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She was as if not thinking about the answer at all since every time the teacher asked a question she would immediately able to answer it.

She even speak fluently and accurately causing extreme snug.

The history teacher even asked some of the more remote topics and Shi NIng was able to answer them all.

The teacher then nodded with satisfaction.

“Really excellent, no wonder the grade director said you were the preparatory contestant for the first place in liberal arts.

It’s a teacher’s honor to teach student like you.”

“The questions I asked just now are not only in the textbook but also related extended questions that does not require memorization but you were able to answer them all.

This compulsory textbook has been thoroughly eaten by you.”

Hearing this Shi Ning’s heart secretly said:

How to get 100 points if I don’t know it well, there are always two or three partial questions in the exam every time.

“It’s the teacher who taught me well.”

She said politely and nicely to the teacher.

The history teacher patted her shoulder to indicate for her to sit down then glared at Nan Xiao.

“Look at the others, know what is called the gap!”

Shi Ning sat down and continued to answering her math problems, but remember what Nan Xiao said just now and stopped her pen, she then twirled it in her fingertips.

“Do you think I’m like you I don’t have to remember the key points because I the have the whole book written down.”

Nan Xiao: “…”

Go on count your awesomeness and ruthlessness.

Shi Ning turned her head and said with a leathery smile.

“Don’t call yourself elder brother if you can’t study properly instead you should be called younger brother.”

Nan Xiao’s mouth twitched and his eyes narrowed as he looked at Shi Ning.

“I now find that I’m not even qualified to talk to you if I don’t study, do I”

“That’s right, I don’t play with a child who doesn’t know how to learn.”

This few words hit Nan Xiao in the head and almost exploded in anger.

Forget it.

He was the woman he choose, he had to bear it.

After brewing for a half a day, Nan Xiao pulled the cuffs of Shi Ning uniform with a twisted expression on his face.

“The key points, lend it to me.”

“I didn’t wrote down the key points I was answering my math questions.”

Nan Xiao looked around and hesitated where he could borrow the key points from the surrounding students but he couldn’t chat with them.

When Shi Ning saw his expression she snickered before clearing her throat.

“Are you really seriously going to study”

“You said you don’t want to play with someone who don’t study like me, what can I do”

He frowned and continued.

“If I go and borrow the key points from someone now people will think I have some brain fever today.”

Shi Ning pulled one of her books.

“Hey, in the end I’ll still help you.”

“Didn’t you take down the notes”

Shi Ning flick her fingers on his head.

“But I was listening to the teacher and almost remembered it in my head.

I’ll give you the key points after I narrow down the topics and I assure you it will more suitable for your short-term memory than the teacher’s key points.”

Shi Ning said as she open the book and help him narrow the topics.

Nan Xiao looked her side profile who looked engrossed and super serious as the whole person seemed to be shining.

He suddenly felt that people who could seriously study have charm that they don’t have.

This insanely good memory of Shi Ning was once again amazed the whole class.

“Shi Ning is really amazing, I have seen students who were good in liberal arts but I’ve never seen someone like her.”

“She’s gifted right What kind of ordinary people have such good memory”

“And she’s not only good at liberal arts, but also good at science.

In these weekly unit exams for mathematics and chemistry her score in the whole class was only a little lower than Lin Suno.”

“Not to mention, I also saw her in the classroom reviewing the O-Math1 problems.

The teacher said that she was the top candidate in Liberal Arts but what is the meaning of that”

“The goddess probably wants to double major in literature and science.”

“Don’t mention that, the comprehensive score for nine subject in our first grade in high school was top by my Lin Suno though he obviously focuses on mathematics and chemistry and as you can see right now he’s already reading Mathematics and Science books intended for senior year and doesn’t pay too much attention on liberal arts subjects.”

“So he doesn’t improve much on these subjects but Shi Ning’s science subjects keeps on improving.

Maybe this time she really hopes to surpass Lin Suno.”

“You can’t say that, Lin Suno scored more than twenty points higher than her last time too.”

“Others may not be able to but there is a big possibility that Shi Ning can.

Have you forgotten the speed of her progress”

Hearing this, the group who were busy gossiping and speculating all gaze at Shi Ning sitting in front of them feeling that her entire being was shining with golden light as if emitting the glow of god of learning.


O-Math1– Olympiad mathematics


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