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A mother who used her son to take revenge was inherently selfish and it would be strange if Cao Shu could think of sending food to her brother.

Shi Ning didn’t care to finish her meal and took her mother’s hand.

“I’ll take you to my brother.”

Shi Ning rushed to the door of Shi Chen’s classroom just as the bell rang for the end of class.

Senior three students don’t even seems to eat so actively and a third stay in the classroom to review the questions.

Shi Chen walked out of the classroom door, followed by two boys.

“Ning Ning”

As soon as he went out, he saw his sister waiting at the door as well as….

his stepmother.

“Shi Chen, your sister is here to see you and this one behind her is…is the aunt right”

The classmate behind Shi Chen poked his head out and smiled politely at Lin Xuemo.

“Hello auntie mother!”

Another boy who followed him also said.

“It seems that Shi Chen is blessed today, there is a mother who brings you food.

We will go to the canteen first!”

Shi Chen nodded, and the two waved their hands at him and left first.

The three of them stood in the corridor and the atmosphere was slightly awkward.

Lin Xuemo handed the thermos to Shi Ning to take and said to Shi Chen.

“You study hard, auntie made you some food.

You can eat if you want.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to.”

Shi Ning who was listening felt pain for Lin Xuemo for a second.

She thought.

‘What do you mean it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to eat’

Mom you are too humble!

Shi Ning stepped forward and directly shoved the lunch box into his brother’s hand.

“My mother made it for you by herself, I was able to eat it because of brother.

You have to eat it whether you want to eat it or not, you should eat more if you study hard! Got it”

This domineering tone sounded spoiled.

The little girl was also becoming more and more lawless in front him.

“Okay, got it.”

Shi Chen hugged the thermos and walked into the classroom.

Shi Ning pulled Lin Xuemo and they all walked in together.

When Shi Chen opened the lunchbox and was still slightly shocked when he saw the layer of so many dishes.

“You made all of these”

Li Xuemo: “Well, they are some home-cooked dishes that I used to be good at, now I only cook them less.

The taste may not be as good as before.”

Shi Chen picked up his chopsticks and picked up a piece of chicken and put it in his mouth to taste.

He didn’t make any comments but reading on his expression it should have tasted good.

At least he didn’t show any dissatisfied expression.

“Is it good brother”

Shi Ning asked.

Shi Chen knew his sister was asking for his stepmother, he glanced sideways at Shi Ning.

His gaze telling her.

Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.

“Just tell me if it’s good.”

She wouldn’t relent.

Shi Chen was helpless, he whispered.


Lin Xuemo smiled and the atmosphere immediately eased a lot.

“Eat more, you’re so tired in your senior year.

You should eat more to replenish your body.

This fish soup and this pork tripe soup are good for your health.

Eat more quickly.”

Shi Chen’s barrier against Lin Xuemo has not been completely eliminated but as soon as she become enthusiastic he was unable to put down his chopsticks.

“Mom, don’t you have other things to do Why don’t you get busy first I’ll eat with my brother.

Don’t worry I’ll make sure he finishes them.”

Shi Ning said at this time.

Lin Xuemo nodded along with her words.

“Okay, then mommy will go first.

Ning Ning you bring the box home tonight.”

Only after Lin Xuemo left Shi Chen seemed to be relieved.

Siting on the stool to eat peacefully and doesn’t need to awkwardly say how delicious food was..

“Not to mention, your mother’s cooking is really delicious.”

Shi Chen said.

Shi Ning propped her chin to watch him eat.

“That’s natural, and you should be able to feel it too mom is concerned about you.

She’s just afraid to express it for fear of annoying you more.”

Shi Chen chopsticks paused.

“But I have a mother after all.”

If his parent’s divorce was really because of Lin Xuemo he would have not been able to fully accept this woman in his life.


Shi Ning was right, putting aside the grudges of previous generation.

He really could not pick even a slight problem with Lin Xuemo.

Even for her bad-tempered stepson, she was also tolerant and even thought to do some motherly duties to care for him.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about such things.

She is your mother, I promise you that I would not make things difficult for her in the future.”

Shi Chen said.

People were not plants1, Lin Xuemo has not mistreated Shi Chen for so many year, she could be said to be a model stepmother.

She believes that Shi Chen was not without feelings.

Shi Ning knew her brother does not like this topic and did not continue to talk.

“Brother, our class is already deciding to divide between arts and science.”

Shi Ning said.


Shi Chen responded as he continue eating his meal.

“What do you think should I choose, arts or science”

Shi Chen raised his head and looked at her.

“Don’t talk nonsense.

You must choose liberal arts, your liberal arts is so good.

What else will you chose if not liberal arts”

“I’m not bad at science, and I want to learn mathematics competition problems but only science students can enter the competition.”

“If you go back and make a set of science college entrance examination papers, you will know how difficult it is for you to get the score of your liberal arts.”

“Your freshman year in senior high school is just the simplest.

Choose the right one that suits you.”

He thinks that studying science would not be easy, high school was just the beginning later on college science students were a lot more miserable than liberal arts students.

He just wants his sister to take the easier road, so he doesn’t want her to go bald for math and science later.

“I was going to take liberal arts too but I didn’t want to give up the math competition.”

It was so hard for her.

Shi Chen said in a light voice.

“Then don’t give up.

Who said arts students can’t enter competitions There is no such rule, right”

But in the past, she only heard science students engaging in mathematics competition beside which liberal arts student would take trouble to do this

Her brother was really a genius.

“There’s no precedent for this in our school, is there”

Shi Chen didn’t care and said.

“Then you’ll set this precedent.

Someone will always be the first, it’s no big deal.”

Shi Ning felt surprised and vaguely excited at the same time.

She seems to have finally found a solution to her problem.

“But can I”


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