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Translated by: Parfait


After Ji Sihan spoke, he heard some shouting.


“Brother Xiao, you are also injured!”


Nan Xiao gave an ‘um’ and couldn’t help but glance at Shi Ning.


Shi Chen also heard these words, glanced at Shi Ning, who was focusing on his injury, and spoke, “Nan Xiao is injured.”


Shi Ning turned her head and glanced, then quickly withdrew her sight.



It’s fine.

He can still stand up.”


Her voice was a bit loud, so Nan Xiao heard it clearly.


He almost vomited a mouthful of blood to the ground.


What kind of differential treatment is this In any way, Nan xiao did come to save her.


When those thugs hit him, Shi Ning walked away without even looking at him.

After Brother Shi Chen came, she blocked the stick for him so intimately.

When it came to him, she didn’t even spare a look


Shi Chen felt very strange, she is not before in addition to South Xiao who also does not care


Shi Chen felt very strange.

Didn’t she not care about others except Nan Xiao


“You’re not going to see him”


Shi Ning shook her head.


“No, let’s go home.”


Although feeling strange, Shi Chen did not say much.


He put the helmet on Shi Ning’s head and tied it for her.


“Let’s go.”


He started the engine and drove the motorcycle away.


Nan Xiao looked at the departing backs of the siblings, and couldn’t say what he was feeling.

The girls who had followed Shi Ning stood up and said in a low voice, “Didn’t the boss not like her brother”



Brother Nan Xiao is injured more seriously, but boss didn’t even look at him.”


“It seems that our support club has really broken up.”


Jin Sihan patted his shoulder.

“Brother Xiao, I see that Shi Ning really moved on this time.

You are now free.

Shall we go and celebrate”


Nan Xiao turned to look at him and spit out words coldly.

“Go away.”


Shi Ning was sitting in the back seat of Shi Chen’s motorcycle.

Her hand grabbed the corner of his shirt on both sides.


Shi Chen’s motorcycle was very cool.

It felt like drifting along the way. 


For people like Shi Chen who often participated in drag racing, this speed of motorcycle driving was already slower than what Shi Ning thought.


But Shi Ning still felt it was fast.


“Can you slow down a bit”


Shi Chen chuckled.

“I thought you’re not afraid to die.

Why are you are so timid now”


Shi Ning sighed.

“It was an emergency.

I just don’t want you to get hurt.”


In her last life, her family left her very early.

She had too many regrets.


In this life, she felt the family’s love for her within a few days of staying together.

Even if her brother is awkward and looks very cold, Shi Ning knew that he loves her.


The original owner had hurt him too much, now it’s time for her to make up for him.


Her arm rings Shi Chen’s waist and whispers, “brother, let’s slow down.”


She wrapped her arms around Shi Chen’s waist and whispered, “Brother, let’s slow down.”


She felt that Shi Chen’s body stiffened when she hugged his waist. 


These two brothers and sisters were like enemies every day.

They weren’t very close.

Shi Ning’s actions surprised him so many times. 


It was as if a five million lottery ticket had suddenly fallen into the hands of a poor man, making him feel it was all unreal.


He didn’t say much, but the speed of the motorcycle slowed down a lot.

After the two returned home, both Shi Chen and Shi Ning entered the door, and Aunt Zhang came out to greet them.


“You are back, young master and young miss.

The master and madam are going crazy.”


“Especially the master.

He’s afraid that the young miss will have another accident.

Go in and have a look.” said Aunt Zhang.


Shi Ning nodded and said in a warm voice, “I understand, Aunt Zhang.”


They walked into the door together and saw Shi Zhanping sitting in the living room.

Mo Xue was still calling the teacher.

Halfway through the call, she saw the children come, and her face was cleared of worries.


“Don’t look for the teacher.

They have come back.”


With that, Mo Xue hung up the phone and went to them.

“You’re back at last.

What are you doing It’s eight o’clock.

You have worried both your father and me.”


“We were delayed.

Don’t worry about it, mom.” Shi Ning patted Mo Xue’s hand, comforting her.


“Xiao Chen, what’s going on” Mo Xue noticed that Shi Chen was hurt, and asked.


Shi Chen did not answer and still showing a cold expression.


Mo Xue knew about his temper and did not say much.

She then urged them to wash their hands and eat.


On the dining table, Shi Zhanping placed vegetables on Shi Ning’s plate.


When Mo Xue saw it, she nudged Shi Zhanping and whispered, “You can’t be too partial to Shi Ning.

You should also put something to Shi Chen’s plate.”


Mo Xue glared at him then she gave Shi Chen a piece of meat, “Xiao Chen, eat more.”



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