, so she could use it later to play the pitiful child in front of the old lady.

She was able to prove this time that Shi Ning was the same like before when she lose her temper.

It was exactly the same as she used to.

It seems that this person, still could not change her nature.

Shi Ning notice that Yu Chuyao was looking at her, she sneered and said.

“What are you looking at Get your face out of my sight, I’m not in the mood to clean you up now.”

Yu Chuyao did not make a sound and walked out of the living room.

She then went to Shi Chen’s room.


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