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Translated by: Parfait


When their eyes met, they didn’t know what to do, and both of them suddenly laughed.


Shi Ning said, “I’m sorry, brother.”


Since she was living in Shi Ning’s body, she must take responsibility.


She owed Shi Chen this apology.


Shi Chen was stunned for a moment.


His mind was full of twists and turns.

Because of Shi Ning’s kindness to him, he felt it was unreal.

After all, she bullied him for more than ten years.

He was used to having such a sister.


Now she suddenly turned good to him, Shi Chen began to suspect that she was pranking him.

Just like before, she would give him some sweets, and then slap him.


But after these two days, he found that his sister had changed.

She became more like a person. 


Shi Chen likes this kind of Shi Ning very much, but he was afraid that she would change back the next second.


These suspicions and concerns seemed to have vanished when she whispered that she was sorry.


The person in front of him was his sister.

For better or worse, she was half the same as him.


As long as she considered him brother in her heart, he was willing to spoil her whatever she wants.


Shi Chen raised his hand and rubbed her head.

“Don’t bully me again.”


Shi Ning looked at him like this and knew that he was willing to reconcile, so she happily said, “I won’t bully you, I want to protect my brother!”


Shi Chen’s lips hooked sarcastically.

“You are little Shi Ning.

You dare to speak you’ll protect me”


She’d better be protected by him.


Shi Ning and Shi Chen chatted for a while.

When she went out, she thought of the phone call just now.


“Brother, even to our closest people, we shouldn’t use our judgment.”


Shi Chen didn’t expect that she would say such a sentence.

He thought of his mother calling him on the phone just now, scolding Shi Zhanping for how eccentric he was and also saying that Shi Zhanping would leave all his property to Shi Ning instead of him. 


Did Shi Ning hear that


It’s impossible.

He didn’t go out.

At most, she could only hear him talking on the phone.


For her sister’s sudden intelligence, Shi Chen was puzzled.


He looked at Shi Ning and said, “Don’t worry, your brother will be vigilant.”


In the past, when Cao Shu would tell him this kind of thing, he would listen to her.

But now, when he listened to her, he subconsciously thought of Shi Ning’s action of blocking the stick to protect him.

Then, he was impatient and wanted his mother’s scolding to end.


Shi Ning laughed and said, “Well, I’ll go first.

I still have a test paper to finish.”


Hearing this, Shi Chen couldn’t help laughing.

“You’re only doing test paper.

Do you never do homework”


Shi Ning snorted.

“Brother, don’t look down on me.

I have made up my mind to study hard.”


Hearing this, Shi Chen laughed: “I don’t believe this.

If you suddenly began to learn and study, I am willing to go to heaven.”




Looking at this metaphor.

Is this still her brother


Shi Ning was dissatisfied and said, “Don’t look down on me.

If we were in the same grade, maybe your first position would not be guaranteed.”


Shi Chen was shocked, probably not expecting that someone would dare to say this in front of him.

Such big talk coming from his sister who was many years younger than him.


Then he recovered and began to laugh hysterically.


Laughing without minding his image.


Shi Ning: “…….”


What’s the matter


Shouldn’t his personality be cold and gloomy Who was this fool who’s laughing as if he could die tomorrow


She was telling the truth.

Why did he laugh like this

Shi Chen, who laughed so hard to the point he was unable to stop, came over and patted his sister on the shoulder.

“It’s good to have dreams, but we should pay attention to reality.”


Shi Ning: I’m not kidding, brother.

Give me half a year.

I will reach the top rank.”


Shi Chen whistled.

“If you can get the top rank, this brother promises you that you can ask whatever you want.”


“That’s what you said.”




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